On Demand App Development Guide
23 May

On Demand App Development Guide

Mahipal Nehra

On Demand App Development is a unique solution that is developed to automate the workflow of businesses and bridge the gaps to improve productivity. The ever-booming IT industry has thousands of companies out there who offer On Demand App development, sooner or later every business land on the shores of these companies because there comes a day when business operations become messy and it can’t be controlled manually. On Demand App Development has gained popularity as it has the potential to disrupt the industries with a unique solution that will empower businesses to have an edge over their peers and outrun them.

On Demand Application Development

The on-demand economic model had the potential to disrupt our conventional economics and how industries operate. Let’s discuss the solutions that have successfully implemented this:

  • Uber has disrupted the conventional cab service where cab owners had the monopoly to charge unreasonable fares for poor service. The On-demand taxi-hailing apps are being supported by governments as they have drawn the public’s attention to pool the transportation vehicles which helps in reducing carbon emissions and they have also increased the business for this industry.

  • Online food delivery apps Zomato, Swiggy, UberEATS offered shared food delivery service platform for local vendors so that they can serve their customers on low risk. These vendors can register on these platforms where customer and vendor will pay a small fee for their service.

  • Reliance Jio disrupted the Indian telecommunication service where companies were using antiquated equipment with 3G and 2G spectrums in hand. Jio brought the latest hardware and launched its service on the 4G spectrum. In Jio’s case charging the customer for data plan instead of calls, high-speed communication channel and bundled apps from Jio helped them to capture major customer base. It’s been more than 4 years still their peers are trying to catch up.

  • Virgin group got inspiration for Hyperloop from a research paper published by Elon Musk in 2012 where he expressed his vision to develop a transportation system where magnetic passenger pods will levitate and travel through vacuum tunnels to eliminate the resistance caused by air and friction. The idea is disruptive because it will use less energy, provide faster public transportation system to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

All the above-listed solutions would have never been possible without software and apps.

On-Demand apps can be an ERP, CRM or a BPM because it's not just about product delivery or service apps it about automating the work process which includes finding the available vendor who matches to your preferred cost and can deliver the product when you need it. The process requires the functionality to track packages effectively to handle scenarios.

Walmart, Amazon and Maruti Suzuki are a couple of companies who have opted RFID sensors (Small sensors with 1 to 2 mm radius with inbuilt battery and transmitter) to track the movement of packages in real time even if they aren’t connected to the internet. Whenever these packages come into the range of RFID readers then encoded radio frequency data on RFID tags get registered in the local system with date and time, this data is synced with the centralized system periodically. Therefore, these companies are operating with the least error rate in their logistics division.

Although On Demand apps are unique software solutions for businesses but the following features are common among them.

Easy Sign-In

Easy sign-in is being preferred by businesses because they need visitors to email ids for continuous communication to upsell their products and visitors hate to fill forms for creating accounts in order to try the service. For easy sign in social login and SSO, login features are integrated into On Demand apps.

Geo Location

People wonder why On Demand App Development includes tracking Geolocation, why knowing a user’s location is important for apps. Apps do this because Geolocation is required for knowing the closest point of service to the customer which will help in reducing the cost of service and delivery time. Geolocation can be tracked through GPS or APIs from network providers to find user’s location through signal triangulation technique.

Order & Tracking

Ordering system requires methods to find available vendors that are filtered through limitations imposed by business and availability of the demanded product. Tracking of this order can be done through GPS or the system can use IOT devices depending on the business requirements. The complexity of the Order and tracking system completely dependent on the scale of On Demand App Development project.

Payment Integration

Payment Integration methods truly depend on third-party APIs whose payment gateway you want in your application. The decision is usually taken by product owners and then contracts are signed with payment gateway partners. The main focus in On Demand app development is to integrate these APIs without any security loopholes.

Push Notification

Push Notifications are required for notifying users about important events, offers and showcase the app’s presence in the user’s device. Push notifications are also important from a digital marketing perspective as it has been observed that these notifications help in boosting sales.

Progressive web apps

Users tend to remove native apps once in a while because they block the resources on their device so businesses lose their channel of communication with the user, to resolve this problem progressive web apps came in to play and gained popularity. The web apps which offer the capability to be used like a native app with just a bookmark icon are called progressive web apps which do not block hardware resources on low-end devices hence, they work placidly.


Applications to handle and run businesses will generate tons of data, this data can be used to find the weak spots and make improvements but the problem is we cannot analyse this data in raw form. We need descriptive charts to analyse this data easily to make business decisions that can benefit the business. Since every business require analysis of a different set of parameters so it is a low-cost component in On Demand App development because the business user knows what they exactly need hence less time is spent on developing a limited number of charts.

Feedback system

A descriptive yet easy to fill feedback system is an integral part of businesses in on-demand economics because these businesses require a quick review and action system to make the improvements. On-demand apps that can gather as many reviews as possible can effectively improve the system with continuous feedback.

SEO Readiness

Most of the On Demand App Development requests belong to businesses who offer some kind of service. Once their app is developed, they need to market it offline and online to lure the customer base. therefore, they ask for SEO readiness in the first place because modifications for SEO readiness after development is a time consuming and expensive task. Let's have a discussion with our app development team.

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