Tips to Hire remote Software Developers
26 Aug

Tips to Hire Remote Developers

Mahipal Nehra

In both the recruitment and freelancing world, tech talent has become some sort of precious gem that is hard to find, is higher in demand, and those who own a lot already want even more. And it will continue to be the biggest priority for every business and one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

Among the plethora of developers in the market, it becomes rather tricky to find the one with the required skill set and experience.

So, how can you attract software developers that are highly sorted? Well, let’s be honest, there’s no magic wand you can swing in the air to make the developers appear out of the blue.

To help you out, in today’s blog, we will cover everything you need to hire top software developers using the right tips and strategies.

Tips To Hire Remote Developers

Before stuffing you with the tips to hire software developers, let’s help you understand the different types of developers to help you decide which one you should approach.

Virtual Software developers are professionals responsible for planning, designing, developing, and deploying software applications/programs. These software programs can be developed for different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux), or cross-platform depending on the business requirements.

A virtual software developer also helps develop games, IoT programs, Artificial Intelligence logic, and other digital architectures. Put simply, developers write codes to build applications, structures, and virtual environments. They help businesses to become more efficient by creating internal programs and software to be sold in the marketplace.

Now that we know what are the responsibilities of a developer, let’s take a look and understand the different types of developers that you may come across:

Frontend Developers

A frontend developer is responsible for the user interface of the web application and websites. In simple terms, the frontend developer creates what the user sees. The main difference between the frontend and backend of the application is that frontend refers to the way a website or web looks and the backend refers to the logic behind how it works.

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The basic programming languages that are required for frontend development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And CSS and JavaScript both have their libraries and framework to make the work easier. Some of those are Bootstrap, HTML DOS, JSON, W.CSS, XML, Angular, Node, React, and Ember.

The work that frontend developers do helps businesses facilitate incredible user experience. If we look from the user’s perspective, frontend developers are someone who helps in designing systems to meet user needs while making navigation and operability easier.

Backend Developers

Backend developers are the professionals responsible for server-side logic integration like writing APIs, creating libraries, and building connections between web applications and databases. Put simply, a backend developer handles things that users don’t see while using the software application.

A backend developer has excellent knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, .Net, Haskell, and Ruby; SQL or NoSQL databases, APIs, servers, and app development architecture. Besides, they know how to scale applications, manage hosting environments, maintain security and accessibility, and have expertise in deploying an application.

Full-Stack Developers

A full stack developer is a professional who works on both the frontend and backend of web applications. In addition to having expertise in HTML and CSS, the full-stack developer knows how to program an user interface using languages like JavaScript, Angular, Vue, or jQuery; program a server using Java, Node, Python, ASP, or PHP; and program a database using SQLite, MongoDB, or SQL.

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Some of the popular stacks that full stack developers use are MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js), LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Django stack (JavaScript, Python, Django, and MySQL), and LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP).

The responsibilities of a full stack developer consist of testing and debugging application code, helping with design and development, writing clean code, creating servers and databases, developing REST services, considering maintenance, scalability, and security, and ensuring cross-platform optimization and compatibility.

DevOps Engineers

Although DevOps engineers are not concerned with the code of a web application, they still have quite an interesting and valuable place in software development.

A DevOps engineer brings the tools, methodologies, and processes required to maintain all requirements throughout the software development life cycle. The main focus of a DevOps engineer is to minimize any complexity in the development process while reducing the gap between tasks and actions needed to change the application.

Put simply, DevOps is all about combining and automating the processes of the development team and operations team. The DevOps engineer unifies the code, maintenance, and management of the web application.

Moreover, a DevOps engineer should have remarkable knowledge of development and operations tasks like coding, system administration, toolchains, and infrastructure management.

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Why Hire Software Developers?

Now that we know who are software developers and what are the types of developers you can choose from.

Let’s take a look at why you need to hire them. You can hire software developers to:

  • Expand your existing platform while increasing the network capacities that can handle traffic growth. Moreover, you want to generate insights using the product and user data through reporting solutions, interactive queries, feedback, or automated analytics.

  • Plan, design, and build a unique and innovative platform that can adapt to the increasing demands, usage, and visibility of the products and services.

  • Test existing application software to detect flaws and create solutions that can improve the uptime of the service and easily resolve future problems by monitoring the system using automated tools.

  • Develop highly scalable and available platforms with effective solutions for networking through code reviews, unit testing, and continuous integrations.

  • Visualize and run the software development life cycle for every project to ensure they work according to the expectations and standards of the business.

Tips to Hire Top Software Developers

Whether you are thinking of outsourcing a company, hiring a freelance contractor, or adding a new team member, you must always keep the following tips in mind before evaluating if they are a better fit for your project or not.

Developers must be Smart

While you are looking for a developer to help develop new software or improvise an existing business web application, you must ensure that the developer is smart enough to handle the provided task. As the saying goes, if you are the smarter person in the room, you might be in the wrong one.

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So, you must be looking for a developer who is not only an expert in technical skills but also solves problems smoothly. It will help the project to move towards the final stages of development rather swiftly and efficiently.

They Must be Flexible & Familiar with Different Software Environments

Mastering all the tools, methodologies, algorithms, frameworks, and programming languages are next to impossible for any developer as there are too many advancements in the system development life cycle approaches.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a developer who is an expert in one language. You must look for someone who has knowledge and experience in working with two or more technologies, it will make the software development cost-effective.

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Let’s assume that you want the developer to work on a cross-platform web application where the targeted audience will use different devices and operating systems. Finding developers for every operating system can be hazardous. Instead, you should look for a developer who knows how to make the web app responsive to the device.

Besides, technology will never stay the same and will continue to transform, so a good software developer should be both a problem solver and a learner who is eager to expand their skills and knowledge to adapt according to the changing industry.

Test Them With Real-Life Problems

Most of the time, businesses tend to give developers a code challenge they find on the internet to solve. But doing so will not do any good for your company. So, instead, you should focus on sharing the real-life problems your company had faced previously while working on that project. It will give developers an idea about what they will be dealing with, and help you understand if they are an ideal choice for development.

Set Expectations Before Finalizing

When you and the developer are in terms of expectations, you must bring all your requirements upfront. Inform them of the availability, flexibility, and delivery time for the project before extending any offer.

Ensure They are Well-Versed in Coding

Another most important thing that you need to ensure is the developer you are going to hire isn’t a messy code writer. Although it is one of the highly underestimated skills, you must know that nobody wants to work with someone whose code is messy and hard to understand, no matter how good the algorithm or functionality they have created. Moreover, a clean code helps new developers to understand what the code is supposed to do and how to continue from there.


So that was all about hiring developers. We hope you found it informative enough to help you hire software developers for your company in the future.

Besides, if you have already decided that you want to hire developers for your envisioned project then get in touch with Decipher Zone Technologies that have a team of experienced development team including frontend, backend, full-stack, and DevOps engineers to choose from.

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