4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022
14 Feb

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022

Mahipal Nehra

It is becoming more and more popular to work as a freelancer. It is not only more convenient to be a freelancer because you can decide when and how to work, but it is also more profitable. However, in order to be a successful freelancer, organization and efficiency are vital components. In this regard, there are some tools that can help facilitate some tasks and speed up some processes.

If you're interested, read on. This article will provide you with four great freelance tools to be using in 2022.

Lets’ get right to it.

Top 4 freelance tools you need to succeed

If you're interested, read on. This article will provide you with four great freelance tools to be using in 2022.

Lets’ get right to it.

1. Bonsai - online contract maker

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022

From Bonsai’s website

Having the freedom to choose when and where to work and not having restrictions on the workplace is a dream of most freelancers.

In spite of these concerns, especially in the freelancer community, there is a need for defining the details about the project.

As such, it is often necessary to enter into an online contract in order to avoid unpaid bills or misrepresentations regarding project guidelines and requirements.

When this happens, the contract serves as the proof of all project requirements, and you can point to it as evidence if there is uncertainty regarding the project's specifications from the other side.

You can use a contract to highlight and track at least the following:

In the case that you do not have experience in creating and writing contracts and do not have a budget available, you can use a free online contract maker such as Bonsai.

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It lets you choose from a wide range of pre-made templates for a variety of niches and industries, and you simply need to include your information and then download your ready-to-use contract.

2. Plot - storyboard creator

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022

From Plot’s website

The process of visualizing your idea can often be quite challenging. Nevertheless, there are some freelancer tools in 2022 that can help you with this; they're called storyboard creator tools.

With online storyboard creators like Plot, you will be able to create a dynamic and visually appealing storyboard to communicate your ideas in a dynamic way.

In essence, you will be able to create a visual map that will prevent you from making costly errors like starting a project without clear objectives in mind. The Plot tool provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create your storyboard in minutes, even if you're new to it.

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Additionally, it will allow you to share storyboards with your clients for instant feedback, edits, and approvals.

3. Evernote - Note-taking tool

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022

From Evernote’s website

When you're a freelancer with a lot of clients and projects, it's hard to remember all the details and tasks.

There are some tools that can help with this kind of management, such as Evernote, an app for note-taking, organizing, and handling tasks.

With it, you can create a content calendar and keep track of all the tasks you need to complete, the details you should remember, and the due dates for each.

As soon as you complete them, you can mark them as complete.

This kind of tool will help you keep your schedule organized and allow you to prioritize tasks according to their urgency.

In addition, you will be able to retain and remember every detail about each project, which will enhance the confidence of your clients in your work and professionalism.

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Moreover, Evernote's integration with Google Calendar allows meeting schedules to be synchronized with it and arranged in accordance with your schedule.

4. Slack - business communication platform

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022

From Slack’s website

Communication is essential when freelancing.

It allows you not only to stay aware of your tasks and responsibilities but also to ensure that you're going in the right direction while completing the project.

This will prevent you from facing final results that don't correspond to what the client was expecting.

In order to avoid such scenarios, you can begin using a communication tool, such as Slack, available online.

It is an instant messaging tool that you can use to communicate with clients, send and receive feedback, etc. In the case of contracting for a company and working with others, you can also participate in project-specific chatrooms to keep all discussions together.

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Communicating with your clients on a constant basis will give them a sense that you are sure of your work, and you will also appear more professional.

Benefits of using freelance tools

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022


Those four tools above are only a few that professionals should use in order to be successful in 2022. If you're still unsure, read on. This section will explain the most relevant advantages of using freelance tools.

Saving time

The first advantage of freelance tools is that they can save you time. There are several freelance tools that can help you automate some tasks, organize your work and tasks, and much more. Thus, many of the tasks you would have to perform manually would be delegated to these tools, saving you time.

Organize your work effectively

Ineffectively organizing your work and tasks can result in missed deadlines, forgotten details, and other negative effects, which can negatively affect your business as a freelancer. By using tools such as the ones listed above in this article, you will be able to organize your work effectively, keep track of your schedule and details about the project, and remember any minor details.

Increase productivity

If you organize your work efficiently, you'll also be able to focus all your attention and efforts on your projects, thereby enabling you to produce more high-quality work within your allotted timeframe. By doing so, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time, and you'll be able to handle more workload and clients, expanding your business.

Make yourself appear more professional

Another benefit of using freelance tools is that they make you look more professional. By using tools that automate the generation of professional contracts, track all details about each project, and many more, you can give your business a professional look and deliver projects that are curated to each client's expectations and guidelines in minimal detail.

Build a better reputation

As freelancer tools enable you to manage projects more efficiently and deliver them to a high standard, your customers will be more satisfied and happy. When this happens, they might even leave positive feedback or recommend your professionalism to others. As a result, you will build a better reputation in your community and industry, gain exposure, and attract more customers.

How to choose the right freelance tools?

4 Great Freelance Tools To Be Using in 2022


Certain tools may be more useful than others depending on the type of work you do as a freelancer. Due to the fact that some of them require a paid subscription, you might be forced to choose and use only a few of them if you have a limited budget.

As making the right choice can be challenging, we've compiled a list of some pertinent considerations you should take into account.

Be aware of your workload

When choosing a freelance tool, your workload is one of the first things to consider. If you just started out, and you don't have a lot of clients or projects to work on, then a task management tool, for example, won't be useful to you. A big workload, on the other hand, makes a management tool useful for organizing your tasks.

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Based on the size of your freelance business, you can determine which tool you need more than the others.

Consider your budget

We mentioned before that not all freelancers' tools are free to use. You may need to pay a price or subscribe monthly or annually for using some of these services. This means that, before making a decision, you have to take your budget into consideration. If you have a limited budget, opt for only a few tools, or the cheapest ones. By not doing so, you'll end up sending more than you can actually earn.

Check out the features

If you are searching for a freelancer tool, you might be looking for particular features, such as notifications when clients write to you, for example. In this case, you have to make sure that the tool you select has all the features and characteristics you need in order to perform your work as a freelancer effectively.

Wrapping up

Working as a freelancer offers many benefits, such as the ability to manage your work independently. Although this can be a double-edged sword, by the moment that you will be responsible for managing time, tasks, and contracts. Thankfully, there are tools available today to help you complete all of these tasks. We have provided a list of the top four freelance tools for 2022 in this article.

It is certain that they will be beneficial for your business as a freelancer in terms of time, money, and efficiency.

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