Is JavaScript A Must have for Web Development?
20 Dec

Is JavaScript A Must have for Web Development?

Mahipal Nehra

JavaScript is Must For Web Development. JavaScript is the most popular and most widely developed programming language ever existed. JavaScript is a must-have for Web developers, Front-end/ Back-end developers, Mobile / Desktop developers, Graphics / Game developers and even for Full Stack developers as well. Since JavaScript serves as the best and only programming language option for the success of Web development, let’s see some of the reasons why it is so.

JavaScript Serves As The Only Compatible Language For Web Browsers.

Around 22 years ago, some developers were able to develop a programming language that web browsers can understand, and that language is JavaScript. If we look today, there are hundreds of programming language such as ruby, Java, Python, and C+, but these languages all need to be on a server, so if you’re building a website, that server has to build up all the programming processes that code up in a way that the browsers can actually interpret.

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JavaScript is a little bit different. It was created to be the one language that all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and etcetera can actually be able to understand, such that you can write a JavaScript code and simply open it up on a browser and that browser can pass through the code, interpret it and then run the programs. Useful JavaScript Array Methods for Developers

JavaScript Is An Evolving Language.

Though JavaScript may lack some advanced features when compared with modern languages, when it comes to Web applications and development, JavaScript is being constantly updated to meet up with any latest trends that developers require. There is always an available update in Modules, Symbols, Module loaders, Unicode support, Libraries, Framework, and tools.

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The recent ECMAScript6 version of JavaScript is an example of how JavaScript is evolving and simplifying the tools needed for the Web application.

JavaScript Is A Must-Have For Mobile Applications

In the early days of Smartphone app development, you need to learn all types of very challenging languages. If you want to build a Smartphone app for iPhone, you need to learn the objective C language, or if you want to build something for Android; you have to build in the java programming language as well.

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However, over the years, JavaScript developers took their own libraries and built out some frameworks that allows programmers to build their application using nothing but JavaScript that ties indirectly to your Smartphone API, which means you can build application that can use a camera, check for location, use accelerator – such that JavaScript has simplified all the things previously required to learn a completely different languages.

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If you want your website to be more responsive and accessible, you have to include JavaScript alongside CSS3 and HTML5; otherwise, if you are running a Webpage on the mobile device you may have common error problems amongst different browsers. This is more reason most Woccomerce plug-ins installed on eCommerce stores like the popular woocommerce composite products are predominantly designed using JavaScript language.

To clarify things better, Google introduced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, so that websites would be able to deliver a better UX across various mobile WebPages, but without JavaScript optimized for AMP, there would be little to no results on the loading speed of AMP. Top 10 Tech Skills That will be in Demand in 2020

JavaScript Is A proliferated Programming Language.

Unlike other modern languages like Java, C#, and Python, JavaScript is a lightweight programming language, but at the same time – it is the most extensive language in that it allows for extension with the use of Transpilers.

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Transpilers like DukeScript and TypeScript serve as extenders for JavaScript since they act as a source-to-source tool that can send source-codes written in JavaScript and then produce the correspondent code into another language. In essence, each of these Transpilers enables developers to meet up with large project applications given that Transpilers can make JavaScript workflow complex as well. An example of instances we’ve seen JavaScript being helpful for Woocomerce developers is in the case of composite products single page developments as seen in the case of Woocommerce smart coupons plug-ins, such that JavaScript handles all front-end functionality, thereby configuring a composite product and interacting with its component. Top Woocommerce Trends To Follow In 2020

The World Most Powerful Applications Are Built-In JavaScript.

In our modern world of today, if you want to become a successful developer, JavaScript is a language you must have to learn. Popular applications such as Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook all use JavaScript extensively to the fact that Google and Facebook have both come up with their own JavaScript framework; these big companies took the JavaScript language and build their own systems, such that their own layer is on top of it. Top Best Web Development IDE in 2020

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