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15 Dec

High-Quality IT Solutions Led by SWOT Analysis: GoodFirms

Mahipal Nehra

Decipher Zone, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Jaipur, India, is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company for Quality Management System, a Custom Java Web App Development Company, and a remote IT resource provider advising start-ups MNCs and corporates worldwide. It is also an ISO 27001:2015 certified company that invented the Information Security Management System.

Decipher Zone Softwares provides enterprise-grade software development as well as IT consulting services. We design software architecture to deliver feature-rich enterprise business solutions and a structure in which the team maps the system architecture before recommending IT solutions to provide clients with optimal performance. We used best-in-class tools to implement software development methodologies for cultivating bug-free IT solutions to achieve the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.

Java Development Company

With a team of 125 experts, Decipher has successfully delivered 256 projects to 120 international clients. Decipher provides clients with dependable and robust software solutions and services to create high-security IT systems geared toward meeting delivery criteria. A standardized global process ensures on-time deliveries by utilizing reproducible process components that allow organizations to meet planned schedule time and cost agreements.

Decipher Zone Softwares commenced as a garage company in 2015 by CEO - Lalit Kumar Sharma, CTO - Raja D. Vashistha, Shrikant Sharma, and a few friends. Many men who had been frustrated by the industry's poor IT solutions decided to cull the herd. Their desire to provide high-quality IT solutions prompted them to conduct a SWOT analysis before proceeding. They realized that their peers were not getting the expected results despite having a skilled workforce, so our CEO decided to implement a strict code of conduct in development. As a result, they used a variety of software development methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to create projects. Since then, we as a family have never gone back and have continued to build our prestige.

Looking to such work ethics and quality services, the GoodFirms team interviewed Lalit Kumar Sharma, the CEO at Decipher Zone Softwares. To begin the interview, Lalit mentions that I have served as CEO, Director, Project Manager, and Senior Full Stack Developer in Decipher Zone Technologies since the company's inception. Since then, Lalit's main goal has been to provide clients with high-quality code that has been developed from a template to a complete software application in order to eliminate compatibility issues on all fronts.

Talking about the uniqueness enabling the company to stand out in the competition, Lalit claims that, unlike our competitors, we do not choose projects from a diverse tech stack but rather try to work around our niche, which is java development and web app development. We primarily use Angular, React Js, and a few charting libraries for the front end. We adapt highly scalable architectures and employ design patterns based on requirements and the latest technologies for a high abstraction packed with performance.

When asked about the flourishing services rendered by Decipher, Lalit talks about its two services: web app development and blockchain development. He claims that we provide custom web application development that is simple to scale for all businesses. Companies screen, automate, and deliver better.

He proceeds on to say that web applications, like standalone software, can be made multilingual. To load the appropriate language version in web application development, developers can check the spatial position or the client system's language preference. He explains that because web applications are easily scalable, they typically offer more functions and features than standalone software. As a result, the team creates the responsive design, continuous development, and deployment processes that continue to expand the features of web apps to remain competitive.

Decipher's team strives to truncate the learning curve by creating clutter-free responsive web designs with HTML5, CSS3, material design for bootstrap, and adhering to the KISS (Keep it stupid simple) theory at all levels of web application development. Thus, backed by such a proficient team of web developers, GoodFirms has ranked Decipher amongst the best web developers in Jaipur.

The review below reflects the potential of web developers, delivering high-quality website and web app solutions.

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Decipher Zone's outlook on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain operates on a peer-to-peer network, with transactions recorded in a distributed ledger shared among users. The experts ensure that each entry is validated by the most nominated users, as determined by consensus algorithms, to add a transaction block.

The team recodes transactional blocks with public-key cryptography and uses digital signatures to verify users' identities. They validate data integrity by displaying a hash digest that provides high security in Blockchain-based apps that have never been used on a large scale before.

Moreover, at Decipher, the team practices blockchain to secure communication with IoT devices and verify users’ identities before giving them access to devices. Thus, ensuring the safety of data integrity and making the information accessible to only delegated users at lower costs would soon endow Decipher to grab a secure position amongst the up-and-coming leaders in the USA’s blockchain developers’ category list at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of service offerings rendered by Decipher.

Decipher Zone CEO

In conclusion, Lalit mentions that Decipher has repetitive customers, i.e., seven out of 10 repeat customers. The ones who left us are usually start-ups who have grown big enough to hire their in-house development teams.

Lalit further emphasizes that because software development is a standard process with so many nitty-gritty details, it's nearly impossible to have a customer satisfaction rate higher than 90%. Although our customer satisfaction rate is 80 percent, I consider it the same as our repeat customer rate, which is 70 percent, because one can be generous with ratings but not with money for your work.

Lalit mentions that ten years is significantly a very long time in the software industry where companies experience hyper-growth and fall within a short time. Although I am not sure where we would be precisely after ten years, I am confident that we will be expanding ourselves by introducing a product range in the market in the following five years.

Thus, having read the information shared by Lalit, the CEO at Decipher, one can also go through the detailed interview he gave to GoodFirms.

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