Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider
02 Jul

Your Checklist for Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider

Mahipal Nehra

When you have decided to embrace cloud services and solutions for your business, you need to ensure you choose a safe and efficient service provider. You will be entrusting your database's care and maintenance to this provider, so you cannot afford to make mistakes. There is critical information in your database related to your business, so the service provider you choose must deliver you standard quality and support. This post will guide you on the ways via which you can choose a reliable Cloud service partner for your business and how to overcome the common challenges you might encounter on the way.

Choosing The Best Cloud Service

The following are some of the keys questions you must ask them before you make your choice to hire the company for your business needs-

  1. 1. How will your business do teams get their data on the cloud?
  2. 2. What is the process for creating an account on the Cloud platform?
  3. 3. How reliable is the Cloud service?
  4. 4. As your business needs grow, will you get extra Cloud space?
  5. 5. What is the action plan in the event of the unthinkable- crash, data loss, etc.
  6. 6. What are the Cloud provider’s security measures?
  7. 7. Who at the Cloud company will have access to the business data?

Moving on to the next step with awareness

Every modern business needs to have databases on the Cloud today. However, the platform they choose must give them scalability, ease of use, and the ability to manage their business smoothly. For this task, you need to hire a good database consultant to be an integral part of your company. Even if you are a small business owner and interested in embracing cloud services and solutions, you can hire remote database management consultants from a credible company to help you choose the best Cloud service partner, which, otherwise, is a tough choice for you to make.

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Given below are the other important points you must include in the checklist for finding the best cloud service provider for your business-

Evaluate the business profile and health of the Cloud Service Provider

The cloud service provider you are interested in might have the technological prowess that seems great. However, the company might fall short when it comes to the profile and health of the business. To make sure that your company functions smoothly, you must focus on the market reputation of the service provider, financial standing in the market, and their staff strength.

The service provider you choose must have a proven track record of stability. The company must be in very good financial standing with sufficient funds for operating successfully in the future.

A formal structure for management

Every credible company ensures that it has a well-designed structure for formal management, an established policy for risk management, and a standard process for evaluating third-party vendors and providers. Make sure you-

++ Check the reputation of the service provider and find out the details of its directors and business partners

++Read online reviews carefully and interact with customers with a business similar to the one you own

++ Evaluate their business knowledge and awareness of modern technologies predominant in the market today

++ Ensure the Cloud service provider understands the nature of your business and its goals

++ Check to see whether their technical expertise matches the needs of your business

++ Last but not least, the service provider should validate the compliance of all your business needs with a third-party audit.

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The professionals in the field of database administration and management in the USA, state that the Cloud provider you choose must have documented and formal procedures for logging, requesting, testing, approving, and accepting database changes. In case you have no plans to use a hybrid cloud at the outset, you must ensure that the cloud provider you choose supports the above model. There are many advantages here that you can reap later.

Streamlined communication process – The Cloud service provider must have a clear and streamlined process that documents how they intend to communicate with customers during the time of disruption. This includes the levels of prioritization, timely services, and the severity of evaluating problems as and when they crop up.

Take advantage of economies of scale - The right Cloud service provider helps you take advantage of the right economies of scale and offer a dispersed and robust platform that is both innovative and highly reliable. This again will help you to choose the ideal package that matches the requirements of your business. At the same time, you can protect the flexibility of your business in the future, giving you the immense opportunity to embrace emerging new technologies, innovation, and customization for your business that will help you stand out in the competitive market.

24/7 protection and database security - You should note that the future for modern businesses is on the Cloud today. Those business owners that have made this smart choice are enjoying business advancement to a large extent. However, with advantages come data security threats, so the right Cloud service provider, besides managing the database, must keep it safe 24/7 too. In case you fail to investigate this vital aspect of your database, you will regret the choice later in case of a cyber-attack or data loss.

From the above, it is evident the cloud service provider you choose should manage your database that is the biggest asset of your business. You should never rush into choosing the first service provider that comes your way. Take adequate time to investigate and research the background of the provider. In case you are not sure, consult the services of a good database administration and management professional. Though the initial search for the right cloud service provider might seem complicated and even cumbersome for some business owners, it is the only way via which you can keep your database secure and in optimal condition on the Cloud!

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