Best Web App Ideas for Your Startup Business in 2020
18 Aug

Best Web App Ideas for Startups in 2020

Mahipal Nehra

We are in the early half of the 21st century and the world has seen the startup culture boom rapidly. Youngsters have one goal these days and that is to create a “startup” business. They have seen Google, Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Swiggy,  Coursera start from scratch and become multibillion-dollar companies. You might be amongst those minds who constantly research for new startup business ideas that can serve the customers and earn some cash, in fact, a lot of them for you.

Top Best Startup Ideas for 2020

Startup business can be of any type but the most popular once these days are those startup business ideas that solve problems digitally. If you have been looking for some inspiration, we have got some startup business ideas in the web domain. Have a look at each of them carefully as they might seem simple but have the potential to give you a brand name.

Startup Business Ideas for the Education Industry

We have witnessed the change that the pandemic has caused, our lives have changed drastically. If we look at the education industry, students and teachers who were not comfortable with technology have been forced to digitize themselves to continue with their teaching and learning process. This is a great time to invest your time in gathering ideas for a website that can be worthwhile for people in the education sector. Let us look at some of the website building ideas for an EdTech startup.

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  • Classroom Manager Web App

A classroom manager can be amongst those start-up business ideas that can be a game-changer for you in the midst of chaos. It is very difficult for a teacher to know which of his/her student is present online via a simple video chatting app. Your goal for this startup business idea should be to simulate a real classroom environment for students and teachers. It should solve a problem of managing attendance, assignments, class routines, chat features for doubts and whatever idea ignites your mind. You can get a lot of ideas for website design by looking at other people’s work.

  • Course Catalogue Web App

Since online learning is on the rise and it has been the major source for education in the past few months, a lot of students have issues finding the right course or track to learn from. There is an overwhelming number of courses for the same topic. The monkey mind hops from one course to the other and the confusion leads many students to nowhere. Hardly, a user will move to the second page of a Search Engine’s results tab and due to the limited options and keywords in his/ her mind, may not find deserving content. Course Catalogue web app can be a great startup business idea as students will have everything under one roof i.e. the web application can have features that provide suggestions based on the current skill level of a student. Put it another way, it can be a “library for online courses and websites that provide those contents”.The course catalog’s web app ideas for website is a great opportunity to get a place in the EdTech market as it is still fresh.

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  • EdTech Web App

If you have a plethora of unique courses or ideas about it or if you want to walk in the footsteps of the current EdTech giants, making an education technology web app is not a bad idea at all. The only constraint here would be the quality of the courses/ contents your website will offer and the uniqueness of the courses. This is amongst the most challenging startup business ideas as you will have to compete with the already existing and well-established startups. Where can you get website building ideas for an EdTech web app and what can you use to get started? You can use open-source learning management systems that come up with features such as discussion boards, certificate generation, messaging, access to course content, and more. (Web Application Development Company)

  • Tutor Hiring Web App

Since schools are shut due to the lockdowns, children are having a hard time learning online. Parents have been looking for a personal tutor in their nearby areas. Generally, it is difficult to be aware of a good tutor who might be living next door and the same applies to a tutor who is looking to teach a child or two for some extra income. So, here is another startup business idea that can help you solve problems in your local community, a tutor hiring web app that lets parents/ students hire tutors.

Startup Business Ideas for Services

Although Ecommerce giants such as Flipkart and  Amazon bring every product to your doorstep, you end up buying essential items from a grocery or a departmental store. Sometimes they do not have what you are looking for and in order to not lose a customer, they manage those stuff from nearby stores and that ends up in making you wait. And you are the kind of person who hates to wait! Also, there are situations when you need to call a mechanic to repair your bicycle, motorbike, car, and unfortunately, you do not have their contact information. There can be similar situations while waiting for a bus, looking for an affordable room to stay in a new city. We have categorized all these into one category – Services. Looking deep into these problems you can get a lot of inspirational ideas for websites that can solve real issues. The following are some websites building ideas for a profitable startup that you can seek inspiration from.

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  • Social Media for Local Vendors and Customers

Generally, customers visit a store only to wait for their turn to pitch the name of the items they need and again wait to complete the payment. To solve this local issue, you can create a web application that lists the store names and the available products in their store. The web application can have features such as allowing customers to list out the items to be purchased and the notification will be sent to the vendor, there can be options to pay online, get the products on their doorsteps, pick products from the store. If executed properly, this idea for a website can turn out to be an amazing startup with a large customer base because you are targeting vendors and their customers.

  • Web Application for connecting with Mechanics

Similar to the startup business ideas we mentioned in the former paragraphs, you may want to look into this as well. Often, we do not have contact information and reviews of plumbers, car/ bike repairers, electricians, woodworkers, etc in nearby locations. Here is another opportunity you can grab to initiate a simple yet profitable startup. Startup Business Ideas are easy to find all you need is to look for a problem that you can solve in your community. You can easily find a lot of website building ideas and ideas for website design for such applications.

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  • Vacation Rental System

There are a lot of people who love to travel and for them staying in a hotel is expensive and the food seems unhealthy. Also, there are a lot of people who are willing to rent out their flats/ rooms to tourists and help them tour the city for a small fee obviously. Here are a few startup business ideas for this scenario. You can create a website that links to the already existing websites that provide these services and give reviews to them accordingly or if you do not like the way they work and want to solve a problem on your own, start it from scratch. You may want to add features such as providing options to opt-in for homemade food, touring the city with the homeowner, renting a homeowner’s car, etc.

There can be a lot of startup business ideas for the website but only those ideas will take a boom that solves people’s real problems in this day and age. The lockdowns prevented students from learning, there were startups in the education sector that got a boom immediately as the solutions they provided were need of the hour. There are still a lot of flaws that need to be resolved and there is no better opportunity than now. Likewise, you can look around and find problems that need immediate attention and if you can come up with startup business ideas that have a solution to those problems, growth is certain. If your web applications are based on personalized content, recommender systems then using AI tools will turn out to be a boon for your startup.

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