Enterprise Mobile App Development
18 Dec

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Mahipal Nehra

Enterprise Mobile App Development Types, Benefits, Steps and Cost. In the technology-led, dynamic landscape of modern lifestyle enhancing business operations, streamlining workflows, and increasing productivity has become an essential part of conducting business.

With the cutting-edge competition in the market, if you want to stay ahead of the game and provide unique services to your customers, it is high time for you to start thinking about enterprise mobile app development.

Not only does this app come in handy but also according to the reports from Verified Market Research, the worldwide enterprise mobile app market size is expected to grow to $268.14 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 15.25% from 2022, making it an important reason to consider enterprise mobile app development for your business.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development: Introduction

Enterprise mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications for large-scale businesses and companies to meet their specific business needs and requirements alongside ensuring productivity, scalability, and speed.

Some of the best software for enterprise business are Seismic, Zendesk Support Suite, Confluence, ServiceNow IT Service Management, Cvent Registration, Jira, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and many more.

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Enterprise Mobile Application Types

There are three primary types of enterprise mobile apps and they are employee-level mobile apps for exclusively internal usage, department-level for every department of a company, and company-level mobile apps that make the entire organization work together in a private network.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development Benefits

Enterprise mobile app development has been catering to businesses with innumerable benefits and when considering developing a similar application for your business it is important that you should know some of them to help you decide better.

The primary benefits of enterprise mobile app development are -

  • Cost-Efficient

  • Data Security

  • Effective Communication

  • Increased Productivity

  • Real-Time Insights

  • Streamlined Operations

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The primary benefit of enterprise mobile app development is that it makes your business cost-efficient as it helps in reducing costs through the integration of automation into your business operations which in turn reduces the other related costs like the operational costs, infrastructure costs, etc.

Data Security

When developing an enterprise mobile app for your business, data security is an important aspect to consider, and developing one such application helps you secure all the sensitive data by allowing you to integrate multiple authentication layers alongside additional security protocols like access control, data encryption, biometric authentication, and many more.

Effective Communication

It helps in creating an effective channel of communication between the team members with the integration of features like in-app messages, calls, and video conferencing tools, which in turn also helps in seamless collaboration.

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Increased Productivity

Another benefit of enterprise mobile app development is that it helps increase the productivity of the employees by enabling real-time access to essential business tools like email, ERP systems, CRM, project management tools, and many more, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Benefits

Real-Time Insights

Developing an enterprise mobile application for your business also helps you get access to real-time insights into your application like every ongoing activity and track and analyze them accordingly, which in turn helps you understand the user behavior and make amendments as per the need.

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Streamlined Operations

In addition, it also helps streamline the business processes by reducing manual labor, which in turn also reduces the paperwork and manual errors, thus increasing the efficiency of work as well as saving you a lot of extra time, effort, and money.

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Now that you are familiar with the benefits, take note of all the disadvantages as well. This will help you devise a strategic plan and help you eliminate all the potential issues and challenges that you might come across, and develop a future-proof application for your business while making it scalable and secure.

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Enterprise Mobile Application Development Steps

Enterprise mobile app development is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires attention to every business detail alongside following a strategic process to ensure the quality of the app.

The primary steps of developing an enterprise mobile app are as follows -

  • Research and Analyze

  • Determine Business Objectives

  • Budgeting and Planning

  • UI/UX Design

  • Enterprise Mobile App Development

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

  • App Launch

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Steps to Develop an Enterprise Mobile App

Research and Analysis

It is the first and foremost step of enterprise mobile app development where you need to find your target audience, conduct market research to get an idea of the scope of your project alongwith research your potential competitors and analyze them to meet the consumer demands.

In addition, you can also conduct a SWOT analysis for your project which will further help you to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and threats of your project alongside the growth opportunities that come along with the application.

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Determine Business Objectives

The next step is to determine the business goals, which implies that you need to shortlist every detail that you want to achieve through this app, like the outcomes or the results.

Budgeting and Planning

Once you determine your business goals, the next thing you need to do is to create a budget plan according to your requirements which will help you get an estimate of the cost of development.

Then you can move ahead and create a blueprint of the plan on how the app will work alongside selecting the appropriate tech stack, mobile app development team, development approach, mobile app architecture, project timeline, etc to streamline the mobile app development process.

UI/UX Design

The next step after the plan is created is to start with the UI and UX design of the mobile app where you create designs of how the app will look to the end user using various design elements like search bar, menu buttons, navigation buttons, and many more. Also, note that when designing an application it should have an easy-to-use interface alongside being user friendly.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Once you are done with the design part, this is the most important step and is also known as the coding or programming part of the application, where you integrate the core features and functionalities into the design to make it a fully functional enterprise mobile application.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Moving ahead, after the app is developed it further undergoes various levels of rigorous testing phases where the quality assurance experts and the testers check for bugs and issues on the application and eliminate them to make it error-free and also ensure seamless functioning of the application.

App Launch

Finally after the testing phase, the app is ready to be deployed on the pre-determined platforms(s) thus making the app available for the end-users, followed by continuous improvements and timely updates and maintenance.

Now that you know the basic steps of creating an enterprise mobile app for your business, one question that might have been coming into your mind is what is the cost of developing one such application?

So, look no further cause we’ve got you covered!

Enterprise Mobile App Development Cost

The cost of enterprise mobile app development can start from as low as $30,000 and can rise to $2,50,000 and sometimes even more due to several factors. Some of the factors that highly affect the cost of development are as follows -

  • The logo, domain, and hosting charges

  • The type of app you want to develop (Native mobile app development, cross-platform app development, hybrid app, etc) along with the platform for which the app will be developed and the level of customization that you want in your app.

  • UI/UX design of the application, where the total number of screens and integration of high-quality graphics and animations will influence the cost of enterprise mobile app development.

  • The development team alongwith their experience, expertise, and hourly charges as per their locations

  • The programming language, frameworks, and other tools and technologies (also note that developing an app using advanced technologies like AI, ML, or AR/VR can highly affect the cost)

  • The total number of features as well as the complexity of integrating them into the app

  • Third-party API licensing fees and other additional security integrations alongwith the platform fee of an app launched on the Apple App Store

  • Different levels of app testing, and post-launch app update and maintenance.

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Wrapping It Up

The integration of technology in every industry and every department has been a game-changer and with the advent of enterprise mobile app development, businesses have made it huge through these apps alongside experiencing growth in revenue and sales. These apps have not only helped businesses streamline their operations but have also helped them bring in innumerable growth opportunities.

So, if you are considering developing an enterprise mobile application for your business, then why wait?

Connect with us now, or hire a developer, and we Decipher Zone will help you out on every aspect of your project and deliver the best application on the promised time at market-friendly rates.

FAQs about Enterprise Mobile App Development

How much time does it take to develop an enterprise mobile application?

Developing an enterprise mobile application can take up to 6 months and sometimes might vary depending on several aspects of your project the changing business requirements, budget, available resources working on the project, and so on.

What are the potential drawbacks of enterprise mobile app development?

Some of the potential drawbacks that you might come across while developing an enterprise mobile application include higher initial costs, technical challenges, security, integration with other existing systems, data management, etc.

What are the important things to take care of when considering enterprise mobile app development?

Some of the important things to take care of when considering an enterprise mobile app development for your business are an intuitive development process, real-time updates, easy integration, security, app management, and many more.

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