Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game
24 Nov

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

Mahipal Nehra

Are you willing to develop a mobile app? Or looking to hire an app development agency to build a flawless app? But, if you don’t have an idea about how to develop it perfectly, then this blog will help you.

Everybody knows getting an app becomes the smallest asset of each business. It is clear to brand owners, building an app is essential to attract definite leads or sustain their business in the competitive market. However, nurturing potential leads takes effort, you have to invest your money and time at the right place to earn profitable values in the future.

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

The COVID-19 shifted the criteria of conducting business activities and the way people communicate with each other. Its emphasis is on how businesses use eCommerce platforms and mobile apps to engage their targeted customers. It has been noticed that almost 23.3% of apps are installed during a pandemic, whether it is the food delivery app or gaming app. And, it is projected that mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion by 2022 and increase 47% since 2017.

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

Mobile Apps Statistics

According to stats, each individual spent 3 hours & 45 minutes a day in online streaming and browsing on their smartphones. And, increases 9 minutes from the last year.

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

Moreover, the use of mobile apps is never going to step. It is imperative to understand the future insights of mobile apps. When a business wants to stay competitive, a mobile app for their brands is the only way to indulge customers and make a profitable business. As per the stats, it is found that China stands above in terms of consumer spending on mobile apps and downloads.

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

Source: App Annie

15 Best Tips to Develop the Flawless App

What are the top best 15 tips to develop an app or game? To make a seamless mobile application or a gaming app, the very first thing is to determine the emerging mobile trends and implement modern tactics to engage users. For instance, make sure it provides a seamless navigation system, voice search, in-app, and app-store adds to drive more conversions.

Before starting the app development process, make sure you follow the steps that are listed below:

1. Objective for Your App

The first step for developing an app is to know the objectives and purpose of development behind it. You need to ask yourself; what is your motive and aim to develop an app? And what functionalities and designs do you want to include to engage customers.

Once you are clear about your vision, it surely helps in crafting your idea perfectly. It can even help you to reach your goals without hassle.

2. Develop Your Idea

This is the most important thing to consider, which takes lots of effort. And it is a time-consuming task as well. Remember, not all ideas are great, especially when it comes to a new one. Make sure you are creating the right thing that is actually asked by your competitors.

So, before dive into the app development idea, check out some existing ideas. It will open up your mind and help you in thinking more creatively. You can even listen to people's advice to improvise your idea.

3. Do Market Research

Do you think, without knowing the competitive marketplaces, do you able to build a high-quality app? The answer is usually not. You have to do market research to find out whether your idea is viable or not. A market survey gives you a complete understanding and also saves you from making mistakes.

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A market survey simply gives an idea about where your competitors are making mistakes. And, it even helps you in finding whether people show positive responses toward a similar app like yours or not. With this, you can estimate the demand for your app.

4. Build Your Monetization Policy

Suppose you are developing a gaming app; you have to build your monetization story. It is obvious that you want to make money with your game. There are lots of ways that help you to make money, you can even combine them with other policies such as in-app purchase, ad revenue, premium purchase, or one-time purchase.

When you build the gaming app, never miss the monetization policy. You can even choose the freemium model in order to make money.

5. List Down Features You Need

Sometimes it happens businesses make a mistake by adding too many features to their application. That might be unnecessary for users, and they lose interest. List down the features you want to integrate with your app and choose the desired one. This will surely help to enhance the user experience.

6. Listen to Your Target Audience

Researching before starting your app development process is one of the good options to do. But another important thing is to understand the needs and requirements of your targeted audience. Remember, people always love when developers listen to their feedback.

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Once you build the app as per customers’ requirements, you can create a profitable app. When their suggestions are heard, then there are chances that they will use the app continuously.

7. Create Wireframes

Wireframes are considered as one of the integral parts of UI and UX design. They help you to communicate your idea related to screening layouts and the basic blueprint. The wireframes give a clear idea about the whole mobile app development project.

This stage does not need to be sophisticated. You can even go for the fidelity wireframe to draw a basic layout of your app with dummy text and crossed boxes.

8. Focus On UI/ UX Designs

After all the steps, the next and the most important thing is the UI/UX design of your app. That is how your app looks to appeal to the users. When your wireframe journey has been accomplished, this is the time to design interface, graphics, colors, etc.

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Make sure your application must be easy to use and appealing. Bear in mind that the UI & UX of the applications highly impact the user’s mind. To come up with the best version, you can also hire app developers or an app developing agency to build a professional app.

9. Develop Mockups for The App

Another tip you have to take into account is to build the mockup of the app. If you are thinking about what mockup is, so it is the pretty rough sketch or layout of your app, below you see the example of mockups.

Tips To Build a High-Quality App or Game

It is the layout that shows how the user interface looks like, whether it is easy to use for the user or not. It even tells that is your app’s design is appealing to your users or has unnecessary details to remove for a better version.

10. Develop Prototype

Prototypes are actually the final stage of your app development process before you are publishing it as the final product. This step allows you to check out your app interface and get feedback to determine whether your app design is perfect or not.

You have to keep in mind that prototypes are considered as the functional piece to test your whole document.

11. Run Q/A Testing

When you have built the prototype successfully, the next step is to launch your app. Before launching it on the platform, you have to run several tests to find out if your app functionality and design are up to mark.

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Usually, app developers prefer to conduct Q/A tests to assure the quality of your app. It even makes sure that every single feature performs its work the way it is supposed to.

12. Choose the Platform to Publish

After testing, move to the next step. Everybody knows there are two markets to publish your app. One is Google Play Store for Android, and the second is App Store for iOS. You should decide which platform you may choose to publish an app. Either you select one of them or opt for both, make sure you read proper guidelines before publishing on these platforms.

13. Test Product on Different Devices

Android gives the flexibility to use the same app on different devices. But it is impossible for an app developer to check an app on different devices. If you want to make consistency among multiple devices, you have to use density-independent pixels (Dip or Dp) rather than pixels. When you use dip and dp pixels, then android can automatically calculate the pixels as per the screen size.

Gaming App Design - UpLabs

14. Promote App to Right Audience

If you want to give exposure to your app, then never skip the marketing plan. You can run paid campaigns or ads to attract your targeted audience. Keep in mind that marketing is the tool that tells your prospects who you are, what you offer, and how you are different from others.

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It helps to develop a connection with your targeted customers and helps to build trust towards your services.

15. Consider Users’ Feedback

Continual improvement is the key to success. So, working on your app is integral. Consider users’ feedback to improve the app’s functionality. It can help you to keep your app up to the mark.

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