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ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a modular software system designed to integrate the main functional areas such as finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and others of an organization's business processes into a unified system. The new ERP systems use the latest technologies such as machine learning and AI in Data Analytics to provide intelligence, visibility, and efficiency across every aspect of a business.

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ERP Solutions’ Benefits

We believe in the power of web applications like an ERP solution because it can gather data from multiple departments to one place for representing it with gorgeous visualizations. The respective data is then made accessible to company’s employees by authorization level on ERP solution available across all devices and platforms for business operations. The visualizations draw a layer of abstraction to represent the piles of data to be understood in a glimpse for taking business decisions quickly and effectively.

Featured Products
Broad Easy Integration Support
Support for third-party APIs & LDAP solutions for bringing data from tools used across all the departments of an organization to ERP solution.
Bidirectional Sync for Gathering Data
Development of bidirectional periodic syncing to pull real-time data from all the integrated tools as well as channels to a unified dashboard and push the respective relevant data back.
Unified Tool
One tool for handling all the business operations of an organization.
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Prescriptive analytics is drawn with filtered data to know the present condition of business aspects. Predictive analysis is drawn on output data generated by AI and Machine Learning algos when filtered data is fed.
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We offer the nonpareil services, to make your ERP solutions more lively

Experience in Developing LDAP Solutions

We have hands on experience of configuring LDAP protocols in to Enterprise Resource planning applications which cohesively works together in ERP solutions.

Experience in Enterprise Software Development

Since our inception, we have focused intensively only on web application development space because our aim was to work as Enterprise Software Development Company. This targeted experience helps us in developing the perfect ERP solution for our clients.

Experience in Data Analytics

The web development experience in D3.js, Canvas Js, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau alike technologies and tools helped us to excel in Data Analytics. When our experience of data analytics and Enterprise Software Development are combined together to develop an ERP solution then the result can be seen clearly in working velocity and balance sheets of the organization.

Get ready for boosting the working efficiency of your organization with custom ERP solutions!!

The ERP solution is made up of different enterprise resource planning applications that can talk to each other and share a database. ERP solution’s aim is to provide a unified tool for all the operations of an organization. Data analytics process built on the top of shared dataset provides visualizations that help in making effective business decisions quickly.


Completely Rebuilt From Ground Up

You will get tons of configuration possibilities according to your requirements.

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