13 Online Tools for Building Your Company Culture
04 Jan

13 Online Tools for Building Your Company Culture

Mahipal Nehra

Top 13 Online Tools for Building Your Company Culture. Numerous factors determine the destiny of a company including team, creativity, market, product, strategies, branding, timing, and so on. However, there is one factor that leads them all - company culture. 

Before we move forward let’s have a short introduction to company culture. By definition, Company culture is the expectations, philosophy, experience, and values of a company that binds it together. It is expressed in the company’s inner working, self-image, future expectations, and interaction with the outside world. Besides, a company culture relies on shared customs, beliefs, rules, and attitudes that are valid and have been created over time.

Like designing a masterpiece, developing company culture can take years. But if you have access to the right tools and have a goal for your company, it’s not difficult to achieve. 

Now the main question is how can one build their company’s culture at a time when most of the employees are divided into different states or regularly working on the road? So buckle up, today you will get to know about the foremost tools that will help you in building your company’s culture!

Top 13 Best Tools for Determining Goals

Top 13 Online Tools for Building Your Company Culture. This list contains some of the tools that can be used to determine goals while managing policies and directions of the company.


It is a SaaS platform with the help of which you can easily create an engaged and dedicated work atmosphere. It is dedicated to employees’ personal growth along with empowering autonomy. It is designed like social media with the ease of interactions. You will also find a personal feed here that ensures every employee is alerted about the new ideas, suggestions, and changes. 


It is one of the most well-known tools, it helps team managers and members to easily organize projects. It has a board with distinctive cards where you can add the task details and determine its duration, deadline, and assignee. Apart from that, Trello can be used to post pictures, videos, documents, or have a discussion. 


Pinipa is a tool that gives insightful information on the progress of a project and the decision-making process in the team. It is basically designed for three major groups of a company i.e. operations, projects, and executives.

Knowledge base system

Knowledge base system that will help your team to store all of your working knowledge (projects, updates, discussions, meetings) in one safe place. It's a great solution for teams of all sizes.

Coach Me

Creating new habits is the best practice to reach your goals. On average, it takes about 2 months to make a habit. So if you will start turning the small yet crucial tasks into your habit it will help you in achieving your business goals a lot faster. Coach me provides a free habit tracking app that monitors the progress you make on your goals. You can use this app to keep a note of times that you have completed a task successfully.

To-Do List

If you are looking for a tool that can help remind you of your tasks, the TODoist is the one for you.  With this app, you can assign a due date for the tasks in hand, create tasks and subtasks, and even mark priority to the particular task. Additionally, you can sync your TODoist with Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive to streamline workflow.

Top Best Premium Tools for Taking Feedback From Employees

Culture IQ

It is a platform that measures a company's culture and strengthens it as well. Firstly, it collects the feedback and then gives you insight into what needs to be improved and communicated. Culture IQ is based on data analysis and provides precise methods to enhance your company culture. 


This is one of the most admired platforms, where employees can give ratings to their co-workers by giving them bonuses. The complete process of bonusly includes an amount, a reason, a receipt, and a hashtag. Any employee that will receive the highest point will also get something from the built-in reward catalog from Bonusly.


Simple poll is a tool that makes it easier to collect feedback from your employees. It is best to figure out what’s the best time to collaborate or meet by taking opinions from the team on the progress of goals, new announcements and so much more. If required, you can also take poll feedback anonymously. The basic version of Simple Poll is free too and allows up to 100 votes per month. 


It is an app which relies on a simple to use platform. The flow of feedback here is unmatchable, if employees write their thoughts and managers can read them then it will create more engagement and connection in the company. It also helps you understand the employees even more. 

Tools You Need To Try For Improving Team Communication

Do you want to increase networking and communication amongst your employees? Then try out these tools!


A web-based internal sharing tool that helps in the flow of information among employees, BlogIn opens the two-way communication channel for both the employer and employee. Here, one can easily share information, pitch ideas, ask questions, and acquire feedback. It acts as a virtual bulletin board providing all the information: meeting notes, news, announcements, documents, and so on. 


Slack is an app developed for team communication. If you have not used or seen it yet, then it's time to join. Once you will be a part of it, you will find channels for everything. Here you can also create your personal channel and invite others to join if you want.

Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter is designed like a social media platform and comes with the ease to share files, information, and data transparently for everyone. It is one of the best tools for startups or small businesses. Employees can easily collaborate using this tool on different campaigns or projects.

Take Away!

With the number of simple tools that have been shared, you can start maintaining your company’s culture. Based on the size of the startup some tools can be of great advantage. Moreover, not all the solutions can meet the quality standards some of them would be a perfect fit for different companies due to the difference in the requirements

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