Top technology trends for 2019
20 Apr

Top technology trends for 2019

Mahipal Nehra

The year 2019 is yet to arrive soon through the strong demand for technological developments has been indicating emerging technological trends that will overpower the tech world in 2019.

Top technology trends for 2019

Although my list of trends has some common trends from Gartner’s list for technology trends in 2019 rest are based on my experience in the IT industry.

Internet of things

Internet of things is deriving people crazy enough to crave for home automation that people are now buying about 20 times expensive products because they offer smart connectivity. The home automation industry is slowly gaining momentum with new innovative products, even the software companies are aligning themselves to technological trends in 2019. Web development companies are compelled to embed voice-based searching in web application development and website development as most of these products use smart voice assistants.

Blockchain development

Blockchain development is being used by industrial giants to increase the security of their web applications. The companies are still struggling with slow and expensive processing in the blockchain which makes it unsuitable to be used on an industrial scale. Software companies throughout the world are working to develop new consensus protocols, techniques to improve blockchain so that it can work on minimalistic resources and leverage upcoming technology trends in 2019.

Smart contracts development

Smart contract is going to be the biggest among technology trends in 2019 which aims at contracts that will be able to implement themselves automatically on triggering an event, date or violation of contract terms. Smart contracts can also be used to create a derivative of physical assets like real estate, automobiles, machines in terms of tokens and then divide it among owners. These tokens can be used to buy and sell the assets on a fair market price which helps people to grab a chunk globally through web apps. Imagine a group of farmers can share the ownership of a tractor and the crypto key of a tractor is rotated among them according to the percentage of ownership and booking time mentioned in smart contract, this will help farmers to escape the vicious cycle of availing loans and repayments.

AI & deep machine learning

AI & deep machine learning is being used by investment banks, medical researchers, robot manufacturers, market researchers and IT industry. Some are using it to mine consumer behavioural patterns to increase sales and match demand with supply right on time, others are using it for innovations and inventions. Medical science is using AI & deep machine learning to predict potential health risks by reading the DNA configuration and the possibilities to edit genome for saving humans from terminal diseases. IT industry is using AI & deep machine learning to code software that can extend their features or fix bugs themselves. Although this section is featured across technology trends in 2019 it is not going to fade for at least 20 years from now.

Facial recognition technology

In 2018 companies have started using facial recognition technology in mobile phones and China, South Korea are already using this technology to find criminals through cities’ widespread network of CCTV. China has taken a step further with Alibaba and other tech giants to build an architecture of facial recognition based ATMs, Vending machines and supermarts to know what customers’ are buying to calculate billing amount and from which account the payments should be processed. Web application development will empower technology trends in 2019 to develop a completely autonomous world.

Computing in augmented reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens project has brought the thought of computing in augmented reality to life. Since industries have been using it with VR headsets, the software industries see great potential in the technology to become a household quite soon. Engineers are working round the clock to eliminate the need for VR headsets to experience 3D computing and to lower the costs so that software companies could increase their profits with technology trends in 2019. The hurdle is a requirement of large computing power that will be soon available through cloud services, quantum computers, 5G and scalable web applications.

Quantum computing

Global tech companies are working to make quantum computers that function on a different set of fundamental rules to function and topology which will help them in creating a computer that will be powerful enough to calibrate atoms of the whole universe. The quantum computer will work in conjunction with conventional computers through web OS and web applications. Conventional computers will work on normal tasks whereas probability, permutation and combination based calculations will be allotted to quantum computer to be performed. Quantum computer will lay the foundation stone for technology trends in 2019 & 2020.

3D printing to manufacture products

Although 3D printers come into existence in the 1980s they were extremely expensive and not sophisticated enough to be used in normal life. The tremendous development in 3D printers has brought a new idea of setting up micro scale factories on different geographical locations that will evenly distribute employment opportunities throughout the world. CAD drawings will be used to print automobile and other parts in these micro-factories, these technology trends in 2019 will pave a path to the industrial revolution.

Autonomous ride and delivery systems

Zoox, Waymo are well-renowned names in autonomous ride development industry which work on artificial intelligence through web application terminals. Zoox’s motive is to bring intelligence to conventional vehicles whereas Waymo is developing a completely new fleet of AI driven vehicles. The technological development and new technology trends in 2019 are bringing new jobs through startups like Zipline whose drone pilots are helping hospitals with blood supply through a drone delivery system.

Switching from macro level architecture to micro level architecture web applications

The idea to switch from macro level architecture has emerged from java’s multithreading support and asynchronous functioning of products built with node js development. Node js starts sending data on the first request it continues to do so regardless of confirmation from the receiver that data has been received, this process reduces the latency marginally. The problem was that node js doesn’t provide multithreading support so to leverage multithreading a micro level architecture can be adopted where code modules can be assigned to work on different CPU cores. The micro level architecture will also offer runtime support where applications can be scaled and debugged without shutting the whole application, which will not erode a single penny from companies’ earnings through web platforms. Micro-level architecture adoption in frameworks will derive web technology trends in 2019.

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