The Big Shift In Blockchain Technology And Its Consequences
01 Feb

The Big Shift In Blockchain Technology And Its Consequences

Mahipal Nehra

After a successful year of Blockchain campaign in 2019, what more should we expect from Blockchain and Crypto assets? A lot more! and already, we've begun to see the enormous transformation in all sectors such as Banking, Real estate, Health care, Networking, business and even corporate governance.

Blockchain in the year 2020 is shifting from where capital markets were envisioned to run on DLT systems, where Ethereum Centered Decentralized Financed Ecosystem grew, where bitcoin showed tremendous volatility. Now we will begin to see a steady rise of Blockchain becoming mainstream with World leaders especially from Europe presenting themselves as forerunners in crypto assets, machines now getting connected to Blockchain networks, AI and many more emerging technologies like cloud computing and Data analytics converging with Blockchain Technology, such that Blockchain gradually becomes the basis for the wide array of fully automated financial services as we wait for it to become fully mainstream. 

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For clarity, the big shift in Blockchain Technology encompasses the movement from traditional Blockchain projects to a switch to heavily regulated digital assets.

Quickly let’s dive into just four of these Blockchain transformation trends, which we can already see taking shape in development and we expect to explode in 2020!

Blockchain Is Revolutionizing World Markets.

Blockchain is set to improve the overall market integrity through transparency. However, for the market to thrive, there has to be a strong regulatory framework set in place.

The revolution of Blockchain is already bringing in some transformation in world capital markets- now we can see it being open for global participation, compared to how limited the previous market structure was. Also, Blockchain is set to bring about a turnaround improvement in crowdfunding strategies, so that investors are now provided with higher returns and lower risk over a short investment period.

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Blockchain is gradually becoming the universal channel for online payments. Unlike some useful woocommerce product bundles like the commonly used woocommerce smart coupon which enables businesses to grow sales and issue discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, product giveaways, offers and promotions to customers, the woocommerce bitcoin plugin like Coingate and Triple-A, for example, do serve as a decentralized payment processing system for merchants accepting digital currencies and a gateway for Blockchain payment as well.

China To Stun The World With Its New Blockchain Approach.

The Chinese Government, led by President Xi Jinping, is currently leading the race in reinforcing Blockchain development. The U.S will only become second best, and that’s only of they'll attempt to embark on a catch-up. However, this trend does serve as a huge net positive for the industry.

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It is no longer news that the Central Bank of China is making its move in testing out its own digital currency alongside other major commercial Banks in the country as well. Previously, for the month of January 2020 alone, over 700 Blockchain firms have been created in China, with over 25,000 firms already running in operation. Reports now have it that; the consequence of Jinping's statement on Blockchain has brought about a ban on news reports criticizing Blockchain technology on Chinese local media.

Blockchain Technology- The Operating System For Machine Economy.

As we already know, smart contracts do play a big role in the industry of Germany as a whole. German industries, as well as the Association of German Banks and its Government, have presently made an insistence platform for digital Euro (€).

This development is set to bring about a transformation in Industrial companies offering Blockchain network in connection with technologies like Automobiles and Sensors, such that these IoT devices will now engage fully in financial transactions directly.

All Tokens Will Be Securitized.

The biggest and basic shift for Blockchain in 2020, we all know is the movement from traditional Blockchain projects to regulated digital assets, as we've already seen the revolution of Tokenization bringing about the securitization of liquid assets. Currently, in Real estate, there is global investor participation and crowdfunding of single properties, and in the Banking industry also, Banks will focus on catering to digital assets holders.

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