How to hire a UI/UX designer?
25 Apr

How to hire a UI/UX designer?

Mahipal Nehra

How to hire a UI/UX designer for web application development? How to hire a UI/UX designer? The current electronic and computing infrastructure has increased our accessibility and eased up our work through high-performance mobile applications and web applications.

Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or a computer everything is supported with tons of applications, so in this tremendously competitive market companies are working to create user experience through high responsiveness, easy workflow, structured and beautiful user interface. Now UI/UX designers are not just in demand for these applications they also required by writers for supportive content creation and relevant infographics.

What is UI design?

A UI design includes Wireframes, colour scheme, mockups, icons and slicing. The UI designer creates wireframes with adobe photoshop for client after getting familiar with the requirements of the project. After the mutual agreement of Client, UI designer and application developer wireframes are finalised which brings client and UI designer to decide the colour scheme for application.

The UI designer will then design mockups that will be the idea of how the application will look like when UX designer finishes the work. Icons creation and slicing work will be done in adobe illustrator by UI designer that will be later used by UX designer and application developer.

What is UX design?

UX design is user experience design which how the user will experience the software and how things will flow. Whatever description of UX designer is being listed under this section might not match with everyone's opinion but I have shared my perception here. 

UX design is user experience design which covers up creating the template for web application and mobile application with PSD to HTML and CSS conversion. The UX designer needs to have knowledge about front end development frameworks to know the needs of application developers that he/she needs to cater to their template.

How to analyse a good UI/UX designer?

Most organisations hire a UI designer and UX designer separately which creates a significant lag in developing an application as designers and application developer have to communicate frequently to get on the same page about the template being created.

If one hires a web designer who has good knowledge of front end frameworks then the time lapsed in communication can be reduced the designer will work unanimously as UI/UX designer to design and create the template as he has experience on all three phases of application development.

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UI Designer

  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Icon creation
  • Icon Slicing

UX Designer

  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Template creation with frontend frameworks

Application Developer

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

How to hire UI/UX designer

The UI designer should have a good understanding of the project and he/she shall have a thorough discussion with the client to understand the scope. A team player with knowledge of all 3 phases of application development, who is aware of ongoing and emerging trends in UI/UX designing.

If you’ve had the chance to research how to become certified in UX design, you know that it’s not a straightforward path. The person who fills the role of a UI/UX designer needs to do much more than basic design and copywriting. That’s why you should look for candidates that have credible certifications.

However, to have a better sense of whether the applicant is the correct choice for your company, you should also analyze their previous work. If they’ve worked on websites for companies that are in a similar industry like yours, they’ll likely deliver great results.

This might seem like an insignificant aspect, but people in different niches often have specific behavior when visiting a website.

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What many organizations get wrong is that they hire UI and UX designers separately. Not only that this brings additional expenses for the company, but it can also slow down the process of application development.

This problem can be easily fixed by finding a specialist in both UI and UX design.

What benefits good UI/UX design offer for mobile and web applications?

A good UI/UX designer with a good understanding of the project can inform you about problems in the application’s architecture and scope at the initial stage. A good UI/UX design will offer you GDPR compliance, SEO compliance, gorgeous and highly responsive design. A lucrative design generates more user base because nobody likes a fussy bad looking website.

Where to find UI/UX designer?

One can hire UI/UX designer on a full-time basis or can hire a freelance UI designer and freelance UX designer to do their work in a cost-efficient way. The contract with UI/UX designers can be done directly from a web application development company or through Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Toptal and other freelancing platforms.

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