How to Hire Right Full-Stack Developers for a Startup?
21 Feb

How to Hire Right Full-Stack Developers for a Startup?

Mahipal Nehra

Unlike specialist front-end or back-end developers, a full-stack developer possesses the skills required to develop a web application from start to finish. They have expertise in both the server-side and client-side aspects of web development.

Due to this comprehensive and all-around expertise, they can work independently without requiring external assistance. So naturally, full-stack developers are highly sought-after by any app project.

As evident, full-stack developers can manage both front-end and back-end development; thus, they help seamlessly integrate all facets of development. This comprehensive approach does not just bring more accountability, but it also results in significant time and cost savings for any startup.

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But hiring full-stack developers takes work as you need to test both the front-end and back-end development skills in the developer resources. To make things easier for you, we provide a step-by-step guide to hiring full-stack developers.

Check For These Technical Skills before Hire Full-Stack Developers

A full-stack developer should be versed in core web languages such as HTML and CSS to build web solutions. Good skills with JavaScript code and all the major JS frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue are also important for creating dynamic web interactions.

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Apart from the front-end, full-stack developers should also be well-versed in back-end or server-side languages like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. They also need a good command of web architecture and APIs for back-end development. They should be able to manage data, organize code, categorize files, and handle entire databases.

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A full-stack developer should have comprehensive knowledge of database technologies since data storage is key to web app performance. Therefore, full-stack developers must be versed in leading relational databases and non-relational databases.

Know What to Ask in The Full Stack Programmers Interview

For finding a competent full-stack developer though there is no formula, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the developers, you can give the hiring process a better direction and create more chances to find the right fit for the job.

When assessing a candidate’s skills, experience, and domain knowledge, you must ask the right questions during the interview. Here below, we provide some of these questions.

  • What are the key considerations they have for SEO when building a web app?

  • Which development path and method do they prefer for such and such projects?

  • How do they handle significant course corrections when something goes wrong?

  • How do they handle continuous integration?

  • How can they safeguard a website from web scraping by a publicly accessible API?

  • How much do they know about the Bridge and Observer patterns for UI development?

Remember, these are just sample questions to show how to dig into a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and capabilities.

Make Technical Assessments through a Project

In hiring, you should leave no stone unturned to assess the skills and find the right full-stack developer for your project. Remember, the manner you evaluate their skills and expertise can impact the output of the project to a great extent.

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When you carry out a general algorithmic test, you may need help to fully assess the skills of full-stack developers. Instead, think of giving them a real-world problem to solve through a demo project.

This practice test will help you to evaluate the candidate’s technical knowledge and coding skills for the required tech stacks.

Often facing a demo project, they give their best and reveal their capabilities more candidly. By sharing your candidates, a real-life scenario through a demo project, you can check their skills required for the intended app project.

Dig into the GitHub Profile

Every developer knows Git, the world’s most popular Version Control System. But how many have a deep and broad footprint in it? Well, developers who are more experienced and have been tested through many app projects.

This is why asking developers to show their GitHub profile during interviews has become a practice.

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The popularity of code repository sites like GitHub will continue as developers can access them and stay updated. The open-source revolution continues and has also strengthened these repository platforms.

So, a good developer with sound experience can now showcase their development portfolio through these platforms to potential employers.

Sharing projects on GitHub often helps experienced developers showcase their abilities to handle challenges and their accomplishments. So, don’t hesitate to dig deep into the work of developers on GitHub to understand their professional accomplishments and credibility.

Give Some Space for Soft Skill Assessment

All the above technical skills are non-negotiable. But these skills may only be incorporated into the project with certain soft skills. These make equally important assessment areas when hiring a full-stack developer.

Some key soft skills required for hiring a full-stack developer include the following.

  • Open-Mindedness and Flexibility: A full-stack developer should be open and flexible to welcome new ideas and should be able to withstand evolving challenges from business situations or technologies.

  • Integrity: Transparency and a relentless moral compass are key traits of a full-stack programmer who can lead a team.

  • Creative Mind: A full-stack engineer taking care of the entire project should be able to think outside the box to bring unique and innovative solutions to problems.

  • Agile Decision-Making: The ability to quickly change course or concentrate on something for days is a sign of a capable mind, particularly full-stack developers with significant responsibilities.

  • Ability to Communicate and Lead: A full-stack developer handling all facets of development should be able to communicate their vision for the project and share ideas to lead the development from the front.

Hiring fullstack developers

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Ending Notes

So, you already know the skills and qualities of the ideal full-stack developers for any ambitious project. But, as a last piece of advice, we must tell you to keep your concentration high when evaluating resources instead of trying to complete the process quickly.

These resources can make or break all your hopes or ambitions behind an app. So, stay calm and check all we have suggested with eyes and ears open.

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