Using an automation tool in SMS and Email Marketing Strategies
24 May

Using an automation tool in SMS and Email Marketing Strategies

Mahipal Nehra

Are you tired of manually sending emails and SMS to your customers? Do you want to improve your brand's email marketing strategy? Look no further than Omnisend. Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that allows brands to automate their emails and SMS marketing strategies with ease.

With Omnisend, businesses can save time by creating custom workflows that automatically send targeted messages based on a customer's behavior, demographics, and interests.

But how much does this simplify your life cost? The cost of using Omnisend depends on the size of your business - however, there are different pricing plans that suit any aspired budget. Omnisend pricing is broken down into four different tiers: Free Plan, Standard Plan ($16 per month paid annually or $19 if billed monthly), Pro Plan ($99 per month paid annually or $120 if billed monthly), and Enterprise plan (price upon request).

So let's break down exactly how Omnisend can help automate your brand's email marketing strategy.

Segmentation That Speaks To Your Audience

One significant advantage of Omisend is its audience segmentation features. The tool empowers users to segment their audience using basic information such as location and demographic data alongside information gathered through user engagement like clicks., opens, and abandoned carts, among other metrics, which makes it possible to tailor the message content to suit each group better.

This means no more generic newsletters going out to everyone; instead, everyone gets a personalized message explicitly suited to them, ensuring they receive what they need when needed, thus inevitably improving conversions.

Automated Workflows For Smarter Marketing

Another impressive feature of omnichannel campaign management software providers like Omisned is automated workflows, also called autoresponders in some circles. These are designed around consumer behavior activities such as purchases or sign-ups but can be made up according to whatever actions matter most to you. For instance, in case a customer hasn't shipped with you lately, you can set up campaigns to re-target and win them over again. One may also use targeted automation workflows to win back abandoned carts by sending follow-up reminders or reducing the shipping threshold required before free delivery kicks in. This will result in more revenue from your existing customers.

SMS Marketing Made Simple

Statistics reveal that at least 90% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes of being received - which means that using SMS marketing could change the game for any brand.

Omnisend's SMS features mean users can easily play around with its tempting CTA templates, and everything is tracked via a convenient dashboard to keep track of key metrics like open rates click.

This will help have an authoritative base on tried-and-tested methods and stats-based decision-making rather than just relying on guesswork.

Insightful Reports Measuring Campaign Performance

It's one thing to create campaigns, but another entirely different aspect when measuring their performance. Here Omnisend does a great job, offering clear-cut reports illustrating how each campaign has performed over various lengths of time as well as tracking consumers' purchasing behavior patterns which help brands improve their future marketing strategies into possible repeatable successes.

With these reports, users know exactly what works and what doesn't – ultimately helping make improvements, further increasing the chance for success.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Omnisend is, without a doubt, an all-in-one marketing automation platform designed for marketers eager to polish their campaigns and engage audiences via email and SMS outreach capabilities; while easing user experience, especially since omni channel platforms do not come cheaply-

The tools are affordable enough for many businesses looking forward into scaling their brands effectively By catering to your customers directly tailored-to-their-tastes message contents promoting deals based on purchases history alone among other possibilities plus refining future campaigns using data-driven analytics.

Omnisend will change how your branding monetizes digital marketing outreach opportunities based on tried-and-tested methods. This virtually guarantees improved market performance and revenue growth in no time! So why wait?

Sign up now and start streamlining your digital marketing strategy - the future is in your hands with Omnisend.

Posted by Mahipal Nehra | Posted at 24 May, 2023 Web