Top 10 Web Development Trends 2022
23 Mar

Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2022

Mahipal Nehra

Top 10 Web Development Trends 2022. Websites and mobile applications are highly in demand for all businesses these days. According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1.94 billion websites on the Internet today, and the number is growing at a fast pace. In this era where every business is shifting towards digital transformation, you should know about the latest web development trends to keep up with the market.

As a business, you should be aware of the demands of your customers so that you can attract them to your website and receive better customer feedback and positive sales reports from it.

Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2022

Here is a list of the top 10 web development trends for 2022 to help you influence your customers in the competitive market. You can implement into your website in 2022 and take your business to the next level.

1. Dark Mode for Websites

The dark mode theme has been trending for the last few months, with the users giving positive feedback to it. According to a study conducted by Android Authority, in March 2020, 91.8% of people use dark mode wherever available. Apps like Facebook and Twitter have this easy to toggle between the feature in their respective apps, where the user can switch it as per their preferences. Some benefits of implementing Dark Mode UI into web development are:

  • It reduces blue-light and saves battery life

  • It makes UI content accessible

  • Lowers eye strain in low light conditions

2. Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a mobile website with the functionality of a mobile app, enabling users, the speed of the internet, and the experience of a mobile application. You do not have to visit the app store or play store to install the PWA apps. You can visit the website of the company and install the app from there. For better performance and user experience, companies like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and many more use progressive web apps. According to a study by Statista, in 2021, 9% of eCommerce institutions invested in Progressive Web Applications. The pros of revamping or developing web applications with PWA’s are:

  • Decreased loading time

  • Reduced Development Costs

  • Seamless Maintenance

Web Development Trends

3. Single Page Application

SPA is what the name suggests, a Javascript-based web app that loads a single HTML page with dynamic content, updating itself without refreshing the page. Some studies state that this type of web app can raise the conversion rate to 37%, and it also simplifies the user navigation on your website. Some benefits of Single page applications are:

  • It is cost-effective and easy to use

  • Quick page loading speed and decreased bounce rate on the website

  • Easy Debugging

4. Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence has been among one of the ruling technologies in the information technology industry because it allows machines to work efficiently and solve problems, eliminating human errors. According to Drift’s report of 2021, 41% of marketers say that AI has made huge contributions to boost the sale of companies. Integrating AI-powered chatbots into your website will be a big turning point for your business, as it will solve the problems and perform faster operations, which results in an improved customer experience. Additionally, you can also program it to record the frequently asked questions on your website so that you can collect the data and use it for a seamless digital experience for your customers. The advantages of integrating AI-powered chatbots are:

  • Increases user engagement

  • Helps in collecting audience data for better offerings

  • Reduce customer service costs

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source HTML-based framework, designed for web pages to load faster to provide a super quick experience. It is one of the most used technologies, with around 35% of websites developed with this technology among the most popular websites. Web pages built with AMP load in around 2 seconds as compared to non-AMP web pages that take at least 22 seconds to load. The pros of developing websites with AMP are:

  • It saves expenses on UX

  • Loads web pages faster and reduces the bounce rate

  • Good for using animated video content on the website as it does not overload when activated

  • Easy optimization for search engines

6. Optimized Voice Search

Voice Search is the new trend everyone is making the maximum use of and availing its perks. In these recent times, where everyone is busy with their lives, voice search has become a powerful tool to make lives easier. According to Statista, the global voice recognition market is projected to reach $27.16 billion by 2026. Smart speakers like Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon have already laid a strong base in the voice search market and continue to grow more. The perks of integrating voice search into your web development project are:

  • It helps in effective search engine optimization campaigns

  • Enables visually impaired audience to get access to all the online facilities

  • Enhances user experience

7. Motion UI

In this digital era, where users want to have a better experience on a website with rich, attractive, and interactive features, motion UI has proved to be one of the best marketing strategies for businesses. This trend has caught the attention of almost everyone who wants to develop a website for their business, for reports and research state that design has a positive impact on the visitors of your website.

Motion UI is a front-end framework, used to develop fully responsive websites and to make an element spin, transit, or make any movement. It has been in use since 2018, and all the credits to SASS libraries, for making them accessible. You can implement this into your website and avail of the advantages like:

  • Visually attractive and interactive website

  • It is a great marketing tool as it retains the users and generates higher user engagement

Web Development Trends

8. Internet of Things

The Internet of things is the hottest new trend in the IT market. It has made household gadgets and wearable devices accessible to connect and exchange information via the internet. These devices are embedded with sensors and software to render service to the users as quickly and efficiently as possible. A report by Statista predicts that the IoT devices market will reach 25.4 billion by 2030. The benefits of this technology are:

  • It collects data and analyzes them for better customer service

  • It provides precise results without delay

  • Better business opportunities

9. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was first developed for secure digital transactions, but now is being adopted by almost every institution for the kind of security it provides. It is open-source, decentralized, and immutable which stores digital information that cannot be manipulated, hacked, or destroyed. It was recorded that more than 34 million blockchain wallets were used across the globe in 2019. The benefits of this technology are:

  • It makes the transactions error-free and secure

  • There are no intermediaries in this system

  • It provides better visibility and traceability

10. Cyber Security in Web Development

Cyberattacks are an important concern nowadays. With an increasing number of cybercrimes, daily companies that have websites have already shifted towards authentication and verification to avoid these attacks through applications like Google Authenticator, Patch Management, Firewalls, and many more. Big industrial sectors that have enormous data like the health and finance sector are more prone to cyberattacks, which calls for security structures that can not be invaded. Additionally, professionals from the IT security department are in big demand this year. The benefits of cybersecurity in web development are:

  • Safeguards data with strong security and encryption techniques

  • Protects from data breaches and unauthorized access

The Bottom Line

We have listed out the latest web development trends you can go for in 2022. Besides this, there are a few factors that you should also keep in mind while developing your website i.e. it might be costly but it will be a time investment if you implement any of the trending technologies to your website, for these will help you safeguard the business and boost your sales along with better customer feedback and satisfaction. Other benefits of developing a website for your business include better visibility and accessibility to your business, brand recognition, customer loyalty, and many more.

You will also find many other trends to implement into your website but make sure you make it mobile friendly as most of the users/consumers are likely to browse a website on their smartphone.

Concluding, if you have any requirements for website development, you can reach out to us, and if you have any queries regarding the trends mentioned above connect with us for a detailed discussion with our experts.

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