Effective Time Management: How to Keep Up with Everything
08 Jun

Effective Time Management: How to Keep Up with Everything

Mahipal Nehra

An active, eventful life is the reality of many people. After all, you need to have time to complete work tasks and do personal things. In this situation, there is constantly not enough time, and accidents happen.

It is worth noting that it is very important in any case to allocate time for rest, and you can relax and have fun at home, playing roulette online game real money.

So, if you plan to do a lot in a day, but you don't have time for anything — this article is for you! We want to tell you what effective time management is.

Next, you will learn effective methods and techniques that will help you make the most of your time.

What Is It?

The concept of time management refers to the ability to productively organize the day (week) regime.

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The main idea of time management is to create a schedule that will bring maximum results. After all, things should not just be written down on paper, but also be implemented.

With the help of a reasonable approach to your time, you can organize work and personal plans. At the same time, do not be distracted by extraneous questions.

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Only such a tandem will give efficiency, that is, it will allow you to do the same work, but with minimal time costs.

The basis of time management:

  • Time tracking.

  • Planning.

  • Organization of motivation.

  • Self-control.

Who Needs It?

It is a mistake to think that this topic concerns only managers. However, it is necessary to focus not on the status (businessman, housewife), but on the rhythm of life.

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If a person has nothing to do, then the science of time management is just "for the record" for him. Time management is necessary for everyone who has daily worries and wants to keep up more.

Because their implementation will require self-discipline and proper organization of the day. This will allow you not to be late, to meet deadlines, to carry out the plan, and relax.

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An active life can be not only for adults but also for students and schoolchildren. Therefore, if there are 4 or more tasks in the list of daily tasks, then this discipline will be useful.

Time management is relevant for everyone!

A Little Digression into History

If you think that time management - time management originated in the recent past, then you are mistaken. They thought about the principles of organizing their lives two millennia ago.

The famous philosopher Seneca wrote to his disciple and friend: "Do so, my Lucilius! Win yourself back for yourself, take care, and save up the time that was previously taken away from you or stolen, which passed in vain."

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The ancient Roman thinker proposed to keep a record of the time spent per day and analyze each segment according to the degree of fullness.

In the Renaissance, the Italian scientist Alberti deduced several rules of time control, which formed the basis of the modern doctrine of efficiency:

  • Make a daily to-do list and do it.

  • Distribute the cases in descending order – do the significant ones first, and the less important ones last.

8 Ways to Manage Time


Determine the schedule for the next day in the evening. Fix the tasks in the diary by defining a time interval for each.

These actions will give an understanding of the daily routine and the time spent on their implementation. In general, it will allow you to be calm and confident.

“Divide the Elephant”

Do not be afraid of a large-scale case, just divide it into "pieces". Then distribute the tasks by day and start doing them. Step-by-step implementation of small tasks will lead to the desired result.


Work on the to-do list using the "A, B, C" technique. You need to put a letter above each item. "A" means a priority task, and the subsequent letters are of lesser importance.

Until the task under the first letter is completed, you cannot proceed with the rest. This is necessary so that things do not accumulate and do not become urgent.

“Eat a Frog for Breakfast”

Time management specialist Brian Tracy recommends solving difficult tasks in the morning. As a rule, this is something that is constantly postponed.

This causes internal tension, which prevents you from doing current affairs calmly. When setting priorities, set an "unpleasant" task for the morning. By completing it, you will set a positive mood for the rest of the day.

Focus on the Main Thing

The well-known principle of economist Wilfredo Pareto: 20% of our efforts make up 80% of the results, and the remaining 80% of efforts bring 20% of the achievements.

Focus only on productive actions. The remaining items on the list can be assigned to other persons (family members, colleagues).

Concentration of Attention

Make a rule: until the duty is completed, you can not be distracted. Secondary concerns should not take up a significant amount of time. Also, learn to say the word "no". Give up what is not in your plans.

Time to Rest

In addition to work and personal worries, there should be a place for relaxation in the schedule. The time that is provided for rest and recuperation.

Reserve Time “Just in Case”

Even the most well-thought-out plan of action cannot exclude force majeure. And it is impossible to think through all the cases to the minute. Therefore, you should always leave free time, then there will be no panic and stress.

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These rules will allow you to achieve results faster and at a lower cost.


So, the person started using time management techniques. What benefits does he gain? How will his life change?

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A "portrait" of a person who uses time wisely:

  • achieves the set goals;

  • realizes his dreams much faster than others;

  • able to succeed in any direction;

  • has time to rest, communicate with loved ones;

  • can perform a large number of functions in a limited period;

  • can increase the level of their income, while not being involved in the process 24/7;

  • there is no state of constant fatigue;

  • always keeps a plan of action in mind;

  • independently controls his life.

With the right approach to organizing your schedule, you can make your reality interesting and fulfilling!

Thus, effective time management is a tool for the productive use of time. The ability to plan the day and focus on the main thing is a sign of being a successful person.

Thanks to self-discipline and organization, all planned tasks will be completed in a minimum number of hours. This will free up time and use it for your personal needs.

Introduce time management techniques into your life, apply them regularly, and the result will certainly appear! Work less, do more!

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