Mistakes You Make While Hiring Developers & How To Avoid Them
20 Sep

Mistakes You Make While Hiring Developers & How To Avoid Them

Mahipal Nehra

Hiring developers has never been easy. And with the COVID-19 situation, now you have to carry out the process of hiring remotely. You not only have to find an application developer but also ensure that you hire the right ones. Hiring capable developers - I mean- really proficient ones is a versatile skill that lies at the byroads of process management, intuition, technical intelligence and social networking.

While startups seek fresh talent to get their plans off the ground, larger organizations are always hankering for more programmers to exceed their tech race competition. No one can jump right into recruiting without having the right knowledge to build a solid foundation for recruitment.

Mistakes Made While Hiring Developers

Not just one or two there are multiple mistakes you make while hiring a developer for your project or company. However, in this article, we have listed out the top 5 mistakes that you are likely to make at the time of hiring so you can avoid them in the future.

  • Slow Hiring Process

The best in the market are usually clasped up immediately. And in the case of software developers, this is more true as the number of jobs is always greater than the number of skilled developers. If you have a slow hiring process, you are more likely to reduce the volume of the best developers you can hire.

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But how would you know, you have a slow hiring process. So let us clarify it for you, a company with a slow hiring process includes pointless waits at each step, taking 3-4 weeks to send a response to their application and the next 2 week to get them at every stage. By doing this, you are making sure that the best developers think you aren’t interested in hiring them and start looking elsewhere.

  • Only Hiring Local Developers

Any experienced recruiter will inform you, the wider the net you will the more likely you are to find someone great for your company. And if you don’t want that, you shouldn’t cast a net at all. You can limit yourself to hiring from a small area so that you have a minimum number of applicants. Another mistake most companies make while hiring developers is not helping with relocation and making them travel a long distance for 30 min. interview at their own expense.

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  • Under Pay

Highly skilled developers should be well paid, so if you want to avoid hiring the best then make sure you underpay them. Rather than offering them generous pay, propose salaries that are less than what your competitors are offering. Apart from that, refuse to offer a fraction of the equity percent in your company before 3 years of service.

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  • Testing Developers upon Meaningless Tasks

Undeniably testing the ability of the developers in the interview is a must. However, what stops top developers from being hired by your company is being frustrated by taking unnecessary tests on meaningless tasks like asking brain teaser questions, having a long take-home test, or making them write code on the whiteboard that has nothing to do with the tasks they will actually perform. And high-quality developers are never desperate for a job so they’ll outright refuse to give such tests and you will lose the best instantly.

  • Hiring For Fancy Degree

Not only a person with a fancy degree can be the most reliable developer you can find. Having a degree in the relevant field is impressive but is also an unreliable predictor of their ability. Why? Because developers write code and deliver applications; while academics write and prove theories of different concepts. Someone might be smart enough to do both but never let a fancy degree decide for you. Instead, let their ability determine whether they can be hired or not.

What You Should Be Looking For Hire?

Now that we know what are the most common mistakes people make while hiring developers. It is time we acknowledge a few important points you need to consider when it comes to hiring one of the best developers for your project or company.

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  • Hire Freelancer

Freelancers or remote work has been a worthy extension to everyday business operations. While traditional and firm organizations usually vow by in-house workforce only. The majority of grow-oriented, agile, and lean businesses are more comfortable with the freelancer getting things done for them. Whether you are hiring a freelance developer or a company that offers a freelancing team, it will help you lower costs, offer high value for money, easy accessibility beyond borders, and most importantly no strings attached. So, instead of only looking for local developers, start casting a wider net around the world to find the best developers.

  • Seek Clean Coders

Undoubtedly, the software development industry is a complex one, but having the best developers by your side can make it look easier. So, to hire the best developer for the project you have, test relevant coding skills and remember to check how clean the code is. If you will hire developers with clean coding, it will help you in making your product adequately and facilitate flexibility through sprints while enabling your team to maintain and install future updates without getting too many troubles.

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  • Someone With Strong Communication & Collaboration Skills

The major jobs of a software developer are understanding complicated concepts and communicating them. The best developer in the world can develop efficient algorithms in the given time, however, the job of a developer is to work collaboratively with a team to gain something bigger and if they cannot communicate with their team then it can make the work unnecessarily difficult. So, it is important to hire a developer who has both strong communication as well as collaboration skills.

  • Have Familiarity & Flexibility with Distinct Software Environments

Needless to say, absolutely no one can be a true expert in more than a few areas in software development. It is because of the long list of programming languages, tools, and frameworks. And with the ever-changing industry, the way a developer works and handles errors also changes. This makes it essential for a developer to be familiar with different software environments and be flexible to adapt accordingly.

  • Offer Generous Pay

Last but not least, as we have discussed earlier, offering a lower salary can withdraw the interest of the developer from your company. Paying people fairly and compensating them ensures that highly qualified and skilled developers are interested in working with you.

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Wrapping Up!

We hope this article will help you hire the best developers both locally and remotely. All you gotta do is keep the mistakes while hiring developers in mind and look for the above-mentioned qualities in your candidate. Also, define what type of developer you need, i.e., Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack, Web-App, UX/UI, and DevOps. However, if you will hire developers from a company, it will be more efficient as they can offer a wide range of experienced developers for different tasks in one place.

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