Angular vs Vue: Which is Better For Web App Development?
15 May

Angular vs Vue: Which is Better For Web App Development?

Mahipal Nehra

Angular vs Vue vs Angular vs Vue.js, JavaScript frameworks are changing the concept of developing web applications for front-end developers. JavaScript frameworks are giving the potential to build cross-platform web applications with ease and better future considerations. But, not all the JavaScript frameworks are not getting attention from in the development world.

Angular vs Vue.js: Which JavaScript is Better?

While numerous new JavaScript frameworks like Vue and Ember have entered the market and are getting more attraction of developers with their excellent alternatives. Some the frameworks like jQuery and Aurelia are losing their market in the JavaScript world. jQuery and Aurelia are losing the attention of web app developers.

Why Angular is Better For Web Application Development?

Which JavaScript frameworks are best to choose in 2019? Discussing these two popular frameworks, Angular and Vue, and finding which one is better for the application development. Angular vs Vue.js


Angular released by Google and is an open-source framework considered for building dynamic websites and web applications. Angular is under the category of MEAN stack and is supportable with the biggest community of code developers.

Angular vs React: Which is better for web app development?


Vue.js created by Evan is an open-source framework. The vue.js framework is in high demand for creating a simple page web application.

Why choose Angular?

  • Server-Side

  • MVC model

  • Deep Linking Module

  • high-speed and front-end experience

  • advanced refactoring and debugging options

  • Update Scope with CLI

  • Easy Testing

  • web-based app framework

  • High community support

Why choose Vue.js?

  • Low Memory Consumption

  • Ease of reading and Learning

  • Faster downloading speed

  • Easier integration process

  • Server-Side

  • One way data binding

  • Ease of Deployment

  • Suitable for single page applications

When to use Angular for web application development?

  • Choose for large, dynamic and complex web application project.

  • Choose for real-time applications

  • Easy and reliable scalability

  • Object-oriented programming

When to choose Vue.js for Web Application Development?

  • Choose for Small size and single-page web application.

  • Choose for high speed and performance

  • Clear coding

Why ReactJS is Better For Web Application Development?


Both JavaScripts are the best choice for web application development in terms of coding. Angular is for heavy enterprise application and Vue for small single page applications. As we compare in terms of memory consumption then Angular is more complex. With Angular typescript is mandatory and in Vue, TS is not mandatory.

How To Choose The Best Technology Stack For Web Application Development?

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