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IOS Development

iOS has around 28% of global mobile market share, but this brand is a top-shelf thing.

This means that if you aim to enter the world of Apple apps, you need a top-notch iOS development team for your new digital product. Good news – you found them, we’re here. With an immerse experience in the iOS development field, we will deliver a flawless app with seamless user experience, remarkable performance, and – of course – possible scalability.

Android Development

Android has around 70% of global mobile market share.

You surely have a remarkable idea for Android solution. We will help you turn this idea into a real game-changer. We make custom Android applications on a daily basis – it’s a natural environment for our developers. Our pros will help you find the best solution and establish a detailed plan of development – including business analysis of your future product. You want to hit the jackpot, don’t you?


Cross-platform Development

Want to reach a wide audience? We get that and we will gladly help.

A uniform solution for different platforms is just one step away – you just need to chat with us. Our devs will work on one code base that runs on Android and iOS. Furthermore, you will get the product faster, comparing to crafting separate native solutions. We have Flutter experts on board – this also translates to lower investment cost for your business.

Custom Development

Crafting engaging and flawless custom mobile apps is in our blood.

Of course, if you already have an existing mobile app, and you need to tweak it to be a better fit to the market, we can help. Intuition is a good thing, and we have it, but we rely on rock-solid data – and we have numbers to prove it. Utilize the power of our expertise and turn your vision (or existing mobile app) into an impactful digital product.


Agile Methodology

The Agile methodology is a project management approach that involves breaking the project into phases and emphasizes continuous collaboration and improvement. Teams follow a cycle of planning, executing, and evaluating.

Sectors We Serve

Decipherzone Technologies provides specialized Managed IT solutions for a vast array of industries. Our world-class Managed IT services and products are all designed to provide technology solutions that will protect your business and reduce capital expenditures. We provide Managed IT Services to the following industries and more. No matter what category your business falls under we are able to tailor a program to meet your technology needs.

Accounting & Banking
Health Care
Real Estate
Manu Facturing
Sales For Marketing
B 2 B solution
Food And Drinks
IT & Technology
News & Media
Social Networking
Tools & Utility

Technologies We Use

We help you unlock the potential of your systems with complimentary technologies, working with the programming language that suits your business system. We remain flexible to your needs and existing tech stack.


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform applications from a single codebase for any web browser, Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Java is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric language that can be used as a platform in itself. It is a fast, secure, reliable programming language for coding everything from mobile apps and enterprise software to big data applications and server-side technologies.


Kotlin is an open-source, statically-typed programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming.


Dart is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Google. It was first introduced in 2011 and has gained popularity for its simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. Dart is primarily used for building cross-platform mobile, web, and desktop applications.


Angular is a popular open-source web application development framework created by Google. It is based on TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript, and is designed to build dynamic, scalable, and robust single-page applications (SPAs) and web applications.


Node.js is a powerful open-source runtime environment that allows developers to run JavaScript code outside of a web browser. It is built on the V8 JavaScript engine, the same engine that powers Google Chrome, and provides a server-side execution environment for JavaScript applications. Node.js enables developers to build scalable, high-performance network applications and servers.


Swift is a modern, safe, and powerful programming language developed by Apple for building applications across their platforms, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for Objective-C, providing a more intuitive and efficient language for developing Apple ecosystem applications.


React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, particularly for building dynamic and interactive web applications. It was developed by Facebook and released in 2013. React follows a component-based architecture, allowing developers to build reusable UI components that efficiently update and render in response to changes in application state.


Laravel is a popular open-source PHP web framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It was created by Taylor Otwell and was first released in 2011. Laravel aims to provide an elegant and developer-friendly syntax and offers a wide range of features and tools for building robust and scalable web applications.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open-source scripting language specifically designed for web development. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and has since evolved into a robust and powerful language for building dynamic websites and web applications.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is known as one of the leading cloud providers in the IT field. The services and features can be easily accessed and used by the software developers and users with little technical knowledge. Google has been on top amongst its competitors, offering the highly scalable and most reliable platform for building, testing and deploying the applications in the real-time environment.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and widely adopted cloud computing platform provided by It offers a vast array of cloud services, including computing power, storage, database management, networking, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, and more. AWS allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to access and utilize these services on-demand, paying only for the resources they consume.


Azure is a cloud computing platform and service provided by Microsoft. It offers a wide range of cloud services for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers


We here at Decipher Zone offers advanced mobile application development services by exploiting the potential of Android and iOS platforms. The success lies in a right app with right functionality at the right time.


International Clients


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Team of experts

Innovative Solutions Driven By Our Technical Expertise

Decipherzone is committed to empowering your business with cutting edge technologies and mobile app development services. We embrace the ever-evolving landscape of technology and achieve sustainable success in the dynamic mobile app market.

Bluetooth Integration

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol that allows devices to connect and exchange data over short distances. It is commonly used for connecting devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, and many other IoT devices.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics integration in a mobile app involves incorporating sophisticated analytics capabilities to collect, process, and analyze data from user interactions and app usage. These analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior, app performance, and other relevant metrics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and improve the user experience.

GPS Integration

GPS integration refers to incorporating Global Positioning System (GPS) technology into a device, system, or application to determine and utilize the device's geographic location. GPS allows devices to receive signals from satellites to calculate precise location coordinates.

Firebase Integration

Firebase is a comprehensive platform provided by Google that offers a wide range of cloud-based services to facilitate the development of web and mobile applications. Integrating Firebase into your application can provide several benefits, including real-time data synchronization, user authentication, cloud storage, and more.

Social Media Integration

Social media (Facebook, Google, Instagram) integration involves incorporating social media platforms and features into your application or website. This integration allows users to connect, share, and interact with social media networks from within your application.


Localization integration refers to the process of adapting an application or software to support multiple languages and cultural preferences, allowing users from different regions to use the application in their preferred language.

Multiple Theme

Multiple theme integration refers to the process of allowing users to choose from different visual themes or styles within an application. By implementing multiple themes, you can offer users the ability to customize the look and feel of the application according to their preferences.

hardware connectivity

Hardware connectivity integration in a mobile app refers to the process of connecting and interacting with external hardware devices using the capabilities and features provided by the mobile device. This integration enables the mobile app to communicate with and control external hardware, expanding the functionality and possibilities of the app.

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