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Decipher zone softwares offers enterprise grade software development and IT consulting services. We make software architecture to feature packed enterprise business solutions. An edifice where System architecture is mapped before suggesting IT solutions to equip our clients with optimal performance. The zeal to achieve zenith in customer satisfaction led us to use best in class tools to implement software development methodologies for cultivating bug free IT solutions.


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Decipher zone softwares was started back in 2015 as a garage company by our CEO Lalit Kumar Sharma, CTO Raja D. Vashistha, Shrikant Sharma and couple of friends. A bunch of guys who were thwarted with lousy IT solutions being produced by the industry, decided to cull the herd. Their endeavour to deliver high quality IT solutions led them to do SWOT analysis before proceeding ahead. They realized their peers are not getting the anticipated results even though they have skilful workforce, so our CEO decided to adapt strict code of conduct in development therefore they implemented various software development methodologies and Top-notch technologies to develop projects. After that day we as a family has never looked back and kept on flourishing our reputation.

Mar 05th, 2017
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Trusted Expert Support

Decipher Zone, with global solution development center based out of India.

Dec 18th, 2017
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Prior Industry Experience

We are having a global reputation as a source of providing Quality IT Solutions and un-interrupted 24X7 Product deployment & maintenance services.

Sep 28th, 2016
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Expanding our team

Our global presence is something makes us separable from others. We believe in our team, encourage them to use their prospective coming after brain storming and thought process.

Dec 22th, 2016
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High Transparency

We allow our clients' full control and transparency in all the development process

Jan 18th, 2016
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Technology Driven

When there are never ending techniques and trends which are blooming every second, to be updated with them is itself is a great task.