What is API Testing, Types & Benefits?
06 Mar

What is API Testing, Types & Benefits?

Mahipal Nehra

What is an API? What is API Testing? What are The Benefits of API testing? What are the Types of API Testing? What Are The Best Practices of API Testing? What are the Difficulties of API Testing? What Kinds of bugs found in API testing?

API Testing is basic for the product frameworks to perform at best quality. Here you will of API Testing, its sorts, the testing approach, best practices and device utilized for this testing.

What is an API? 

API empowers correspondence and information trade between two separate programming frameworks. A product framework actualizing an API contains capacities/sub-schedules which can be executed by another product framework. 

Programming interface testing includes testing the application programming interfaces (APIs) legitimately and as a component of reconciliation testing to decide whether they meet desires for usefulness, unwavering quality, execution, and security. Since APIs come up short on a GUI, API testing is performed at the message layer.

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Programming interface testing is basic for computerizing testing since APIs currently fill in as the essential interface to application rationale and in light of the fact that GUI tests are hard to keep up with the short discharge cycles and incessant changes ordinarily utilized with Agile programming development and DevOps.

What is API Testing? 

Programming interface TESTING is a product testing type that approves Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The reason for API Testing is to check the usefulness, unwavering quality, execution, and security of the programming interfaces. In API Testing, rather than utilizing standard client inputs(keyboard) and yields, you use programming to send calls to the API, get yield, and note down the framework's reaction. Programming interface tests are altogether different from GUI Tests and won't focus on the look and feel of an application. It fundamentally focuses on the business rationale layer of product engineering.

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What are The Benefits of API testing?


Information is traded by means of XML and JSON positions, so any language can be utilized for test robotization. XML and JSON are ordinarily organized information, making the check quick and stable. There are additionally worked in libraries to help to look at information utilizing these information designs. 


Programming interface testing can be acted in the application preceding GUI testing. Early testing implies early input and better group profitability. The application's center functionalities can be tried to uncover little mistakes and to assess the fabricate's qualities. 

Improved test inclusion 

Most API web administrations have details, permitting you to make mechanized tests with high inclusion — including utilitarian testing and non-useful testing. 

Quick Release

Usually executing API testing sets aside to eight hours contrasted with UI testing, permitting programming development groups to discharge items quicker.

What are the Types of API Testing? 

Programming interface testing should cover at any rate following testing strategies separated from common SDLC process 

  • Discovery testing: The test gathering ought to physically execute the arrangement of calls reported in the API like confirming that a particular asset uncovered by the API can be recorded, made and erased as suitable 

  • Ease of use testing: This testing checks whether the API is practical and easy to use. What's more, does API coordinates well with another stage too 

  • Security testing: This testing incorporates what kind of validation is required and whether sensitive information is encoded over HTTP or both 

  • Automated testing: API testing ought to come full circle in the production of a lot of contents or a tool that can be utilized to execute the API normally 

  • Documentation: The test group needs to ensure that the documentation is sufficient and provides enough data to communicate with the API. Documentation should be a piece of the last deliverable

What Are The Best Practices of API Testing?

  • Test cases ought to be assembled by the test class 

  • On top of each test, you ought to incorporate the assertions of the APIs being called. 

  • Parameters selection ought to be expressly referenced in the experiment itself 

  • Organize API work calls with the goal that it will be simple for analyzers to test 

  • Each test case ought to be as independent and autonomous from dependencies as could reasonably be expected 

  • Stay away from "test affixing" in your development

  • Extraordinary care must be taken while dealing with one-time call capacities like - Delete, CloseWindow, and so forth... 

  • Call sequencing ought to be performed and all around arranged 

  • To ensure complete test inclusion, make experiments for all conceivable input blends of the API.

What are the Difficulties of API Testing?

Difficulties of API testing incorporates: 

  • Principle challenges in Web API testing is Parameter Combination, Parameter Selection, and Call Sequencing 

  • There is no GUI accessible to test the application which makes troublesome to give input esteems 

  • Approving and Verifying the yield in an alternate framework is minimal troublesome for analyzers 

  • Parameters selection and order is required to be known to the analyzers 

  • Special case handling capacity needs to be tried 

  • Coding knowledge is important for analyzers

What Kinds of bugs found in API testing? 

  • Following are the kinds of bugs found: 

  • Copy or missing usefulness 

  • Inappropriate messaging 

  • Mistake handling component is contrary 

  • Multi-strung issues 

  • Security, performance and security issues 

  • Unwavering quality issues 

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Programming interface comprises a lot of classes/capacities/methodology which speak to the business rationale layer. In the event that API isn't tried appropriately, it might cause issues with the API application as well as in the calling application. It is a key test in programming development.

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