Angular vs React 2023
15 Mar

Angular vs React 2023: Which One is Best for Web Development Project?

Mahipal Nehra

Angular is an open-source, free Javascript-based front-end framework developed by Google. It is written in Typescript and is used for developing fast and single-page applications. On the other hand, React is also a free and open-source javascript library developed and maintained by Meta. It is written in Javascript and helps in creating UI based on components.

However, this is a never-ending debate, but among all the available programming languages, libraries, and frameworks, comparing and choosing between Angular vs React is a tough decision for businesses to make.

These frameworks are among the most used Javascript frameworks by developers and businesses worldwide. And in 2023, both these frameworks are expected to grow alongside catering to the needs of businesses.

Angular vs React 2023: Which Framework is Best for Your Project

Angular vs React: Which One is Best for Web Development Project in 2023? It is always challenging to differentiate when comparing the best things, but here is an introduction to Angular vs React 2023.

Angular vs React 2023: Which One Framework to Choose for Your Project? Continuous technological advancement has made existing things better and brought new things to life. And with the ever-changing trends and demands in the IT industry, you must make the right decision regarding tools and technologies.

In addition, big businesses like Delta Airlines use Angular in their web apps; meanwhile, React is used by industry leaders like PayPal, Quora, and Netflix.

Angular vs React 2023

Angular vs React 2023: Which is better for web app development?

Angular and React have extensible features. But comparing them on different aspects and parameters is important to help you choose the apt framework for your software or business.

Here is a comparison of several aspects of Angular Js vs React Js.


As per the reports from Statista, as of 2022, React is used by 42.62% of developers worldwide. In contrast, Angular is used by 20.39% of developers globally. In addition, according to GitHub, React is leading the popularity chart with 204k stars, whereas Angular has 86.9k stars.

Angular vs React

Architecture and Data Binding

Angular is based on the MVC architecture, while React is based on Flux. Angular uses two-way data binding where the data flows in both directions between the model and the view, enabling more comprehensive functionality and facilitating the updates on both the model and view, making it a slower process.

At the same time, React has uni-directional data binding capabilities, which help write error-free code. The data flows in one direction from the model to the view making it fast, simple, and easy to understand, debug and trace.

Dependency Injection

Angular enables dependency injection, which helps in testing and debugging along with the reusability of a class. And on the other hand, React has an in-built facility for dependency injection in JSX.

Learning Curve

Angular has a steep learning curve compared to React since it is easy to learn and understand. You only need to have a basic understanding of HTM, JSX files, and JavaScript to use React, whereas to use Angular, you will have to learn Typescript alongside commands and patterns associated with the framework.

Angular vs React 2023

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Angular caters to unit and integration testing and enables isolation of the unit of code while keeping testability in mind. On the other hand, react facilitates only Unit testing and is developer friendly since it does not require configuration.


When comparing the best Javascript frameworks, Angular manipulates DOM directly, enabling it to perform well. Whereas, React affects the overall performance by loading specific parts of a webpage.

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React and Angular are backed by two famous industry giants, Meta and Google, respectively, which means both frameworks have tremendous community support. Moreover, the communities of both these frameworks have active users who continuously work on improving the framework and solving issues and queries (if any).

Key Takeaways

Although we have compared Angular vs React on several parameters, it is clear that there is no end to additions and discussions on this topic. There are several aspects where React is a winner since it has an easy learning curve and leads to accelerated development speed, while Angular has more functionalities.

But to be precise with opinion, both these frameworks are top-notch and have their capabilities. However, when it comes to decision-making, it depends on the business requirements according to which the app will be developed rather than the functionalities that these frameworks offer.

Therefore, no matter which framework does what, you can still count on both these frameworks while developing an application for your business, considering the usage, project requirements, functionalities, and other essential factors that are needed to develop an application.


What are the benefits of developing apps with Angular?

  • The benefits of developing apps with Angular are -

    • It makes code management easier.

    • It has global community support, making the framework more reliable.

    • It is compatible with any device, and

    • It enables seamless updates using Angular Command Line Interface (CLI).

What are the benefits of developing apps with React?

  • The advantages of developing apps with ReactJS are -

    • It is easy to use.

    • It helps in developing fast and high-performing apps, and

    • It is SEO-friendly and also allows the use of third-party libraries.

What is the key difference between Angular Js vs React Js?

  • The primary difference between Angular and React is that Angular is based on MVC (Model View Controller) and helps develop dynamic web apps. In contrast, React is a JavaScript library based on Virtual DOM that helps you to build UI components.

Is Angular better than React?

  • React performs well compared to Angular because of its virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations, making it easy to switch between React versions. In addition, it also provides developers with access to a wide range of pre-built solutions.

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