Top 10 Best Frameworks of JavaScript for 2021
15 Oct

Top 10 Best Frameworks of JavaScript To Consider in 2021

Mahipal Nehra

Top 10 Best Frameworks of JavaScript for 2021. JavaScript is a language that promotes a functional, event-driven, and imperative style of programming. It has been the most used language for the last 8 years having 67.7% of people choosing it as it can be used for both back and front-end development for websites or web applications. Depending on the customer’s demand the technology is continuously evolving. If you will take a look at the front or back-end development through JavaScript, the frameworks help developers to create powerful and high-quality websites or applications.

As the JS environment is extremely vast and overflowing with opportunities, each passing year, new frameworks come into view while pushing others aside. Javascript being regularly evolved is a better choice for every backend and frontend development. It has started as a language to make small changes and now has become the number one choice for several companies. That’s astounding!

Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks You Need To Try in 2021

Top 10 Best Frameworks of JavaScript for 2021. But among so many frameworks out there it can be impossible to choose the one which would turn out to be the best according to your needs. That’s why in today’s article, we will cover the foremost frameworks of JavaScript that you need to consider this year.

1. Angular

Angular is an open-source front-end development framework maintained by Google. Angular has 10 versions and the latest one was launched on 2nd September this year, the first two versions were based on JavaScript and the later ones are on TypeScript. Angular supports Ecmascript, a global JavaScript standard which helps in complete backward compatibility and is supported by Angular. Angular follows the MVC(Model View Controller) pattern in which model, view, controller are separated which eliminates the dependency and fosters faster development of web applications. In the MVC pattern only the smaller changes are reflected instead of the conventional update of the entire model, this helps in faster rendering at a considerably low amount of processing power. Although angular is bulkier than react js but being a high-performance framework and SEO friendliness makes it popular for developing enterprise applications.

Websites such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Forbes, and millions of others use Angular.js for their applications. Angular is not only beneficial for progressive web app capabilities or its speed & performance, but for its productivity and accessibility too.

2. Vue

Want to build a creative user interface web application that also possesses high-performance with a little bit of effort? Then Vue is the one for you because of its lightweights. It is a combination of both React and Angular which was designed by the ex-google engineer, Evan You. It has become a more popular framework in Javascript powered web apps.

It’s an end-to-end framework having a state management view layer. It also offers Event sourcing and Virtual DOM like React and two-way binding like Angular. Be it JavaScript or TypeScript, Vue supports both of them. The only drawback of Vue js is that it has a comparatively smaller community and compatibility than angular and react js.

As we know the large scale application development teams tend to prefer technologies that have very high stability and enormous community support that’s the reason why companies are still using java 8 for backend development.

3. React

Within a short period, React has gained popularity in the javaScript frameworks region but it is merely a frontend development library i.e. developed by Facebook. React can be used to develop dynamic web applications and react-native can be used to develop mobile applications.

React comes with a declarative, functional, and component-based programming framework that helps in creating interactive single-page web applications. Using Virtual DOM, React delivers fast rendering of the page. Apart from that, another key feature of React is its usability of JSX syntax rather than Javascript. The learning curve for react js is comparatively much lower than angular because it is simply javascript in a global standard of writing it.

Additionally, around 71.1% of developers use React js while others have shown interest in learning it as per the survey. It also has reusable components, one direction data flow, simple syntax, easy integration, and rich community support.

4. Next

Next.js is an end-to-end server-side framework that is based on React. It was developed by a Dutch Company in 2017. It uses React syntax and has ES 6 and ES 7 transpilation. Next is popular for its Server Side Renderability.

The major advantage for developers who use Next.js is hot code reloading, built-in handling of Search Engine Optimization, automated code-splitting, and automatic routing. It has been used by Docker, Github, and Netflix because of its unbeatable privileges.

5. Ember

Originally Ember was a SproutCore 2.0 framework that was created by Yehuda Katz (chief developer of jQuery). Being a command-line interface tool, Ember makes it a powerhouse of productivity. Moreover, Ember is a framework that is open-source that can be used to build scalable enterprise single-page web apps.

If you want to develop a complex web-app, Ember will be the perfect option for you with its efficient tools and code. It is not as well-known as React, Vue, or Angular, but it is one of the excellent JavaScript frameworks indeed.

6. Express

Created by TJ Holowaychuk in 2010, Express is not being maintained by the Node.js foundation. It is a minimalist framework that is used for the development of Web applications and API. Express as the name suggests is supremely fast and less opinionated.

It is the default Server Side Framework for JavaScript and is a complete app framework having middleware routing. Besides, Express makes debugging a lot easier and effortless by targeting bugs directly.

It has the largest share in the backend development than any other JavaScript frameworks and is being utilized by PayPal and Accenture.

7. Jest

When it comes to testing, Jest is considered the best framework. Being developed by Facebook, its main focus is on simplicity and is widely used for automatic testing. Also, Jest comes with excellent cross-browser support for browser testing.

Around 61.2% of developers have chosen Jest as their priority for automated testing. Amidst the year 2016 to 2020, there has been major popularity increasing its usability by 15 times.

8. Meteor

Meteor has been proved to be the full-stack solution for both the development and deployment of web applications. It covers a significant proportion of the software development industry including database management, front-end rendering, back-end development, and business logic.

It arrives with numerous built-in features like a reactive template, automatic CSS, and JS minification. Meteor.js also offers an open-source isomorphic development ecosystem to facilitate the real-time development of web apps from the start. It also provides communication between the front and back end servers.

9. Node

Built on JavaScript Engine of Chrome, Node is a server-side JavaScript framework. Being an open-source platform, it can be used in a real-time environment for developing server-end apps.

With the event-driven architecture, Node.js assists in driving asynchronous I/O. It also shows properties like loops, threading, and packaging similar to JAVA. Node.js is single-threaded, scalable, open-source, and swift.

10. Svelte

It is one of the most amazing frameworks of JavaScript that has a completely different way than Vue or React. It compiles the codes to pure JS i.e. JS Vanilla consisting of all third party codes and libraries. It was developed by Rich Harris and was first launched in the year 2016.

It has been considered as a game-changer by several devs as it changes the manner of coding for web-app development. It provides a lightning speed and exceptional performance with zero dependencies, and complex management libraries’ absence.

Take Away!

All and all, it will not be wrong to say that JavaScript is continuously growing and has become one of the dominant languages for developers. With the regular updates and appearance of new frameworks, we have multiple options to select from. We hope our top-rated frameworks of JavaScript assisted you in selecting the one which might suit your project ideally.

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