Top 12 Web Designing Trends in 2020
28 Jul

Top 12 Web Designing Trends in 2020

Mahipal Nehra

Top 12 Best Web Designing Trends in 2020. Web designing trends are one of the most crucial parts of marketing and branding a perception of your brand. The modern web designs are moreover technology and data-driven rather than just being creativity-driven. The designs that can be built at the lowest possible cost with modern web designing tools and frameworks which also facilitates better user experience along with high conversion rates are preferred.

Here’s a list of our top 12 best web designing trends in 2020

  • Dark Mode

  • Solid Color Blocks

  • Solid Colored Frames

  • Split Screen

  • Overlapping Layers

  • Interactive 3-D Elements

  • Collage of photography with animation

  • Vibrant Color Schemes

  • Interactive Cursor animations

  • Color Psychology

  • Easy to modify web designs

  • Minimalistic header & navigation

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode web designs have huge demand these days due to power-saving capabilities and ease in working on computers for extended hours. The LED and OLED screens are designed in such a way that they offer great visibility in dark scenes and save a huge power which becomes a competitive advantage for battery-operated devices

2. Solid Color Blocks

The array of solid color blocks is used in places where you want to represent multiple ideas clearly at one place which is contrary to collage where different ideas cascade into each other and have a common relevancy intersection. While creating these blogs try to pick vibrant colors for blocks and lines with fewer words to represent your idea that will provide great user experience and better conversion rate.

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3. Solid Colored Frames

The web designers have been working with full-page designs that are closely correlated with the theme but now they are shifting towards clean professional design. The solid colored frames limit the content on-page and provide them a canvas to portray the company’s idea with creativity in a lean professional way. The other benefit is that these solid colored frames provide margins near the border which helps a lot in creating responsive designs.

4. Split Screen

The split-screen is being used by designers to show two perspectives, ideas, viewing angles, or products. The split-screen web design element highlights two contrasting ideas for a visitor simultaneously which triggers all the questions in such a way that they could easily bring him/her to a concluding point. The answers to these questions in the following section can be used to influence a  visitor in becoming a customer. 

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5. Overlapping Layers

Overlapping layers are trending web design in 2020 because the website's projects look lively where these layers are communicating with each other. The overlapping effect is quite easy to implement and modify where the layering can be done with text, shapes, shadows, images, and videos to create a lively user experience for visitors.

6. Interactive 3-D Elements

3-D interactive artwork with fluorescent vibrant colors attract visitors’ attention and they spend time on that page for playing with it, this playful behaviour conveys a range of ideas to create a long-lasting effect. 3-D interactive elements are wonderful to be used in terms of creativity but technically it is quite expensive to be used which can deteriorate your website’s performance that worsens user experience and search engine optimization.

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7. Collage of photography with animation

Photography with animation is used by designers for creating contemporary artistic web designs. The animations with photographs can allow you to create memorable illustrations for visitors. The web designers can go wild with colours, shapes, 2-D and 3-D animations to create this hybrid collage.

8. Vibrant Color Schemes

The core idea behind emerging web designing trends in 2020 is to seek attention on products, vision or ideology. Web designers have tried using solid vibrant colors and gradients to grab the visitor’s eyes on products, services and vision. 

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9. Interactive Cursor animations

The cursor animations built with javascript are integrated into web page sections and sliders like in our website offer a playful and interactive behaviour at first glance. The interactive cursor animations is one among the web designing trends because the data analysis has shown that visitors’ time on site is high on such pages which helps a lot in search engine optimization.

10. Color Psychology

Color psychology is an interesting concept on which lots of studies have been done, the results have shown that the color is one of the forefront elements that build user’s perception about a brand at first sight. The chart shows how color psychology is influencing web designing trends in 2020.  All the big brands try to convey their ideology by color such as the bank of America that tries to convey safety with blue color.

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11. Easy to modify web designs

The use of bootstrap 4, material, less css, scss, css3, HTML5 and design libraries such as Ant, Semantic UI, React Strap, Shards react etcetera has made the life of web designers easy. The ease in modifying web designs has provided teams the agility and nimbleness to build to better products.

12. Minimalistic header & navigation

Minimalistic header and navigation create uniformity in responsive designs due to which the websites and web apps offer the same user experience across all devices. The minimalistic header provides space to web designers for setting up fluid flawless designs across all resolutions. 

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