7 Advantages Of Transcribing Video to Text Automation
04 Apr

7 Advantages Of Transcribing Video to Text Automation

Mahipal Nehra

Audio files can be many things, a speech, podcast, audio track, or even a lecture. Converting it to a text file allows targeting and engaging a larger audience, leading to returning customers over the long term.

Overall, audio transcription involves converting audio files into text form. It can either be a lecture, podcast, speech, or anything else. The text files you translate them into are simple and easy to use; even so, they are excellent in helping you make business decisions.

Top 7 advantages of using audio transcription

In this article, we will show you the top seven advantages of using audio transcription services.

Let's dive right in!

1. Accessibility

Transcribing audio to text means telling your users how important they are to you and listening to what they have to say. Moreover, listening to what your audience has to say means you can target a broader audience that will give you much more accessibility in the market.

Overall, transcribing audio to text makes it easier for users to understand the video entirely and is an excellent option for users who prefer reading over listening. Also, let's not forget that transcription services aid people with hearing loss. In fact, according to the WHO, more than 430 million people have hearing loss, and more than 1.5 billion people are globally affected by it.

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Thus, everybody deserves to know what the video is saying, and in this case, audio transcriptions into text make this possible. Simultaneously, this allows you to increase your audience around the world.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Top 7 advantages of Transcribing Video to Text Automation


If you want to go further with your audio and have it be searchable by millions of people, you need to pay attention to your SEO ranking. Additionally, if you want more people to access your content, you need to ensure it's available in text form.

SEO has become essential if you want to stand out from your competition. Today, businesses are so focused on being ranked #1 on Google that they stand out from the rest and get more traffic coming in. Moreover, if you don't transcribe the audio to text, the search engine won't be able to rank it.

Thus, by using transcription services, your content will rank on search engines, and the best part about it is that more people will be able to find you. So, not only will your SEO ranking improve, but so will your traffic levels.

Furthermore, many companies offer transcription services. For instance, you can automatically transcribe video to text with Amberscript and not have to do it on your own manually.

3. Transcription services are on the rise

Audio transcription services are being used more than ever, and they are essential for users who use video and audio content every day. Getting a high level of accuracy on your transcriptions is important if you want to save money and time. However, let's not forget that you also won't need to sit down and listen to the audio for hours. Having said that, companies are investing large amounts of money in transcription and consider it an influencer in employee productivity.

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Additionally, as we mentioned before, transcription services are excellent because they comply with disability discrimination laws. These laws serve those who have any disabilities. While these laws are open for discussion, companies are transcribing videos to comply with them.

In short, transcription services provide an easy way for repurposing your video content into articles, social media posts, blogs, and more. All of which directly affect your brand awareness level and provide your users with new content to consume.

4. Flexible viewing

Whenever viewers travel somewhere, they might be restricted to listening to audio. These areas might include libraries, at a party, on the train, in the classroom, and more. Captions allow viewers to mute their videos and read what the video is saying. After all, most viewers watch videos without sound. In fact, according to a report by Verizon Media, 92% of users watch videos without the sound on, meaning that most of the time, they are in public areas and aren't allowed to put the sound on.

In short, if viewers have no captions in their videos, they won't be able to understand what the video is saying and will have to wait until they get home to turn the audio on.

5. Repurposing your content

Transcribing Video to Text Automation


As you may know, transcription services can be remodeled and converted into an article, blogs, social media posts, and more. This allows viewers and readers to get the maximum value from transcription services. Here are a few methods you can repurpose your content:

  • Blogs

Let's say you hosted a webinar or continuously made videos, and you want to offer this content in writing form also, in this case, a blog form. Transcribing your webinar and other videos will allow users who don't watch your videos to consume more of your content. After all, more than 4.4 million blogs are created daily, so they're a popular form of receiving the latest news about an industry.

  • Email campaigns

Email campaigns can be used for various reasons and are an excellent method of directly communicating with your audience. For example, let's say you repurposed your video content into a blog, or even consider writing email newsletters, where you can send your blog and newsletter to a broader audience through email and set up special campaigns.

  • Post on social media

Transcribing videos to text can also be repurposed for social media posts. According to Statista, there are around four billion social media users globally, and this number is expected to rise to five billion by 2025. As a result, social media networks have connected people more than ever. Even platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms allow you to transcribe video content into text.

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Each social platform has a different age group, so we recommend you do careful research and find out where your target audience is hanging around the most.

  • Create guides

If you create training videos, transcribing them into text can be excellent for creating guides. Thus, instead of your audience having to go through the video again, they can read your guidelines by text, and this way, you are promoting your content both in video and text form.

6. Increases engagement rates

Would you have ever thought that captions would increase engagement rates on videos? According to a study done only on Facebook videos, captions increased engagement rates by 12%. Overall, this directly affects your exposure rate on social media platforms and search engines. The longer someone views your content, the more it'll be recommended to others.

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Additionally, transcription services allow you to easily create additional content since they let content producers scan keywords, topics, and phrases that can be associated with other content as well.

7. Translation

Advantages of Transcribing Video to Text Automation


Transcription services are an excellent way of creating subtitles in different languages. This can be done even when the video is in another language. For example, let's say the video is in English, the subtitles can be translated into Spanish or the language you prefer if available.

Let's take YouTube, for example, it's offered in 80 different languages, and around 80% of views on YouTube come from countries outside the United States. So, here, we have many users who are non-English speakers, and thus, this means that transcription services are in high demand. Additionally, let's not forget that translated transcriptions will help boost your SEO ranking as well!

Wrapping it up

Well, that's all for this article. These were our top seven advantages of using transcribing services. Transcription services evolve each time and have brought tons of innovations to the market. Thus, they have increased engagement rates in users, provide alternatives for translating subtitles into other languages, and allow you to repurpose them into blogs, articles, and guides.

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Furthermore, let's not forget that there is quite a high number of people in the world with a hearing disability, and it's important that we let everyone get the chance to know what the video is saying. After all, transcription services don't only make things equal for everyone, they also help you rank better on search engines.

With the millions of blogs, articles, emails, and emails created every day, it isn't easy to stand out from competitors if you don't implement the proper steps. Videos are becoming a trend in the digital age, and maybe even someday, all blogs and articles that will be written will be transcribed from videos!

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