Why hire Business analysts from us?

Business solution analysis, competitive analysis, requirement gathering, scrum implementation has flourished our business analysts for hire to improve operational efficiencies of projects. The intense focus on thorough analysis, project documentation (BRD, FRD, SRS and many more) to develop IT solutions has led us into a web application development company but it wasn’t enough to take another leap. So, we have trained our business analyst for hire in to basic technical concepts (Git, Git branching models, CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI), puppet, chef, ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Splunk pro and cons of different frameworks ) and business aspects to provide better agile.

IT System Development

The software development process has always been tedious where a team has to develop and handle thousands of working pieces together. The management of a business is not usually technically sound that’s why they need to hire business analysts for communicating the requirements of IT solutions flawlessly on their behalf to development team.

IT System Consulting

We have Business analysts for hire with 5+ years of working experience who worked on dozens of projects. Hired business analysts help companies to improve their operational efficiencies with digital transformation of businesses and bridging the communication gap between stakeholders (top management) and development team.

Strategizing IT solution

Our Business analysts for hire can help you in developing a product strategy for business cases on the grounds of market analysis to procure a competitive edge over peers. Hire business analysts to define the gathered requirements as user stories and evaluate the cost as well as benefit of developing these stories to tactically decide on incorporating this feature to your IT solution.

Ensuring to stay on timeline

The business analyst for hire will help you in dividing the whole IT solution in to milestones and prioritize them according to the dependencies of modules. These milestones are then bound to sprints and often with payments to assure timely development and deliveries. Our business analysts for hire will evaluate the versatile scope of risks in IT solution development and manage them for you.

Experience of Development, Testing & Deployment

Our business analysts for hire not only possess the well versed experience in IT industry they are also from technical educational background. Some of them are even former developers, quality analysts and DevOps engineers who had a knack in business operations and management. The technical background laid the foundation to their proven success because they have a better understanding of hurdles in IT field.

Low Cost Resources

Our pricing structure is extremely competitive against the freelancing platforms, where Business analysts for hire are equally and sometimes even low priced than these platforms. We give you the assurance of quality Business analyst and the replacement of resource if you are not satisfied with their performance.

Featured in Media

Decipher Zone has been featured on news, multiple media platforms and B2B business directories as a renowned IT consulting and development service provider that offers exceptional business analysis services. We have developed & shipped tons of mobile and web application projects successfully till date.

Edge Over Competition

The competition is evolving every day, the market dynamics change, features change and we use to lose our competitive edge by not hitting the market earlier but not anymore. We have grasped agile software development and DevOps process to improve products on every stage with periodic feedbacks.



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The IT business analysis domain is extremely vast and it often gets associated with project management, scrum roles of product owner and scrum master. Although the thorough analysis and documentation led to successful development of projects but it doesn’t provide enough agility to projects for timely deliveries. The training about technical concepts and trending software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, SAFe, Extreme programming) empowered our business analysts for hire to deal with projects in a better way, to procure required tools and imply required measures for the project development.

Requirement Gathering Documentation

Documentation transcribing gathered requirements from stakeholders and thorough business analysis is an inevitable part of software development process. Listing business requirements, software requirements, functional and non-functional requirements lay the core foundation for project which is referred by project managers and agile teams.

Agile Implementation

Product owner, Scrum master, solutions architect, project manager and business analyst work together with development teams and stakeholders where everyone has their specific set of tasks to perform. When teams work within a defined framework and do their defined work it helps in effective cross collaboration where impediments and risks can be assessed at an earlier stage which provides us enough time to deal with the complications.

Project Management Documentation

The project management documents (WBS, SOW, project expense reports, risk tracking and agile boards) plays a key role in providing a road map to development, estimated time of arrivals, tracking and curbing project development costs. Our business analysts for hire are well aware of how to leverage code linters, Dockers, container-orchestration system, quality gates, automated builds and application deployment for better agility of the project.

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