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Timely & Informed Communication is the Key to Successful Project Delivery

Information Flow in the Right Direction + Keeping all concerned in the loop = Effective Project Management

Project Analysis

We carefully listen to the client’s project requirements and then move ahead for initial development. We share the project SRS with website development team for detailed analysis, research, fact findings, and design work flow to understand the requirements.

Clear, Correct & Concise Information

From day 1, our team members maintain clarity, conciseness and correctness of the information and conversation. The same they exchange with the client and uphold that among the concerned project teammates, managers and leaders.

Multiple Communication

Communication is a key so we practice conversation on multiple channels. We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and Phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video & audio conference calls.

Proactive & Upfront

Project management is not all roses all the time. We also face challenges and issues during the development phase, but our team’s best component is that we immediately inform to the Project Manager and client. We work on finding the solution, without wasting any time in shying away and hiring the problems.

Privacy & Security

We understand that project details and client information are extremely sensitive. All team members working at Decipher Zone are bound to keep the information within the office, not breaching any privacy policy contract.

Complete Documentation

To refer to a conversation discussed two weeks back or so, we always believe in documenting everything. Our documentation process includes procedures, feedbacks, and consolidation of all resources to ensure easy sharing and references. Even the emails and skype chats are preserved for any future communication.


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Timely & Informed Communication is the Key to Successful Project Delivery


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