5 Symptoms That Your Website Has a Bad User Experience
03 Dec

5 Symptoms That Your Website Has a Bad User Experience

Mahipal Nehra

As discussed earlier in our previous blogs, User Experience is the biggest factor affecting a company’s growth. If you are reading it, then chances are you have also had a bad experience or concern related to either other’s site or your site. You might be thinking how bad it can be, right? So today’s article is all about discussing what is a bad user experience, how badly bad user experience costs us, and so much more.

Here’s a scenario. You have got a prospective client from someone. They can be easily converted into a lifelong customer of your business. However, what do you think they will do before contacting you? They will visit your website to learn more about your services. 

Then all of a sudden they disappear. No phone calls, no emails, absolutely nothing. Just cricket chirps. 

What would have happened? What makes them ghost you?

Well, the real culprit here is your poorly designed website that scared them away. 

But how can it happen? Let me tell you, rather than building trust and giving confidence, your website did the opposite. It developed doubt and uncertainty about your company.

They might have just closed your site and moved on to one of your competitors who might not have as decent service as yours but they have a better website design.

What is Bad User Experience?

A bad UX or User Experience is something that almost every brand or company has experienced from time to time. In fact, search engines like Google are also highly obsessed with UX. If you don’t make your website design accurately, you might also experience negative impacts on your ranking. Similar to the above-mentioned example, a bad user experience whether it’s because of the aesthetics of your site, irrelevant information, hidden navigation, a lot of data at the same place, can make your clients, visitors or users run away in a matter of seconds. 

So let’s check whether or not your website carries the symptom of a bad user experience.

Signs of Bad User Experience

1. Higher Bounce and Exit Rates

When your users cannot find what they are looking for, what will they do? Leave your website asap! If your site has a bounce or exit rate of more than 50%, then you have a clear indication that users are not finding your website up to the mark and don’t have a reason to stay at all. It’s definitely one of the signs of a bad user experience that also affects your ranking on the search engine badly.

2. Users Unable to Engage With Content

Do you know if the users are engaging with your website as they should have or not? Have you examined: Whether or not the users reading your content or sharing them or interacting with them or want more information from you? 

If your answer is either NO or Not Sure, there are higher chances of UX problems with the content that is being posted for the users. These problems can vary from the usefulness of content to the ability to find information to the readability of text to slow loading. It means now is the time to look into the core of the problem and start acting accordingly.

3. Slow Loading Speed

Suppose you have designed a website with good aesthetics. But, when it comes to its performance, it is not proving to be worth your efforts, time and money. Specially, if your site loading speed is low, ain’t no user will stay to appreciate your design. Instead, they will entirely abandon your site within the first few seconds. 

When your site isn’t loading within 8 seconds, the user starts getting frustrated and is more likely to close the tab completely to find some other source. It can negatively impact your business as you would lose your potential lead in the first few seconds and all of this due to bad user experience.

  • Unresponsive Design

Undoubtedly, your design must impress the user with both its functionality and looks. Here, the most crucial part is that regardless of the size of the device the experience should be the same. Previously, it meant that you should also have a mobile website. However, in today’s era all you need to have is a responsive design that automatically adjusts itself according to the size of the user’s device. 

To analyze why your site is slow and fix issues you can hire developers according to the tech stack you have used in building your website.

4. Bad Usability

Now suppose you are at a mall but there are no names on the front of some stores or they are unable to find the navigation on how to reach a store they want to try out. There would be a point of time when they will get frustrated and leave the place all at once. 

Similarly, it is important for your website to not only be attractive but also have great functionality. If you want the site you own to be something that can be considered useful, you need to provide them with clear navigation and page designs that can help them in finding what they are looking for. 

It’s not just that you need to provide good usability to the visitors but placing all the elements in the right place where they make sense and can be found easily is also important. 

Take Away!

As you understand what are the main signs that can show that your website has a bad user experience, you must be wanting to know “Why User Experience Matter?” which you can read in our recent blog from the user experience series. Here are the main takeaways that you can have from the above mentioned bad experiences. 

  1. Understanding user experience is a must prior to delivering any information for them.

  2. For delivering a lot of information start using images or infographics instead of text.

  3. Neglect adding any kind of friction to the user experience. 

  4. Test your design

If you want to know how you can test and measure the user experience on your website then read our blog on How to improve user experience for mobile and web applications?

We at Decipher Zone are always here to help you in developing your web application or website that can easily fix these issues and help your business grow faster. In case you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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