Top 5 User Experience Trends in Web Application Design
23 Sep

Top 5 User Experience Trends in Web Application Design

Mahipal Nehra

With billions of active websites and web apps out there, how are you going to differentiate your business in the digital space? The competitive landscape for attracting and retaining users has reached an all-time high. Every pixel matters and it takes only milliseconds to decide whether your targeted audience becomes your customers or just leave your website for a more attractive web app or website. The continuous and rapid growth in technology impacts design trends for web applications every year. And to harmonise with the changing needs of our users as UI/UX developers, we must be aware of the current as well as upcoming trends that are too innovative to be overlooked.

So what are the trends you need to follow this year?

Top 5 UI/UX Trends To Follow in Web App Designing

It's critical to keep up with the newest trends in interface design, user experience, and interactions to prevent offending prospects and rapidly implement what works for you. To help you discover 2022 web design trends using which you can update your business and attract the attention of your target audience, here are the top 5 user experience trends for you to implement on your web app.

1. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is a relatively recent term in interface design that has become quite popular. The illusion of translucency and depth of the picture, brilliant colours with light borders, and softened backdrop edges are all characteristics of this movement. Objects merely floating in space, as well as a mix of photography (or an abstract brilliant background) and its hazy as behind frosted glass, are common in this theme. 

Glassmorphism's distinguishing characteristics:

  • Transparency - the impression of frosted glass with a blurred background is achieved by layering;

  • Objects "floating in space" without support; layering

  • Bright bright hues that accentuate the design's airiness and openness;

  • Colourful backdrops and pictures, with the "glass" overlay appearing to be the most stunning;

  • To mimic a glass edge, apply a very thin semi-transparent white stroke to objects.

2. 3D images

The potential for this trend is huge and is revealed with each influx of popularity. In addition to 3D images already familiar to the eye, 3D models with a 360-degree view of the subject, parallaxes with volumetric animation triggered by scrolling, and much more are now actively used. The current 3D web design styles of 2022 are complex effects combined with a desire for simplicity along with rounded, futuristic shapes, including those inspired by nature.

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Maze's ui design guide is the perfect trending example on how to combine UI and UX for better user experience. A special chic of this design trend in 2022 is 3D icons, which have replaced the annoying many flat icons. So catch the wave and have time to stand out with an unbeatable technique!

3. Vivid colours

Design trends are multiplying, competition is increasing, and users are becoming more and more selective. Trying to stand out, designers experiment with colours - in recent months, bright, very bright interfaces, backgrounds and illustrations are increasingly common. Many of them make use of custom web design services to ensure their platforms are up-to-date with the latest trends and user expectations.,

Benefits of using bright colours in UX / UI design:

  • Increase the memorability of the resource;

  • They influence the mood of users, form a special positive and therefore attractive atmosphere;

  • Form strong associations associated with a brand, product or service;

  • Promote calls and key actions are favourably distinguished, thus increasing the conversion and profitability of the business.

4. Aesthetics of minimalism

Minimalism is a design trend that continues to be popular year after year and is already considered a design classic. Simple, aesthetic and uncluttered interfaces will not go away in response to the experimenters' riot of colours, shapes and textures. The more time users spend in front of their screens, the more pleasant it is for them to look at something, which allows their eyes and brain to rest while consuming content.

The main features of minimalism in 2022:

  • Focusing on small details - structure, interface grid, fonts, icons, colours, animation;

  • In the foreground - only keep the inevitable functions for the user;

  • A decoration that serves as a helper for content. Content is primary and not vice versa;

  • Quality fonts and icons. Often, in minimalist interfaces, the emphasis is on bright, expressive typography;

  • The predominance of not only white but also a dark background, creating a premium effect;

  • Uniformity in design, "licked" layout, laconic accents - minimalism sharpens attention and can emphasize all design flaws;

  • Familiar arrangement of elements for intuitive interaction.

5. Unusual loading screen

Paying attention to the loading screen is not only a trend but also a necessity. Even a second of boredom - and the user will close the tab or application. That is why, in the struggle for audience attention, unusual screens have become the trend of 2022. Their task is simple - to interest, distract, delay, make them stop looking.

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Modern trends in design are not just a tribute to fashion, but a real necessity that can provide your business with effective promotion. We hope you are now full of inspiration to create your website or app. Use these tips to increase user engagement and attract more new customers to your products and services.

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