Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021
11 May

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

Mahipal Nehra

For the software development industry and programmers 2020 has been a significant year with lots of breakthroughs in several areas. With the global pandemic, digitization has sped up remarkably, so the trends that we will be discussing today will be much greater than the last year.

The development of software and web applications has become a crucial aspect of today’s business while programmers or developers have become an integral part of the enterprise that helps businesses innovate, emerge and thrive.

We’ve already spent four months into 2021 and it’s crystal clear that a programmer with cutting-edge skills will continue to be on the top of the corporate battle.

So, in this article, I am going to focus on the technology trends and planning for programmers in 2021. All the mentioned trends will be based on the facts, figures and data from authenticate sources to offer clear-cut information.

Predictions On Top 10 Tech Trends For Programmers in 2021

So, what are the trends that are going to be on top this year?

1. Multi-Cloud

When it comes to public cloud providers there is no doubt about who is leading in the market. According to statista, Amazon Web Services is leading the cloud market with 32%. While Microsoft has a market share of 20% and Google Cloud is in third place with a 9% market share. And it’s more likely to be the top-three in 2021 as well.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

Moreover, the Multi-Cloud initiative will come into momentum with several companies moving towards it. Firstly, being reluctant to the multi-cloud strategy, Amazon has now entered this market as well making it seamless for the programmers to deploy their applications in Multiple Clouds.

2. Blockchain

One of the most disruptive technologies that have been recently introduced is Blockchain and has been used for the Cryptocurrency concept. However, it has the potential to change the whole IT industry and it is projected by PR Newswire to reach $30.7 billion by the year 2027 with 43% CAGR. It will most likely be used as a Smart Contract mechanism in 2021 among different industries.

3. Quantum Computing

Undoubtedly, Quantum Computing is the most reformist technology in the current era of digitization. It is most likely to impact every sector. And based on what IBM has recently reported in their research blogs, by 2023 they will debut a 1,121 qubit IBM Quantum Condor processor.

To clearly understand its perspective: if we think of the most advanced Supercomputer as a Chess player or 8th-grade mathematics student, then Quantum computers can be referred to as the supergenius Mathematician like Euler or a chess player that can play with about 50 average chess players at once.

So keeping the vast possibilities and enormous interest, we will be seeing some mind-blowing discoveries and breakthroughs in Quantum Computing this 2021.

4. Deep Learning Library

The deep learning market is estimated to reach $93.34 Billion in the year 2028, as stated by Globe News Wire at a steady 39.1% CAGR. Among the two prominent global players Facebook and Google in Deep Learning, Google’s TensorFlow 2.0 is the most popular framework rather than Facebook’s PyTorch - based on Stack Overflow Developer Survey. It is due to the fact that TensorFlow has all the features of PyTorch and works amazingly on Google Collab.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

On the contrary, developers are more comfortable with working on PyTorch as it offers developer-friendly features.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

Needless to say, in 2021, both PyTorch and TensorFlow 2.0 will be the preferred choice libraries for developers depending on their requirements.

5. Data-Intensive Computation

When it comes to Distributed Batch Jobs or Data-Intensive Computation a few years ago, Hadoop was the default choice. However, with the emergence of Apache Spark, Hadoop is being replaced in most cases for Distributed Batch Jobs. As stated in the blog by Towards Data Science, a key difference among these two are their performance. Spark program continuously runs about 10 times faster on disk and 100 times faster than Hadoop in-memory. Moreover, Spark has been designed to overcome the cons of Hadoop so this trend of replacing Hadoop and opting for Spark is most likely to continue this year as well.

6. Rapid App Development

With the recent release of PR Newswire, it can be predicted that rapid application development or Low Code/No-Code market size will reach $65.15 Billion by 2027 at more than 26.1% CAGR. Several platforms are supporting low code/no code in web development such as Microsoft Power Apps, Bubble, OutSystems, and Appian.

In 2021, LCNC platforms will be one of the powerful trends having lots of acquisitions, innovations and mergers.

7. Javascript, Python & Java

The landscape of programming language is going through major changes. While traditional heavy-weight languages are losing their share over the market, developer-friendly languages like JavaScript, Python and Java are still the most popular languages.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021


As the software industry is continuing to boom with numerous new developers joining the development industry, developer-friendly programming languages will also thrive this year.

8. React For Client-Side Web Frameworks

When we focus on web frameworks, jQuery is still ruling others but it is soon about to lose its place to React.js and Angular gradually. Besides, React.js is the most downloaded, used and chosen client-side framework as we can see in the following Stack Overflow data.

Tech Trends for Programmers in 2021

9. Containerization

In the cloud-native IT industry, containerization is the core technology. Kubernetes has reached a 48% adoption rate as shared by Globe Newswire. It has established itself as the top Container orchestration and management tool. It is leading both private and public cloud aspects. Moreover, all the ruling cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google are now providing managed services for Kubernetes too.

This year, we are about to see a growth in Kubernetes adoption rate because it is the main ingredient for the Multi-Cloud strategy.

10. Edge Computing

Edge Computing is a distributed computing infrastructure that brings data storage and computation together to improve response time. It is estimated to reach $43.4 Billion worth by 2027. With the rise in IoT devices, connected vehicles, AI/ML, Edge computing will be a giant market his year and beyond. So be ready for the innovations and standardizations in this technology.

Although the software industry is much bigger with multiple important areas to cover, it’s impossible to include everything out there. However, I have tried to entail a few significant trends that will play a magnificent role in the programmer’s life. I hope you have got an overview of all the technological trends lying ahead in 2021 and beyond.

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