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In this era of digital commerce every website is using tools in their boot to attract users on their digital platform. Even though they are successful in boosting traffic on their website yet they are not profitable, it is observed that 80% of digital ads fail to seek attention of users.

Out of these 20% ads only 0.1% are the real customers who actually buy products. Mostly websites use analytic tools from google, amazon and others to track user activity but there are many aspects which needs to be mapped and these tools fail to address those parameters. Embedding trackers and configuring these tools to use that data for Business intelligence can help a business to strategize its marketing approach.

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What Can Be Done To Get More Customers?

Target users Contextually

Display ads that are relevant to user, Leverage gathered user data for business intelligence to suggest products. There’s no point in selling a car to customer who is looking for a bicycle.

Suggest relevant products considering what customers are already buying

Whenever a user is buying a product the platform should suggest products that can be coupled with that product. Suggest Processor, RAM, cabinet to the user who is buying motherboard or Jeans to user who is buying T-shirt.

Modernize the approach to display products

Adopt augmented reality and 360o view to display products across various platforms and applications.

Increase revenue with free shipping & return

According to criteo insights 67% of users prefer retailers who have free shipping and return policy, this might reduce your profit margins but it can surely hike revenue

Boost sales with innovative offers

Use innovative offers to boost sales of products with big profits or to clear out stock that will soon lose its relevance.

Use social media as market place

Use Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages to sell products with one click buy option.

Ease up the payment with flexible options

Integrate popular e wallets, Card payment, Online payment, EMIs and Payment on delivery to take customers in confidence with flexible payment options.

Voice search from IOT and voice assistants

Now users are using google assistant, Siri, Alexa on mobile phones, Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon allure, Google home and other IOT products to search and order products.

Be future ready with java development

Java’s multithreading and cross platform portability makes it the right choice for development to adopt Smart contracts, Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing (NLP) & augmented reality.

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Optimize marketing strategy

Get competitive advantage with blockchain

Put java development in to play & use smart contracts to achieve efficiency in supply chain management.

Increase ads to sales conversion rate

Focus on those attention seeking 20 % ads and turn them to one click buy market place with tools.

Cross Platform Experience

Provide an immersive flawless cross platform experience with java development.

Grow customer Loyalty

Eliminate chaotic non-relevant ads just use contextual information and annihilate nuisance.


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