Why hire quality analysts from us?

We have Quality Analysts for hire with 3+ years of working experience and DevOps engineers who worked on dozens of projects. Our maturity in controlling the quality from writing the first line of code with linters, quality coding habits in development to highly matured deployment pipelines with several quality checks makes us perfect partner for you. Here you can hire quality analysts who have done the testing of monolithic, multitier and microservice architecture to business process modelling tools from vast testing perspectives. We have extensively trained our quality analysts in various testing tools and frameworks like Junit, Chai, Selenium, SOAP UI, Load UI, Swagger, Postman and Appium. These skills flourish them in to magnificent Quality analysts for hire.

Intensive occurrence of Bugs

The software development process has always been tedious because a team has to develop and handle thousands of working pieces together. When a developer works on one part it can affect other working parts on integrating the new code to previous there were no ways to avoid this. Now a days you can hire Quality analysts for extensive testing and DevOps engineers to build a complete infrastructure with enormous test cases, quality gates to reduce the bugs for saving development time.

IT & QA Consulting

The intense focus on quality coding in web development based projects has moulded us into a web application development company but it wasn’t enough to take another leap. We placed the extreme measures of quality control measures in place to improve the quality of developed products and reduce their time of arrival to market.

Quality Check in Development

Writing code with linters helps in sticking to the structural rules of coding and good code editors helps in reducing the code duplicity which enhances the development quality on foundation level. The habit of writing unit test cases, thorough API testing controls the quality in current iteration and once this code is merged with previous development extensive testing of whole app is done with automated tools.

Deployment Pipeline Development

The dedicated & talented pool of DevOps engineers at our web application development company contributes a lot in quality control. Hire DevOps engineers who can help you to build automated infrastructure that do not allow bad code to move up in the hierarchy. Restricting the formation of builds which are getting derived from poor quality code, checking the dependency with quality gates and CI/CD tools in web application development.

Experience of Development & Testing

We have Quality analysts for hire who got brief hands on experience in development (Frontend & Backend) which enlightened them deeper insights of web application structure and behaviour. The plethora of experience in multiple testing tools and testing practices has enabled them in quality assurance.

Low Cost Resources

Our pricing structure is extremely competitive against the freelancing platforms, where Quality analysts for hire are equally and sometimes even low priced than these platforms. We give you the assurance of good Quality analysts and the replacement of resource if you are not satisfied with their performance.

Featured in Media

Decipher Zone has been featured on news, multiple media platforms and B2B business directories as a renowned software consulting service provider that offers exceptional development, testing and deployment services. We have developed & shipped tons of mobile and web application projects successfully till date.

Edge Over Competition

The competition is evolving every day, the market dynamics change, features change and we lose our competitive edge by not hitting the market earlier but not anymore. We have grasped agile software development, strict quality control measures for quality assurance and DevOps process to improve products on every stage with periodic feedbacks.

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Although there are dozens of software testing tools and skills but we have experts of all with hands on experience. Since, it is not possible that one has experience over every single testing and deployment tools so we have trained our quality analysts for hire in fundamental concepts of testing methodologies, types of APIs, OOPS, XML, JSON, Database, JavaScript, jQuery, Git branching models, Code versioning, CI/CD tools.

API testing

API connects user end to backend code which is runs on servers. API testing is done as a part of integration testing to determine if the API meet expectations for functionality, load reliability, performance, and security. API testing is done with various tools and it is now considered critical for automating testing because APIs now serve as the primary interface to application logic since GUI tests are difficult to maintain with the short release cycles and frequent changes that are commonly used with Agile software development and DevOps

Testing in Respect of test Cases

The test cases are written by development team, project managers and often business analysts on the basis of requirement traceability matrix and use caes. The testing of application is done by quality analysts for hire on the basis of these use cases where the anticipated behaviour from each feature, GUI component and APIs are defined.

Performance and Load Testing

Testing of individual APIs, application features and application as a whole are tested thoroughly in software development cycle to analyse the speed and maximum load bearing capacity. The failure in passing the pre-set parameters is marked and reported by quality analysts for hire. To implement strict quality checks, hire quality analysts from us.

Regression Testing

Our quality analysts for hire are extensively trained in writing scripts for automated testing tools. When the new implementations get merged in to the existing ones, automated testing is done for performing repetitive test cases to ensure the ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) compliance.

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Hire Quality Analyst
Hire Quality Analyst
Hire Quality Analyst
Hire Quality Analyst
Hire Quality Analyst
Hire Quality Analyst

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