Top 10 Angular Component Libraries for 2023
07 Mar

Top 10 Angular Component Libraries For 2023

Mahipal Nehra

Top 10 Angular Component Libraries 2023. Angular is maintained by Google and is one of the best Javascript frameworks. It provides clear advantages to businesses, clients, and developers and facilitates some of the best angular component libraries.

These component libraries help developers to develop fast, reliable, scalable, and user-friendly applications using Angular. Each library has unique features and functionalities, enabling you to choose whatever suits you well to develop software according to the business requirements.

Top 10 Angular Component Libraries For 2023

Here is the list of top 10 Angular Component Libraries of 2023.

  1. Angular Material

  2. Clarity Design Systems

  3. CoreUI

  4. Ignite UI

  5. Nebular

  6. NG-Bootstrap

  7. NG Lightning

  8. Onsen UI

  9. PrimeNG

  10. Vaadin

In addition, these libraries help ensure consistency, responsiveness, and accessibility in an application's user interface, making it compatible with different browsers and devices.

Angular Material

Formerly known as Material2, it is the official Angular UI component library developed by Google. It is based on Angular and Typescript and has a built-in theming system alongside a wide range of layout designs, buttons, forms, navigation menus, and tools, enabling the developers to customize the look and feel of the software.

In addition, it has rich documentation, is easy to use, supports animation and virtual scrolling, and has standard CSS.

Clarity Design Systems

It is an open-source angular component library that caters to reusable, well-tested, scalable, and customizable UI components. Built on top of Angular Material, it helps the developers to use the data bounds and performant features to enable interactivity and rapid development. In addition, clarity allows seamless integration with existing projects and is equally preferred by designers and developers.

It also allows moving quickly from prototype to production. Alerts, grids, progress bars, toggle switches, and wizards are some of the essential components that it provides.


It is an open-source angular admin dashboard template and UI component library. CoreUI is built on top of an enterprise-grade hand-crafted angular components library. It helps develop reliable, high-performing, and also caters to different themes to cover the requirements.

In addition, its ready-to-use environment helps reduce the time to market and provides enterprise-grade support. Some other features include its ease of use, its compatibility with Bootstrap, and, most importantly, using CoreUI does not require any design skill to create attractive and appealing software.

Ignite UI

It is a framework-agnostic component library that helps develop engaging and high-performing software. Its numerous controls and components include the fastest data grids, data charts, carousels, listview, snack bar, avatar, navbar, and many others.

The App builder IDE helps eliminate the complexities and allows the development of blazing-fast apps. It also enables a library of customizable prebuilt app templates or responsive screen layouts and generates Angular codes in a few clicks.

Top 10 Angular Component Libraries 2023


It is an open-source customizable Angular UI kit focusing on attractive and adaptive designs. It has over 40+ angular components and four themes and supports custom CSS properties mode.

The infinite list, accordion, flip card, stepper, toaster, tooltip, radio, date picker, popover, spinner, and badges are some of the components of Nebular.

Its primary features include strong community support, authentication layers, and security modules.


It is a collection of customizable Angular directives and can be integrated with other libraries and frameworks. In addition, it provides Angular widgets that are accessible and easy to use.

NG Bootstrap has a strong community of developers and offers a wide range of prebuilt components, enabling developers and designers to build responsive and mobile-friendly layouts.

In addition, it also provides access to different Bootstrap components like the date picker, carousel, popover, typeahead, and others.

NG Lightning

It is a free and open-source lightning design system for Angular for Salesforce development. It is written in Typescript and aims to provide directives and an impressive set of native components for the salesforce design system.

In addition, it relies on the input properties to enable better performance and greater development efficiency. Its components are breadcrumbs, badges, buttons, icons, lookups, ratings, spinners, and others. The primary features of NG lightning include responsive layouts, customizable themes, and accessibility support.

Onsen UI

It is one of the best angular component libraries that help create beautiful and efficient HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps. Onsen UI helps streamline the development process with zero-time setup and provides ready-to-use components.

In addition, it is easy to learn and has a wide variety of UI components that helps the developers to provide a native look and feel for apps on different platforms and devices alongside supporting Android and iOS with the same source code.


It is the most dynamic angular component library with over 60+ UI components like charts, forms, and different themes and templates. It is open-source, mobile-friendly, responsive, and has highly customizable templates.

Developed by PrimeTek Informatics, it ensures a fantastic user experience and also has various advanced input components. Paginator, buttons, layout overlay, graphing tools, and captcha are some of the elements of PrimeNG.


It is an open-source angular component library based on the web components standards and works well with any browser and front-end framework. It is accessible and is optimized to be used on any screen size.

In addition, it enables easy theming options and has a compelling set of design system resources. Some of its components are split layouts, a scroller, a dialog box, cookie consent, an accordion, badges, and others.

Wrapping It Up

Angular is among the most used javascript frameworks that help develop robust and attractive software solutions. Moreover, it facilitates the best component libraries that help the developers and designers to devise user-friendly and beautiful software alongside maintaining quality and performance.

If you are considering web app development, you can use the list above of angular component libraries and develop the desired software.

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What are the key features of Angular?

  • The key features of Angular are -

    • It supports cross-platform

    • Has directives for DOM manipulation

    • It has a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, and

    • It also supports TypeScript.

What is a component library?

  • It is a collection of UI elements, like button designs, menus, forms, fonts, typography, color code, and other visual elements. These libraries help in keeping the reusable UI components in one place.

What is the purpose of a component library?

  • The primary purpose of a component library is to help the developers with prebuilt sets of components or UI elements that are ready to be used and modified while developing applications.

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