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Colour psychology has a huge impact on branding and marketing that we often ignore. Extensive studies on human behaviour showed us that the unconscious mind consider colours to create perception of brands and persuade buyers while interacting with it .

  • Asymmetrical layouts/Broken grids
  • Illustrations at centre
  • Pervasive interaction with animations
  • Page Transitions
  • Multimedia elements
  • CSS carousels and grids
  • Systematic hierarchical design
  • Detailed photographs

Effect of Colour Pscychology on Branding & Marketing

Choosing colour scheme with two to three colours to create a psychological statement for targeted users.

# Colours Significance Appropriate industry
1 Black & White To state a universal fact or make an impact rich statement News & Premium fashion labels
2 Blue & White Trust and safety Banking & Finance
3 Orange Risk & Adventure Adventure sports and sports vehicles
4 Red Passionate, Bold & youthful Telecom, Energy drinks & casual fashion labels
5 Green Growth, Peaceful & happiness Cleaning service, Staple seller & emerging technology
6 Pink Love, Respect & feminine Home appliance, Baby products and feminine products manufacturer
7 Purple Creativity, Luxury & unconventional Luxury food products & Innovators( Technology & Service)

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