5 Plugins You Must Install In Your WordPress Theme
10 Jan

5 Plugins You Must Install In Your WordPress Theme

Mahipal Nehra

5 Plugins you must install in your WordPress theme. Having a website some time ago entails that you do everything from scratch. Back then, “develop “was the word you used for website creation. These days, that is no longer the case. Thanks to various content management systems, we now “design” websites instead of developing them. Content management systems are systems with already made websites templates or themes.

WordPress is the most preferred content management system for designing websites. This is because their themes are easy to use and they allow you to use more plugins than others do. They are also easy to host. Even with a good content management system, you still need the right plugins to make your website function optimally. We shall be discussing plugins in general today. These include woocommerce coupon such as woocomerce mix and match, amongst a host of other plugins.

5 Plugins you must install in your WordPress theme

For a start, here are the 5 plugins you must install in your WordPress theme.

1. WordFence

The same way people turn to WordPress for web design solutions so also do malicious individuals turn to it to test their dirty acts. WordPress is the content management system with the most occurrence of security threats. This is the more reason why you should not joke with security. With the Wordfence security plugin, you can go to sleep with your two eyes closed. This plugin helps detect security threats and alerts you via mail. It also gives your website adequate protection via a firewall and limiting access rates.

2. Yoast SEO

The plugin that makes on-page SEO so easy even a newbie will be able to do it. It helps you optimize everything that affects your SEO rating. It optimizes your keywords, description, metadata and a whole lot more. When you feel uncertain about your SEO efforts, consult Yoast for confirmation.

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3. Google XML sitemaps

We all know the importance of search engines and the role they play when it comes to traffic. A number of web operators are constantly making an effort to ensure that they stay in the good books of search engines. Using the XML sitemap plugin increases your chances of a better SEO rating. Upon installing and activating this plugin, it will automatically create a sitemap that will enable search engine bots to view, crawl and index your website. This will help to boost your SEO ranking, as it will be easier for search engines to direct people to your website.

4. WP Smush

One thing that makes SEO important is the fact that it concerns itself more with user experience. Most SEO practices are usually about making the user enjoy surfing your website. This is why the loading speed of your website is a criterion for your SEO ranking. This plugin will help you optimize the contents of your website to ensure that it loads as fast as possible. It will help you optimize images as well as other content that will make your website to lag. What makes it beautiful is its ability to auto-optimize every attachment you upload without changing or reducing its quality.

5. Contact form 7

it is not every day you get plugins like this for free. Plugins like this with a five-star rating usually comes in premium and for a substantial amount. This plugin allows you to create multiple forms, use the captcha feature and filter out spammy submissions.

Other important plugins that still deserve mentioning include Woocomerce, WP super cache, Google analytics, Askimetanti spam, Duplicator, Jetpack, Broken link checker, Sassy social share and so on. These plugins range from free to premium. It is also important to note that their price tags do not always reflect their value. Some free plugins can be as good as or even better than a premium plugin.

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