Ways To Hire Freelance Java Developers
06 Dec

Ways To Hire Freelance Java Developers

Mahipal Nehra

Ever since the introduction of Java over years ago, it has become a vital part of businesses, regardless of their size. It was ranked in the “top 5 most popular technologies 2021” in the Stack Overflow survey.

You might be thinking what specialty does Java have to prevail in the most popular technologies for more than two decades?

Well, Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, high-level, class-based, programming language, designed to acquire minimum dependencies and higher reliability. It is the server-side or backend language used to build web apps, desktop apps, android apps, games, artificial intelligence, fintech, work with big data, etc.

Besides, companies like Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and even Google have included Java in their tech stack, making it a favored choice for both businesses and programmers.

But, what are the responsibilities of Java Developers, why your business might need them, what are the advantages of hiring Java developers, and how can you hire experienced freelance Java Developers?

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Let’s find out!

Understanding Java and Java Developers

Established in 1991, Java is a high-level programming language based on the “write once, run anywhere” WORA principle. Some of the notable features of Java that freelance or dedicated Java developers must know about are as follows.

  • Multithreaded refers to the ability of Java programs to complete several tasks at once.

  • Being architecturally neutral, Java lacks features like types’ sizes.

  • As an object-oriented language, Java consists of predefined objects, which developers can use to build software.

  • Java can adapt to its environment while supporting on-demand classes as its dynamic.

  • The Java Bytecode can be executed in the Java Virtual Machine on any platform, making it platform-independent.

  • Works on C++-like syntax, making the code easy, clean, and user-friendly.

  • Java contains interpreted code that is directly delivered to the machine without storing.

  • Java is portable as you can run its code on any platform easily.

  • It is a robust language with cool handling and strong memory management.

  • Java offers several protection layers like verifiers or virtual sandboxes, making itself highly secure.

Although the roles and responsibilities of a Java developer vary according to the requirements of the project. Some of the common responsibilities include

  • Planning, designing, implementing, developing, coding, debugging, and maintaining for creating Java-based applications.

  • Contributing to different project/software development life cycles.

  • Defining better business objectives through user requirement analysis.

  • Envisioning features and functionalities of the application.

  • Writing reusable codes and testing the software to meet requirements.

  • Preparing and building software component releases.

  • Identifying production-related or other problems to create stipulations based on project requirements.

Ways To Hire Freelance Java Developers

Why Your Business Needs Freelance Java Developers?

We now have a clear understanding of Java’s popularity and the responsibilities of Java Developers. Let’s take a look at why your business might need a freelancer Java developer.

  • Faster Process

To hire an employee you would need to invest a lot of time comparing candidates by going through their profiles, multiple interviews, and shortlisting to select the right one. However, when hiring a freelance Java developer, you won’t have to engage your team in a long-term hunting process. All you need to do is go over a freelancing portal like Upwork, share your requirements, and negotiate to find the ideal person to fulfill your task.

  • Best for Developing Cross-Platform Software

If you want to develop a cross-platform software application for your business, then Java is the language you need to go for. It is ideal for cross-platform apps because the source code of the program is compiled into bytecode that can run on any Java Virtual Machine without recompiling.

  • Lesser Overhead Costs

To hire full-time Java developers, you need to provide a multitude of monetary benefits along with other allowances, increasing the cost to handle a team. Other than that, you will also have to rent a workspace and pay for utilities and maintenance to operate your business. But, there’s an effective way to skip so much spending and still run your business successfully, which is hiring freelance Java developers. It allows you to only pay for the gig you want.

  • Access a WorldWide Talent Pool

The most significant fact while hiring freelance Java Developers is that you can easily choose an experienced expert from the talent pool all around the world according to your needs and budget. The best way in which you can hire a Java developer is to post the job description on Upwork and get your work done in no time.

  • Big Data Programs

Java is known for its ability and versatility to use data science techniques. Working with Big Data is yet another scenario where you will need Java as the majority of platforms designed to store and process data like Hadoop are written using Java. This makes it fairly easy for Java developers to leverage Big Data by simply creating Java solutions that can be executed on top of these Big Data platforms.

  • Finance Apps

If you belong to the financial sector and want to develop a financial web app, you need a programming language that can provide stability and meet your business standards. Besides, banks and other financial institutions admire security and portability, and Java is a programming language that precisely offers those features. An experienced freelance Java developer can help you in creating finance software that is portable, secure, and can perform as expected. Moreover, using Java, developers make the operation, expansion, and maintenance of this financial software easier and cost-effective.

  • Supports Existing Team

Even when you have an existing team of developers, sometimes a situation can arise where you might require highly experienced programmers for your ongoing projects. In those cases, hiring freelance Java developers to give your team additional support becomes easier.

Simple Ways to Hire Java Developers

Now that we are clear on why a business might need a freelance Java developer for their project, without further ado, let’s understand the easiest ways to hire Java developers that match your business needs.

  • Share Java Development Needs

The initial step when it comes to hiring a freelance Java developer is to understand the requirements of your project. To acquire the best for your Java project, don’t forget to analyze different aspects like features, functionalities, market, budget, growth, and marketing needs of the project.

Once you have analyzed the requirements, create a detailed job description that pinpoints what you expect, making it easier to implement processes.

  • Select Your Project Category

Another important factor to consider before hiring remote Java developers is to categorize the project, i.e., you need to specify whether you want to develop an airline reservation system, eHealthcare management system, data visualization system, electricity billing system, or something else, as different projects have different technical requirements.

  • Evaluate the Knowledge & Experience of Java Developers

Before hiring a freelance Java developer, it is important to understand the industry they have worked for, frameworks, tools, and technologies they have gained knowledge and experience in.

  • Choose the Right Model to Engage

The most used engagement models used by hire Java developers from platforms like Upwork are:

  • Fixed Price Model: To work using this model, you need to pre-determine the project value based on the scope of work, the use of different frameworks or technologies, and its complexity.

  • Hourly Model: On the other hand, in the hourly model, you pay the developers on an hourly basis, i.e., you pay for the time and material invested by Java developers to accomplish the given task.

  • Closely Interview the Freelancer

Last but not least, to hire the ideal Java developer for your project, you need to interview some of the best developers who might have applied to your job post to ensure they are competent in skills to fulfill your task successfully.

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To accomplish that, make sure that the candidate has an in-depth understanding of core Java technologies, object-oriented programming, JDBC, MVC, basics of class loading, Java Frameworks: Spring or Hibernate, relational database, web services, complex SQL queries, algorithms, Java EE components: Java Server Pages, Java Beans, RESTful APIs, and design patterns. They should also know about different tools used while developing Java applications like GradleMaps, IntelliJ, Corona SDK, CachingTouch, ORMLite, Seam, etc.

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Undoubtedly, hiring experienced Java developers would be a wise investment for your business as it can be a game changer. But there’s no one-fit-for-all solution when it comes to hiring freelance Java developers. Although the language is extremely popular, it is difficult to find a highly proficient Java developer as most learn enough to land a job. So it is essential to follow the steps shared above to hire an efficient developer to work on your project.

Ways To Hire Freelance Java Developers


Q1. How Do I Recruit A Java Developer?

To recruit a Java developer for your project:

  1. Share the development needs.

  2. Choose the project category.

  3. Analyze the experience and knowledge of developers.

  4. Verify their ability to use the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools.

  5. Choose the hiring model (hourly or fixed rate) and interview the Java developers thoroughly.

Q2. Where Can I Find Java Developers?

Upwork and Decipher Zone are among the best outsourcing spaces to hire experienced Java developers for your software project.

Q3. What Should I Look For When Hiring A Java Developer?

An ideal developer should have good knowledge and skills in different concepts like OOP, Core Java, Java Generics, Servlet methods, parameters, Inner Classes, Advanced Java, File Handling, APIs, Data Structures, etc., and be able to write clean and understandable code.

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