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05 Jun

Top 8 Web development trends to watch in 2020

Mahipal Nehra

Latest Top 8 Web Development Trends in 2020. New web development trends in the web industry create a buzz every year. It is important for businesses and developers to stay updated with the latest web development trends. It has become very important in this day and age to show a web presence. But only being present on the web would not help much for businesses to grow if they are not keeping up with the latest web development trends. It is important to know what is going on around the web development industry, what are the new features companies are using for optimizing their websites, what technologies are being used in the trend to implement software solutions. In this article we are going to discuss the web development trends in 2020, which trend will still be popular this year and in the years to come and see if there is a possibility of any new trend that would emerge out in 2020 itself.

Latest Top 8 Web development trends to watch in 2020

Let us start with a big news: Here are the latest Top 8 web development trends in 2020.

1. Web Assembly becomes the 4th language of the web

Web assembly is something that can become web development trends in 2020, we can expect it at the end of the year. Last year (December 2019), the world wide web consortium (W3C), announced that web assembly as the new powerful language of the web. That means with the advent of web assembly we can use languages such as C / C++ / Rust to create web apps. The good news is Web Assembly 1.0 has already shipped in the 4 major browser engines – Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. The interesting thing is now to see how this will shape the future of the web technologies.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Automation is another trend in the software industry that engineers have worked on for years. With the rise of AI tools web apps have started to integrate the AI features into their web applications. Web development trends in recent years have shifted gears towards automation tools. One example can be an AI powered chat bot. Almost all businesses offer customer services to their clients. Chat bots have comparatively turned out to be effective in resolving common queries. IBM, Microsoft, Facebook offer prebuilt chatbots that can be integrated into web apps.

3. Progressive Web Apps and Single Page Applications

Progressive Web Apps and Single Page Applications have been around for quite a while and this stack web development is here to stay. Current stats show that an average user hardly installs new applications and is likely to visit a new web site more often. Although mobile applications have their own impact, however new businesses find it costly to maintain a website and a mobile application.

Progressive web apps are simple web apps that appear as if they were native mobile applications. Google maps, Twitter, Facebook have created their own version of Progressive web apps that you can install on your pc and mobile that launch as a separate browser window. Single Page applications are just one-page web apps that dynamically update the page without reloading a new html page. With the likes of progressive web apps and single page web apps, companies can create fast loading applications for the web. Google ranks such pages higher that load faster.

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4. Responsive Web Design

When mobile phones just started to become popular, responsive web design was a nice to have feature but now it has become a must-have feature otherwise your web app will stand nowhere. This web development trend will continue to be among the popular ones beyond 2020. Google ranks websites according to mobile friendliness as well and this is a web development trend that you should not ignore.

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5. Voice Search

Another web development trend that is yet to reach its peak is voice search. It is a feature of the web that allows a web app to search the web for a keyword through voice input. With smartphones on the rise and at an all-time high, businesses have started investing in content marketing and voice search optimization for search engines. It is easier to implement this feature and may not be that costly because pcs and phones already come equipped with microphones and speakers.

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6. Internet of Things

Internet of things was a buzz word in the last few years but has not spiked up as much as ML and AI, but it is there in the race. We may see IOT directly affect our lives directly in the years to come. Although it is something that is not directly related to web development but it is something that we all need to be aware of because who knows there might be APIs that web apps must use in the future to connect to a device.

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7. A Race to Create smooth user interfaces and experience

A user interface and the experience can tell a lot about the company’s brand. Motion design is another web development trend that web apps are being built with because with animations we can intuitively communicate where to focus, what to do next, or what is the most important thing on a page. The use of motion design not only makes the web app aesthetically pleasing but It reinforces the brand’s identity as well. Motion design is a creative way to convey a rational quality of the product that will stick with consumers and is also an integral part of effective user interface design. 

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8. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

You might have experienced the buzz of these two terms when Pokémon Go and Google Earth were very popular a few years back. The game showed a remarkable growth and awareness of AR and VR technologies. You might have seen videos on YouTube which you can move around, using appropriate headsets you can experience the VR quality that has been demonstrated in the YouTube video. The point is in the years to come developing VR experiences for the web is going to be a popular web development trend and with the like of REACT VR and REACT 360 you can already see some cool projects in action.

These are some of the popular web development trends you will see in 2020 and in the years to come. These technologies will shape the future of the web industry, as well as the entire technological world as other sectors such as the automobile and space industry too, are making use of Virtual Reality, Internet Of Things and let us see how the changes in the web industry will affect all other businesses as well. Time will tell how things go, till then stay tuned for more such updates.

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