Why to Choose Popular Frameworks for Web Application Development ?
24 Apr

Why to Choose Popular Frameworks for Web Application Development ?

Mahipal Nehra

Web application development is a complicated process and it is hard for people to choose a technology stack that’s best for developing their custom web application. The web application development companies’ representatives will suggest the technology stack on which they work but it is you who are going to choose the technology stack. But the real question is how to choose a good technology stack when I don’t know anything about web development frameworks. This article will introduce to some simple terminologies which will help you to select adequate frameworks without too much fuss.

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Why Choose Popular Frameworks for Web Application Development?

Let’s get started and shed some light upon points to know why choosing popular frameworks for web application development stack is good for you.

Huge community support for popular web development frameworks

Popular web development frameworks have huge community support which gives the following benefits in developing web applications.

  • Already built components are available which can be modified and used in a web application to reduce the development time.

  • Solutions to problems are easily available because the community has already handled these problems.

  • If your developer is not good enough, he/she can be easily replaced.

  • Debugging the web application will be very easy.

Suitable for the business requirement and budget

New web development frameworks are specially designed for supporting different business requirements. For example, WordPress is designed for websites where content is frequently uploaded, to make the editing, SEO, multilanguage support WordPress offers plugins but this is good for small scale enterprises. Large scale enterprises require great performance with high security for which JavaScript frameworks like angular, react js, Vue js with java on the back end and middleware is used. Therefore, you need to figure out the following business requirements:

  • How much is your budget?

  • Do you need a real-time response or delayed response?

  • How many users you are expecting every day?

  • How many users you are expecting on peak timings?

  • How frequently you are going to change the data?

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High compatibility with already chosen frameworks

Popular web development frameworks are compatible with almost every technology and this support is stagnantly increasing over the passage of time. Make sure the framework you are choosing is compatible with previously chosen technologies for your web application’s development.

Easy to learn

Web application development is not an easy task because your web developer has to solve complex problems in almost every line of code. If a language is easy to learn then writing code in that language will be easy. Hence the web application development time can be reduced immensely.

Less Cost of development

If you are not looking for a web application then choosing CMS (Content management system) frameworks is a really good choice because most of the functionalities are embedded in these frameworks. The cost of development is more for frameworks other than CMS but they offer exceptionally great performance for industrial scale applications.


Ask your developer that the technology which he/she is suggesting is scalable. Because there will be a day when you have to expand your business then completely rebuilding your web application will flush your previous investments and efforts in vain.

Low Maintenance Cost

New web development frameworks offer runtime debugging and a wide array of features. Debugging these applications is made easy with tools to reduce the maintenance cost. Even the development style in these frameworks intend to reduce the development and maintenance cost.

The security offered by these frameworks

New web development frameworks provide a high level of security. There are development Frameworks which are specially designed to implement security features in web apps. Java frameworks like spring boot have specially designed components where security functionalities are implemented, with a single line of code your developers can implement security that has taken at least a week otherwise.

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