Twitter vs Threads - A Comparison of the Social Media Rivals
13 Jul

Twitter vs Threads - A Comparison of the Social Media Rivals

Mahipal Nehra

Twitter vs Threads - A Comparison of the Social Media Rivals. Social media is on hype nowadays which has made every business try hard to make its place in the market.

Be it engaging with the global audience, selling products, or creating content for the audience everything has been diversified, thus bringing new things to life. And with users quickly adapting to other social media platforms there is a plethora of opportunities for newcomers to scale their businesses to new heights.

According to the reports from Statista, there are almost 4.8 billion social media users, which continues to grow rapidly.

And you might remember having come across at least one or more news on how different social media apps were banned in several countries, which brought an alternate platform to life. For example - TikTok was banned, thus bringing Reels into existence.

Although the situation isn’t similar, now Twitter has a rival in the market i.e. Threads.

So, without further ado, let's dive in!

Twitter vs Threads - Overview

In this blog we will be comparing Twitter vs Threads, to help you learn and understand better.


Founded in 2006, Twitter is a microblogging social media platform, headquartered in San Francisco, California, which was acquired by Elon Musk and merged into X Corp in 2022. As of December 2022, it had 368 million active users worldwide.

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Its common features include -

  • Tweets

  • Hashtags, Usernames, Retweets, and Replies

  • Character Limits upto 280

  • Twitter Lists

  • as a URL Shortening service

  • Trending topics

  • Twitter Blue

  • Twitter Circle

  • Topics

  • Bookmarks

  • Highlights

  • Likes

  • Tweet Activity with impressions, engagements, profile visits, new followers, and detailed expands

  • Share a Tweet

  • Pin Tweets

  • Twitter Spaces

  • Direct Messages and Requests

  • Polls

  • Post Drafting

  • Voice Tweets

  • Delete or Deactivate a Twitter account

  • User Monetization, and many more.

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The baby shark in the Ocean, launched in 2023, is a rival microblogging social media platform, built by the Instagram team and owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Currently, it has over 108 million and counting active users worldwide.

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Since it is in its initial stage, some of its primary features are -

  • Integrated with Instagram handles thus enabling access to your Instagram followers

  • Available for both Android and IoS

  • Character limit 500

  • Share your point of view and control who can reply

  • Like, Repost, and Quote

  • Add a Thread post to the IG story or feed

  • Share a thread on Twitter

  • View all the activities like replies, mentions, and follow requests

  • Change your profile into Public or Private mode

  • Instagram switch that enables you to switch between the apps simultaneously

  • Profile Deactivation

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Comparing Twitter vs Threads

Although Threads is a new platform in the market, it has made its way to be on the top of all social networking platforms available in the market crossing 100 million users on the 5th day of its launch. Whereas Twitter crossed 100 million users in its 6th year after launch.\

Comparing Twitter vs Threads

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However, to give you a clearer vision here are a few parameters of a comparison between Twitter vs Threads.

Account Creation and Deletion

To create an account on Twitter, users can either signup using their Google/Apple ID or can use their phone number, email address, or username. Whereas Threads is synced with Instagram, which implies that to be able to use and access Threads, you need an Instagram account first.

In addition, Twitter enables users to delete or deactivate their account as per their needs, whereas Threads currently only supports account deactivation, without affecting the account status of the Instagram handle.


Twitter is available for different operating systems like Android and iOS, and also has desktop accessibility, whereas Instagram’s threads are currently accessible only on Android and iOS, making it an exclusive mobile-only platform.


Twitter allows its users to view detailed stats and analytics for each tweet based on different parameters like impressions, engagements, profile visits, and many others. Whereas Threads doesn’t have any analytics feature for the time being.

Character Limit

Twitter currently allows 280 characters per tweet and for verified users it increases up to 4000 characters along with hashtags. Whereas Instagram Threads limits it to 500 characters only alongside no access to hashtags, which means that adding hashtags on Threads is a waste, as of now.


Twitter allows users to select only four items per tweet, whereas Threads allows users to select and post ten items altogether.


Twitter has a subscription program that enables users to verify their profile with benefits like the blue tick, edit tweets, increased character limits, and ad-free browsing with prices varying according to different regions.

Whereas as of now, in Threads all you need is a verified Instagram account and the users can get the blue tick transferred to their Threads account as well.

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Wrapping It Up

Twitter and Threads are currently on the same page, as both these platforms give the same look and feel. However, both have their specific set of features and functionalities, which makes them quite different from each other.

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In addition to it, Threads is presently in its initial stage and has way more time to develop and grow in the future whereas, Twitter has been in the market for a decade and more. And undoubtedly Threads is capable of bringing revolution from being only a microblogging platform to even more.

Connect with us to share your experience of using Threads, and keep browsing!

FAQs: Twitter vs Threads

What are some of the well-known social media platforms?

The well-known and widely used social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Do hashtags work on Threads?

No, Threads doesn’t support the use of hashtags currently unlike Twitter. It only allows its users to share text up to 500 characters, and 10 photos/videos in a single post.

Is Twitter Threads and Threads app the same?

No, Twitter threads and threads app are not the same. Although the term ‘threads’ came into the limelight in the social media industry after Twitter introduced it to the users. Whereas, the Threads app is an Instagram offering with Meta as its parent company.

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