Top 15 Web App Development Ideas To Inspire You in 2022
15 Apr

Top 15 Web App Development Ideas To Inspire You in 2022

Mahipal Nehra

Top 15 Web App Development Ideas for 2022. It’s difficult to find a promising web app development idea that is unique, useful and will turn your business into a multi-million dollar company. You can think about something as much as you want and still be oblivious about what should be your next step.

According to the live stat of the internet, there are approximately 2 billion websites and web apps worldwide among which less than 200 million are active while every second 3 websites are added to the world wide web.

So, finding unique ideas for your web app is as rare as finding hens' teeth.

If you want to create a business but don't know where to begin, this article will provide you with the top 15 web app development ideas that will ensure your company's success.

Web Application Overview

In contrast to mobile or desktop applications that depend on the operating system to run, web applications are software programs that work on a web browser. The web application is hosted on a remote server and distributed to the intended users over the internet.

A web app is developed using server and client-side scripting languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap respectively, where the server-side languages in the web application store and retrieve data from the webserver and the client-side display retrieved data to the user in the interactive format.

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Some of the popular web applications you might have come across are Gmail, Twitter, Amazon and Wikipedia.

Types of Web Application

Before moving on to the top 15 web app development ideas for your business in 2022, let’s understand the different types of web applications available on the market.

Types of Web Application

  • Static Web App

A Static Web Application is directly sent to the browser of an end-user without altering the server-side content of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This web app is created using HTML and CSS only. The users can only read the information from such web apps without being able to perform any interactions. To modify the content in the static web app, one needs to download HTML code, alter the content and again upload it to the server.

  • Dynamic Web App

Dynamic web apps are more advanced than static web apps and fetch data in real-time in response to the request from an end-user.

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PHP, NodeJS, Python, HTML, CSS, Ajax, and Ruby are a few languages that are used for the development of dynamic web applications. And it requires a server-side database that can update content whenever needed depending on the user’s requirements.

  • E-Commerce Web App

eCommerce web applications allow businesses and users to sell and purchase products or services online. There are different types of eCommerce web apps including business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and consumer-to-business (C2B).

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Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, MEAN (MongoDB/MySQL, Express, Angular, Node.js) Stack is used to develop eCommerce web applications. A few examples are Amazon, Myntra, Alibaba, etc.

  • Portal Web App

Portal web apps enable users to access different sections and categories of the web app home page. These sections can range anything from forums, chats, emails, and so on.

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By offering custom access and user-centric navigation according to the demands of the users, portal web applications help in scaling the processes of an organization. A few types of portal web apps are client portals, education university portals and patient portals. For example, Coursera and Udemy.

A content Management System or CMS is a web application that allows users to create and manage digital content while improving productivity and management.

It helps in the creation, modification, maintenance and management of content with little to no technical or programming knowledge. You can set up a website with CMS web apps even if you don't know the basics of markup & scripting languages or coding.

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CMS web apps are frequently used for web publishing or blogging purposes. The most popular examples of content management systems are Drupal and WordPress.

Pros of Web App

Some of the advantages web applications have are as follows:

  • Web apps can run on different platforms, regardless of device or operating system, if the browser is appropriate.

  • In contrast to application development, all users in web development have access to the same version of the programme, removing any compatibility issues.

  • It is not placed on the hard drive, thus there are no space constraints.

  • It reduces piracy in SaaS apps that are subscription-based.

  • It reduces expenses for both end-users and companies as it doesn't need higher maintenance and support.

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Cons of Web App

A few disadvantages of web applications are:

  • Web apps are highly reliable on the internet, losing the internet connection can lead to the inability of the web app to perform and work as expected.

  • There will be a loss in visibility to the end-user because the web application isn’t deployed on the application stores.

  • The web app must be designed to be responsive otherwise users will face disruption in functionality while accessing the web application on different devices.

  • Web apps can face accessibility restrictions on some devices’ hardware features it is running on.

Top 15 Web App Development Ideas To Look At 2022

Here are the top 15 best web application development ideas for startups in 2022. 

Now that we know what web applications are, their types along with their advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to look at some of the web applications development ideas that may prove effective for your startup and help it reach new heights of success.

1. Virtual Travel Web App

Traveling around the world is an activity that has been highly affected by the pandemic. Till now several countries have restricted international travel to stop the spread of covid-19. So, it’s the best time to develop a virtual-reality based travel web app that will enable wanderers to travel around the world from the comfort of their own homes.

2. AI Virtual Assistant

An Artificial Intelligent (AI) virtual assistant listens to the voice command of the user and helps them in executing the task. Moreover, according to Grand View Research, the global market for AI assistants is estimated to reach $51.90 billion by the year 2028 at a 28.5% CAGR. So the demand for AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana will create a trend in the market. That being said, you can also develop an AI Virtual assistant web app to start your business.

3. Crime Alert Web App

Although the US is known for its police force and military, the crime rate in the USA is 47.70% per 100,000 people. Building a crime web app will prove to be one of the great ideas that you can consider this year. The crime alert web app will work as a social media platform but instead of social updates, people will share about the crime that took place around them. It will help the community to learn about the crime and take preventive measures for their security.

4. A Web App That Reveals What’s Trending

In today’s digital-intensive age where technology is changing at a rapid pace, it often becomes difficult to keep tabs on all the latest trends. A web application that can keep people updated with the trends will not only build a loyal user base but will also help in revenue generation.

5. Blockchain Medical Support System

Even when the healthcare industry is digitizing, storing and sharing patients’ data across medical channels is still challenging. But with the help of blockchain, you can build a medical support system web app that can be used to encrypt data storage and medical records transfer that will help in better coordination among doctors and patients.

6. Employee Orientation and Training Web Application

Employees are the most essential asset for any business, that’s why organizations need to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with them. If you work on web app projects like employee orientations and training for either your organization or as a customizable tool for other companies, it will help employees in getting familiar with the work environment and culture.

7. AI-Based Picture Translation Web App

You must have tried Google lens on your smartphone which uses the camera to capture and analyze the image while also helping in translating or searching the text and objects. You can also try to develop a web app similar to Google Lens that will not be platform-dependent and just require a camera for processing images. It will help people to translate the language of the text in the image for better understanding efficiently.

8. Find a Cofounder Web App

A business partner AKA Cofounder can make or break a business. And establishing a business from the ground up in a competitive market without the right business partner often seems like a nightmare. So you can assist people in finding the right business partner by sponsoring a web app for entrepreneurs and investors where they can find the individual who will be most efficient for their business.

9. AR Based App For Interior Designing

Every person likes designing the interior of their offices and home but struggles to find the ideal look. With an augmented reality-based web app for interior designing, you can help people visually rearrange their furniture and decorative elements to improve the feel and appeal of their place.

10. Algo Trading Web App for Retailers

Algorithmic trading is the practice of opening and closing trades by using computer algorithms and software under rules, such as price points in an underlying market. You can create a small-scale, high-frequency algorithmic trading web app that will automatically place trades depending on the occurrence of required benchmarks. Put simply, the algo trading app will help in buying and selling assets at the price set by the user.

11. AR Based Real Estate App

Just like an augmented reality-based interior designing web app, an AR real-estate application will allow people to explore their dream property from wherever they are. It is one of the most unique and effective methods to create a connection with the customer before they set their foot on the property.

12. Car Web App based on Augmented Reality

For entrepreneurs who are in the business of selling a brand new or second-hand car, then building an augmented reality-based car web application is a great opportunity. It will allow the buyers to explore the car from the inside out to help them decide what the car looks like and whether to buy it or not. Moreover, you can describe the best features to influence the customer to buy the car.

13. Portfolio Management App

The portfolio of a person might include different financial assets like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, individual retirement accounts (IRA), exchange-traded funds, and more. Keeping track and maintaining the accuracy of these assets can be challenging, however, by using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for portfolio management web app development, you can help people with summaries and actionable steps to make informative investment decisions.

14. Message Aggregator App — All-in-One App

Another useful and unique web app development idea that you can use is message aggregators. With multiple messaging apps out in the market, it sometimes becomes devastating for a lot of people to identify the source of those messages.

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By hiring developers, you can easily build a message aggregator or all-in-one app that aggregates all the messaging applications you are using in one place so that the user doesn’t have to move from one app to another every second. You can also display ads to generate revenue from the web app.

15. Machine Learning-Based Astrology App

Building an astrology app can turn out more profitable than you would have expected. Horoscopes and astrology are popular throughout the world. Using machine learning (ML) technology and feeding the required data to the program, the patterns of an individual can be predicted to give an approximate idea about their future. The machine learning algorithm, however, must be at its best to provide the best results here.

Ending Note

So these were the top 15 ideas for web app development that you can use to fulfill your dream of establishing a startup. You can choose the one you find most suitable for your business.

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Moreover, with the help of experienced development professionals from companies like Decipher Zone, the process becomes much easier and more efficient. Wanna know more about web app development? Send a summary of your idea and requirements you have to us and we will share the quote and contact you for further discussion.

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