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We're Decipher Zone Technologies. An experienced team focused on Software design & development.

Decipher Zone, we ensure the growth of our clients and employees alongside the company.

As a committed team, we are passionate about developing software for different business requirements with transparent communication. We believe that businesses can thrive and grow with a conscience. So, our teams work to ensure that the project they are working on is impressive and successful.

We have a flexible, friendly, motivating, engaging, and collaborative work culture.

Besides software development, we focus on educating and empowering the developer community by offering the latest trends and best practices by researching surveys and news.

Our goal is to elevate customer experiences by engaging and inspiring people worldwide.

So let's make something brilliant together!

Our History

Decipher Zone was started back in 2015 as a garage company by our CEO Lalit Kumar Sharma, CTO Raja D. Vashistha, Shrikant Sharma and couple of friends. A bunch of guys who were thwarted with lousy IT solutions being produced by the industry, decided to cull the herd. Their endeavour to deliver high quality IT solutions led them to do SWOT analysis before proceeding ahead.

They realized their peers are not getting the anticipated results even though they have skilful workforce, so our CEO decided to adapt strict code of conduct in development therefore they implemented various software development methodologies and Top-notch technologies to develop projects. After that day we as a family has never looked back and kept on flourishing our reputation.


Decipher Zone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a quality driven organization which follows standardized quality processes to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 to develop high security IT systems geared towards meeting the delivery criteria emphasizing on providing reliable and robust software solutions & services to its clients.

Such a standardized global processes ensures on-time deliveries every time with replicable processes components which enable organizations to meet the scheduled time and cost commitments.

DZ ISO 9001 2013 Certificate
DZ ISO 27001 2013 Certificate