7 Must-Have SaaS Tools for Successful Remote Team
21 Dec

7 Must-Have SaaS Tools for Successful Remote Team

Mahipal Nehra

Software plays an important role for businesses in the 21st century. This is especially true for remote teams. Being unable to meet and work in person means that these teams rely on SaaS tools to help them with everything from communicating, to staying on task, to sharing files and everything in between.

Top 7 Best SaaS Tools for Remote Working Teams

Out which of these SaaS tools, in particular, should be used to achieve the best results? With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over some must-have SaaS tools that remote teams should use to become successful.

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1. CXone

The importance of customer interactions with your business cannot be overstated. As a result, a piece of software like CXone is incredibly valuable. It is a cloud-based customer experience and interaction platform that helps improve the customer support you offer. It can help you interact with customers on any channel, quickly and easily. The software is also fully scalable, and you only pay for what you use. And as NICE inContact reviews attest, CXone is one of the best tools to help ensure customers have a great experience when reaching out to your company.

2. Slack

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Communication plays an incredibly important role for businesses, and this is especially true for remote teams. One of the best communication platforms for remote teams is Slack. It allows for instant messaging between team members in various channels that can be set up. In addition to the public channels for different projects or topics, you can also send private messages, as well. Searching through past conversations is also incredibly quick and easy, which will make sure nothing is forgotten or missed. In addition to communication, Slack also allows for people to share links and files, to make collaborating on projects much easier and more streamlined.

3. Dropbox

With hundreds of millions of users, Dropbox is one of the most popular tools for storing and sharing files. Dropbox is a cloud-based solution that will ensure all of your files and documents are safe and sound and can be accessed no matter where you are. It is synced across all of your devices, and team members can be invited to be able to access and edit different files, as well. It is a great way to keep all documents and files safe, while also making them easy to access, edit and share.

4. Hubstaff

Keeping track of your remote team’s progress is an essential aspect of ensuring their success. Hubstaff is a time tracking solution that shows you how your team spends time so you can stay on top of project schedules. It offers several features that streamline remote team management such as app & URL tracking, online timesheets, and project budgeting. Hubstaff can also automatically calculate and send payments to team members based on their hourly rates, saving you more time

5. Salesforce

A CRM (customer relationship management) software is another tool that is a must-have for many companies. There are many quality options out there, but one of the best and most popular is Salesforce. It is a cloud-based SaaS tool that helps to track and build your relationships with customers. They help you collect and store customer information, assist in boosting sales and even help turn prospects or leads into customers. This single platform can help you with a multitude of different things when it comes to getting more customers and engaging with the ones you currently have.

6. Todoist

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Keeping everyone on task within a remote team is a common challenge. You can’t simply swing by their desk in the office and check how things are going. Instead, a tool or app like Todoist can be used. Todoist is a to-do list app that can help ensure your team is productive and working on the right tasks. It is a very simple and intuitive app, and the reminder feature is great for those who are a little forgetful.

7. Anti Money Laundering software

AML Software, Transaction Monitoring is software that helps financial institutions track customer transactions instantly. That's why is the fastest way to catch illegal activity in this area. AML software like this is especially important in banking sector where usually big teams manage processes. When they're working remotely, software is a must because of lack of guidance in their home environment.

In conclusion, these 7 tools are things that every remote team that wants to be successful should consider having. They provide many different benefits and can help take your remote team to the next level.

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