Details to Include on Your Website
17 Oct

Details to Include on Your Website for Best User Experience

Mahipal Nehra

Your business website is important – that much might be obvious to you. However, when you go about designing it, you might be overwhelmed by the number of things you feel as though you have to include.

Out of fear that you might miss something important, you might end up including more than you need to. You want your website to be concise, clear, and approachable; cluttering it with useless information might simply turn people away.

What to Include in the Website to Build Better User Engagement?

  • Multiple Methods of Payment

  • Contact Details

  • Your Ethics and Values

  • Intuitive Navigation

Therefore, making yourself aware of details that are absolutely paramount can give you a much stronger sense of where you should start and how you can move forward with confidence.

Multiple Methods of Payment

Your customers are going to be leading their own unique circumstances and situations, and you want to be flexible enough to accommodate some of these differences. Failing to do so might mean the difference between whether these customers choose you or one of your competitors. This might be as simple as allowing them to choose multiple methods of payment.

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You only have to look to jackpot city casino to realize how many options there truly are and how you can follow this example by expanding on what your options might have previously been. Instead of simply focusing on multiple types of debit cards, or maybe including debit or credit cards, you could follow their example and branch out to options like PayPal and even to cryptocurrency if you feel confident enough to do so.

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However, this isn’t the only area in which you could learn something from jackpot city casino; it’s also in how this venue prides itself on its encryption that you could learn something.

The comfort of your users is naturally very important to you, and if your website is going to be one that they feel comfortable and confident using, they’re going to want some guarantees that their browsing and payments are secure. This is important for the prior example due to their very nature as an online casino.

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First of all, players need to feel comfortable in order to have a good time, and security is something that is naturally going to be able to provide comfort. Secondly, however, where money is involved, it’s natural that security is a must – and the same will be expected of your business and your website if you’re allowing people to use it to pay for goods and services.

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Contact Details

Something that’s going to be very important to many of your users is knowing how to get in touch with you. Your initial reaction might simply be to link in your social media pages – and while that’s certainly important, that’s more so for marketing than for the purposes of communication.

If there’s a complaint that needs to be made or some other form of private inquiry, you’re going to want to provide some form of communication that can allow your customers to have some sort of private contact with you.

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This is something that will be greatly appreciated, and it can be anything as simple as a phone number or an email address. If you prefer so that you don’t become inundated with emails, you might like to give your website visitors access to an online form that they can fill out so that you can get back to them in due course.

It’s important to examine social media as a form of communication, however, as it’s still got room to be incredibly valuable. What social media can provide is access to an open forum. Information that you provide your audience members in response to queries can be useful to those who didn’t even ask the initial question.

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Furthermore, having the ability to respond to a post or query in such a way that could reflect well on your brand is never something to be scoffed at, giving you a chance to exercise the tone of voice that you want your business to be associated with.

Choice is important here, and allowing your audiences to choose between multiple ways of getting in touch with you can help to suit people across a wide range of preferences – something that might improve how people perceive you.

Your Ethics and Values

What your company provides might feel to you like the most important piece of information about you, but it’s the greater framework that might ultimately influence how your audiences respond to you.

Of course, the quality of what you provide is one part of this, but if you’re hoping to strike a resonant chord with a certain audience, you’re going to need more than that.

A lot of this might come down to your values as a brand and how that plays into what you do. An easy example to point to here is that of sustainability. It might be that you want to take a strong stance against climate change, making reuse and sustainability a core part of your design aesthetic and principles.

This can help some people to identify your brand as the one among your competitors that aligns with their own beliefs, helping them to feel as though they’re making a difference through their choice of brand.

There are several other examples of what this could be, however, and you’ve likely got your own idea about what’s central to the identity of your company.

The important thing to be aware of here is how you display this information on your website. It might be communicated through the visual design, being reflective of your products, but you should also dedicate some space to explaining it.

This might include your goals or what changes you’re hoping to achieve, or it might include some information about what you do differently that can help people to lean toward choosing you.

This is a space for you to clear up confusion and be straightforward about who you are and what you want, something that can help customers who are on the fence to make that choice after reading a simple paragraph.

Intuitive Navigation

While this is less of a detail that might be included through writing and more of a design detail, it’s so important that it’s worth including. You can have all of the right information that’s written in the most correct way possible, but it won’t mean anything if people can’t see it. Website design is about making this digital space as accessible as possible to users and visitors.

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If someone visits your page only to feel as though the design is off-putting or that they can’t figure out how to find what they want, they might leave and never look back. You want the different areas of your website to be clearly telegraphed, with all of the different information exactly where it should be.

This gives you an opportunity to clean up the design too, making something more concise. You might want a dedicated page for your values, but is that really necessary? You could, instead, put this information on your home page – both saving you the need for an additional page and also making sure that everyone who comes through sees your values, potentially teaching them something new about you or reinforcing why they’re interested in what you have to offer.

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