How to Produce Emails in 10+ Languages at Once
18 Jan

How to Produce Emails in 10+ Languages at Once

Mahipal Nehra

Do you want to attract more customers to your company? Most clients appreciate it when you speak their native language while communicating. So, your number one priority is to develop an effective email marketing strategy.

How to do it quickly and easily? The best solution is to use an email html template using Stripo service and translate it to 10+ languages at once.

Why Do You Need to Translate Emails in Multiple Languages?

It’s a myth that everyone knows English. Over 70% of the world’s population doesn’t speak English. That’s why you need to translate emails into multiple languages.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros you will get if you speak your customers’ mother tongue.

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Make your company more trustworthy and memorable

Your clients get hundreds of emails daily. If you want to stand out, you should write texts in their native language. It’ll attract their attention.

Believe it, people will recognize your brand and discuss your offers with their family members and friends. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s possible if you make your emails more personalized.

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Get more people who want business with your company

Most don’t read half of the emails they get. One of the reasons is that they are written in a language they don’t understand.

If you don’t want your emails to go to the spam folder immediately, make them clear and concise for your target audience.

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Sale more than ever before by attracting more and more loyal customers

Is your company customer-oriented? Then, you should use a personalized approach to each client. Show potential customers that you care about your good, trustworthy relationships.

If your target audience doesn’t refer to the native English-speaking group, devote time to translating emails. You’ll benefit from your efforts within a short period.

The sales process will be smoother if you talk about your goods and services in your client’s native language.

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Multilingual Emails: All Possible Ways to Build an Email in Several Languages

Let’s discuss all the possibilities of how you can create an email in more than one language.

  • Write an email in English and hire professionals to translate it to other languages you need. However, it is expensive and time-consuming. You need to pay a salary to each worker regularly.

  • Use Google email translate service. Everyone knows this service doesn’t guarantee 100% correct translations. The email with mistakes may cost you potential clients. That’s why it isn’t the best way to communicate with your target audience.

  • Use reputable email template services with many functions. Today, you can find websites that offer free email templates for different objectives. Stripo email production service has many effective tools in its arsenal.

You can choose a template that fits you best and make all the necessary changes in the editor. One of the pros is the opportunity to provide your clients with up-to-date content. There is a dynamic content option.

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Moreover, you can translate your email into 13 languages at once. The Google Translate option is inserted here. But when the translation is done, you can ask experts to have a look and see if everything is correct.

Email Translation Service: How Does It Work?

Hiring professional translators each time you need to send an email isn’t cost-effective. Fortunately, you can do email translations with the help of Stripo service. You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to succeed.

Here are several steps you should take to get a translation email whenever you need it.

  • Enter your account and choose the necessary languages in the settings.

  • Download your email or build it by choosing the right template. Then, use an editor to translate emails with the help of the inbuilt Google Translate.

  • Entrust the proofreader to check your email if necessary.

  • Export email versions in multiple languages. They will be stored as individual files.

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There is one more way to use this email translation service. You can download your content and let experts make corrections to your translations.

Email marketing is an effective tool for attracting leads and increasing conversions. Use the right translation service to save your time and avoid hassle.

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