Tips to Choose a Custom Web App Development Company
20 Jul

Tips to Choose a Custom Web App Development Company

Mahipal Nehra

With increasing digitization in today’s world, organizations need to invest in building their online identity in the form of web apps. No matter what the industry and scale of your business are, the need to provide a customized online experience to the user cannot overemphasize.

However, when developing a web app, most companies often opt for off-the-shelf platforms because of their simplicity and less cost. But the problem with commercial off-the-shelf outlets is they cannot help you with a customized experience for your users because they offer a general solution for different industries.

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Making business different from others helps customers to identify brands, explore products or services, build trust, and engage in offerings. And to make your business’ online presence appealing to the customer, custom web applications can be an integral part.

Why Hire A Custom App Development Company?

Commercial off-the-shelf solutions are standardized and can only respond to minimal business requirements. Hence, opting for custom app development makes sense.

“But why should you hire a custom app development company rather than a developer for your company?” - you might ask.

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Although hiring a custom app developer is not difficult and works at lower hourly rates, web app development is highly diverse. It requires multiple developers responsible for architecture, design, frontend, and backend with myriad skills and knowledge.

Besides, hiring different developers at different hourly rates can become quite expensive and requires additional management.

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On the other hand, hiring a custom app development company has multiple advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Custom app development companies follow pre-set processes to develop the web application, where these processes ensure quality deliverables.

  • These companies have their development teams with the desired skill sets for every aspect of the app development, so you don’t have to worry about hiring different developers.

  • The custom app development companies will have multiple professionals working on your project. So, they will have documentation consisting of the specifications and requirements.

  • Custom app development companies are accountable for the project. If you encounter any problem with the application performance, you can escalate the issue to the team manager for instant resolution.

Advantages of Custom App Development

Some of the advantages that custom app development your business can achieve are:

  • Uniqueness

By developing a custom web app, a business gets a feature-rich and unique platform for its users. Rather than template-based websites and applications, customers prefer a fresh and appealing look on the web app. Hence, having a visually appealing web app with incredible and easy-to-use features will bring more users and increase its brand loyalty.

  • Remarkable Functionality

Unlike off-the-shelf software that doesn’t allow you to choose or add functionality easily, with a custom web app, you are free to add the functionality that matches your business requirements.

  • User-Friendly

With customization, you can offer a user-friendly interface to visitors. Whatever the targeted audience’s needs are, you can design a custom web app to achieve that. The custom web app is also easier to work with and leads the users to call to action efficiently.

  • Better SEO

Custom web apps allow your digital marketing team to optimize advanced SEO. If the web app is developed from the ground up, it will be easy to rank on the first page of search results with an SEO-friendly web app structure complemented with SEO-rich keywords and optimized images.

Custom web apps are highly scalable, i.e., they can be scaled up or down depending on the traffic and need of your business.

Manual data entry can be expensive. Yet, custom web apps relieve businesses from worrying about data. With data integration in the custom web app, data automatically gets updated into the database through the web app.

  • Cost Effective

You might find this strange, but custom web apps can be more cost-effective than off-the-shelf solutions. It is so because you don’t have to worry about expensive third-party tools integrations or any other chargeable fronts you are not using.

  • Business Automation

You can easily integrate business automation tools in your custom web app and streamline the workflow.

  • Improved Security

With the continuously increasing cyber-attacks, you must pay attention to securing the stored data, specifically when customers’ trust is compromised. As marketing solutions can jeopardize the data security of your web application, opting for a bespoke or custom web application solution can improve the data security as the source code is harder to crack.

  • Well-Thought-Out User Journey

Every business has different goals. And custom web applications can be tailored in a way to fulfill these objectives with ease. Moreover, with a precisely mapped out customer journey, the customer interaction with the custom web app will be highly positive.

  • Impeccable Performance

To design off-the-shelf web apps, one can use templates and CMS frameworks that can become cluttered and slow down the process page loading speed leading to frustrated customers.

However, while using the custom web app, there’s no chance for this situation to arise. If the same development team has built all the features and functionalities of the web app, optimizing it will not take much time.

When To Choose Custom App Development

Although custom web apps offer several benefits, deciding whether your business truly needs to invest in them is necessary. So, here is a list of scenarios where you must choose custom app development for your project idea.

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  • You can choose a custom app development solution if your business needs to implement complex functionality to offer a service.

  • We all know how poor performance of the web app, website, or application can kill your business online. So, if you need your web app to perform exceptionally, opting for the custom web app is the right choice because performance depends on the technologies and architecture of the system. It is the condition that food delivery or taxi-ride services providing businesses should consider.

  • If you are working in a highly competitive industry, like eCommerce, sales, or customer service with users with higher expectations, it becomes significant to opt for custom web apps.

With a custom web app, you can collect user data and personalize your offers to improve marketing and sales performance. Other ways can improve the lead conversion rate like gamification, push notifications, messaging, and more that you cannot get from off-the-shelf platforms. And if you have any such requirements with the web app, you should go for custom web app development.

Tips to Choose Custom App Development Company

Now that we know why a business needs a custom app development company, it is time to learn how you can find the ideal company that can fulfill your requirements.

Remember, the custom app development company you will hire should take care of providing end-to-end development, bridge the technology gap, and employ dedicated developers.

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So here are a few tips that help you choose the right company to fulfill your unique requirements.

  • Work Portfolio

Before choosing a company for project development, you must do thorough research. To know whether a company is the right one for your project idea or not, you can check their work portfolio, which will include details of everything they have done so far, including client reviews and the links to those projects.

The portfolio will also include the technology stack their developers have worked on that will help you identify if they can work on your project or not. Besides, if the company has served global clients, you may be able to create your web app on their server.

  • Client Reviews on GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a research and review platform that helps businesses to discover the best IT service providers in the market. It allows clients to review the custom app development company they have hired. So, checking reviews of a company by previous clients can be helpful to know if the company is offering a reliable approach to web app development.

  • Read Case Studies

The reliable custom app development company will provide the potential client with case studies of their previous projects. The case study will consist of every small detail from start to end in the project development lifecycle. It will show expertise and skills to fulfill the project requirements and analyze what to expect from their team.

  • Development Methodologies & Tech Stack

Another essential thing to consider before hiring a custom app development team is the technology stack and development methodology they use. If the development methodology of your business and the development company do not align, there might be missed deadlines, confusion, and unfulfilled expectations.

To avoid such things, you need to confirm if they are using Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall, or Agile methodologies for the development. Apart from that, the technology stack used should be able to overcome future challenges and make the web app scalable.

  • Team Size

The number of team members in a company is an integral part of custom web app development as it defines their capabilities to deliver the project. They should be clear about the number of experienced team members available for the project before onboarding.


So that was all about tips for choosing a custom app development company for your business. We hope this will help you to hire the best development company and launch a quality project in the marketplace.

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