How Automation can Streamline Your Investment Strategy in 2023
15 Mar

How Automation can Streamline Your Investment Strategy in 2023

Mahipal Nehra

You’ve heard that investing is complicated. A recent poll indicated that 65 percent of Americans find investing frightening or intimidating. They need to be more convinced to invest in their future using financial jargon and complex graphs.

Yet the most crucial piece of your investment strategy—the portion where you invest every month—is often so essential that you don't even need to consider it.

How do you simplify it? Automate your investment strategies

Gaining passive income is possible by investing in the stock market. Using automated investing technology helps simplify stock market navigation and the purchase of stocks. It minimizes the time and effort required to evaluate investment decisions. Individuals interested in the share market and possible investments often profit from knowledge about automated investing methods.

Statista estimates that client assets handled by automated advisers is going to reach US$2.67 trillion by the end of 2023. This article explains how automated investing helps you maximize your gains.

What does automatic investment mean

The term automated investment refers to a method of investing wherein computer algorithms are used to provide individualized retirement or financial planning recommendations. Automated investing makes investment or trading decisions automatically using digital platforms and tools. Automatic investing programs construct and manage the investment user’s portfolio. The algorithm generates an automated trading and investment process to reach their intended outcomes and financial goals. It considers the user’s

  • Age

  • Likes

  • Earnings

  • Financial goals

  • Risk tolerance

Automatic investment often features

  • minimal costs

  • reduced required balances

  • digital applications

  • less hands-on approach to investing

Since automatic investing requires little to no direct human work, it’s a perfect alternative for individuals just beginning their quest to build wealth. Automatic investing minimizes the learning curve for specific individuals joining the financial markets. It enables them to start constructing and maintaining a portfolio to meet their financial objectives.

Automated investment strategy applications

Automatic investing tries to make investing simple and passive for the ordinary person by executing investments, trades, and purchases based only on the algorithm's predicted results. Among the benefits of an automated investing system are the following:

  • Continuous rebalancing of holdings

  • Tools for financial planning

  • Tax-loss and tax-planning opportunities for taxable accounts

How do automated investments operate?

An algorithm governs the automated investment procedure. The system uses a questionnaire to gather user or business input. It assesses all market investment options to locate those that meet the criteria and the investor's financial goals. The input parameters include

  • Income

  • Risk tolerance

  • Targeted earnings

The program analyses each investment decision's cost, reward, and risk and automatically makes the best trade or buy.

Most automated investing algorithms use Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) concepts to assess and maximize decisions and returns. MPT tries to reduce risk while optimizing rewards. The theory and algorithms emphasize the values and financial benefits. It focuses less on individual investing objectives. The MPT method also diversifies to balance and offset any losses or declines in the investment industry.

How Automation can Streamline Your Investment Strategy in 2023

Why choose an automatic investment strategy

Automation investing minimizes the time and effort required to evaluate and execute investment choices. The enhanced efficiency and complete automation render the investing process passive. It allows people and teams to devote their time and effort to other responsibilities. Several advantages exist for investors who pick automated investing solutions to construct and maintain their wealth-building portfolios.

Low-cost method

Generally, automated investment advice is less expensive than traditional financial advice. Less human work is the reason why automated advice is less costly. Human resource consultants demand compensation and perks.

Automated investing costs are a proportion of managed assets (AUM). Annual fees are typically under 0.5% of AUM. Some computerized investment services are even fee-free. In contrast, a human financial counselor charges an investing fee of 1%.

Getting rid of bias

Automated investing reduces stock exchange and investment bias through automation and algorithms. The investing algorithm doesn't consider geography, popularity, and personal acquaintance, which often indirectly affects private investments. Automatic trading minimizes prejudice and reluctance to sell underperforming stocks and shares. The strategy offsets the losses associated with hanging onto weak equities in the expectation of future performance improvement.

A less expensive initial investment

Several automated investment platforms offer minimal account requirements, while other systems demand a specific minimum first investment.

Some human financial counselors only accept clients with $100,000. Private wealth managers on the high end need minimums of $5 million.

Due to the reduced initial commitment, young customers have resorted to automated investing in preparing for their financial future. Traditionally, large minimum balances prevented younger investors from obtaining financial guidance.

Automated investing helps GenZ and millennial investors create money as they reach life events like marriage and homeownership.

Accessibility that is both efficient and convenient

Traditional financial advisers limited customer access and required clients to work around the advisor's schedule. Computer-aided advisers use digital platforms enabling investors to ask questions and receive assistance 24x7, if necessary.

Need to swap or change something? No need to contact, fill out a form, wait for office hours, or meet with an adviser. Typically, a few button clicks suffice.

Quick spread of public knowledge with more availability

Experts and significant institutions with the authority and expertise to analyze market circumstances and judgments influence the stock market and investment decisions. Automatic investment algorithms make the call more accessible to those with minimal market understanding. The software and features used in automated investing provide all users equal access to and knowledge of the market's overall conditions and opportunities. Automatic programs give users the same market resources and knowledge as the experts.

Automatic investing platforms: What to look for

Here are a few things to consider before going into automated investment through digital platforms.

Backtesting facility

An easy-to-use portfolio backtesting tool is one of the best tools for investors because it lets them see how their portfolios did in the past. Backtesting a portfolio is a way to assess an investing strategy by examining its performance under past market conditions. It simulates implementing such a notion in the past. It's like time travel.

According to a poll conducted by the CFA Institute, over 50% of analysts employed backtesting in the last year. Why? Backtesting delivers data, rigor, and insight that wouldn't otherwise be available. Some platforms, such as Composer automated trading platform, offer a backtesting facility which is highly useful for young investors.

Costs for automatic investing

Generally, automated investing has lower fees than traditional financial counselors. Go on to evaluate various automated investment platforms’ fees by way of a fixed fee, a portion of your funds under management or for particular services like tax preparation or financial counseling.


Several automated investment platforms have minimum account funding requirements. Understand minimum investment criteria before creating an account. Some automated investment platforms have a $0 account requirement.

Investment choices

Automated investing platforms provide a variety of investment alternatives. Some platforms give a restricted selection of investing opportunities, while others offer a vast array. Ensure that the automatic investing platform you select offers suitable investment possibilities and assists you in constructing a diverse portfolio consistent with your objectives.

Investment rebalancing

Automatic investments evaluate risk and financial goals. Based on risk tolerance, these providers design a stock-bond ETF portfolio. But, ensure that the automated investment services adjust your portfolio to keep the specified stock-to-bond ratio.

Over time, variations in the portfolio are likely to throw off your investment ratio's equilibrium. An automated investor rebalances your account without any human participation.

Interpersonal Interaction

Some automated investing platforms include access to human financial advisors. This helps investors ask questions, set objectives, and plan for the future by paying fees to automated investment providers.

Guidelines for using an automated investment system

Here are some recommendations to ensure practical usage of automated investment software and optimal results:

Assess your assets and objectives

To engage in the stock market, offer an initial investment of assets. Also, be aware of the potential hazards you are likely to encounter. Before putting money into an automated investing program, assess the number of assets you are ready to invest in and choose your desired outcomes.

Comparing investing software

There are several automated investment systems available. Evaluate several systems in terms of the tools, outcomes, and services they provide. This helps you in identifying the program that matches your most essential financial objectives.

Know the laws

Investing, trading and selling shares on the stock market are subject to legal and federal rules. Automated systems should be registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In contrast to checking or savings accounts, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) isn’t permitted to cover funds under the control of an automated investing program.

Automatic investment has fundamentally altered the financial advice game

Like many other digital innovations, automated acquisition bypasses the middleman and provides a service directly to investors.

Younger investors are drawn to automated investing due to its lower fees and minimal amounts. These computerized services have also attracted younger customers due to their digital and mobile platforms.

Long-term investors who don't want to manage their portfolios or pay hefty fees for a financial advisor benefit from the automated investment. It’s also a fantastic alternative if you want to invest in various assets but need more time or knowledge. Young investors like it since it's affordable, convenient, and avoids human errors.

Numerous younger investors create portfolios and make investment decisions using automated investment strategies. It helps them gain financial market experience with little involvement. Also, it helps grow wealth and financial management skills.

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