Projects that can and cannot be done with WordPress
10 Jul

Projects that can and cannot be done with WordPress

Mahipal Nehra

WordPress is a powerful web creation tool which can be combined with WordPress hosting for the ultimate user experience. However, WordPress is not suitable for all projects. Here are more details what you can do with this content management system: :

1. Blogging: WordPress is an excellent platform for creating and sharing content with your audience and followers.

2. E-commerce: You can easily set up an online store using WordPress, incorporating features like a user-friendly shopping cart and secure online payment processing. You have all the elements and functions you need in one place so you can easily run a successful online store.

3. Forums: Thanks to the wide range of plugins, you can create a professional and fully functional forum on your website where visitors can interact with each other..

4. Portfolio: You can showcase your creative project and artwork by creating an online portfolio with the help of WordPress.

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WordPress is not recommended for the following:

1. Landing pages and one-pagers

Websites that are primarily focused on a single page or a simple layout are often better suited to be built using HTML or a simpler website builder or platform. WordPress's extensive functionality may not be necessary for such minimalistic sites.

2. Complex services

If you require a website that involves intricate processes and extensive functionalities, WordPress may not be the ideal solution. It may lack certain advanced features needed for highly complex tasks, potentially causing performance issues. In such cases, custom development or specialized platforms might be more appropriate.

While these are some scenarios where WordPress may not be the optimal choice, it is important to note that the platform continuously evolves and new plugins and themes are developed to address various needs. Assessing your specific requirements and consulting with experts can help determine the best approach for your project.

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What other options are available besides WordPress?

There are several popular CMS options that can serve as alternatives to WordPress. Here are some of them:

1. Joomla

This free engine is primarily used for informational websites and blogs. It also has a strong focus on creating online stores. Joomla is slightly more complex than WordPress but offers a wide range of plugins and templates. Knowledge of CSS and HTML coding may be required for customization.

2. Drupal

Another free CMS, Drupal is known for its versatility and flexibility. It is suitable for creating simple websites as well as more complex projects such as social networks, news services, and online stores. However, Drupal is recommended for users with solid programming knowledge and may not be the best choice for beginners.


This CMS, which appeared around the same time as WordPress, has not gained widespread popularity. It offers limited add-ons, making it challenging to create advanced functionalities without programming skills.

4. 1C-Bitrix

Developed by a domestic manufacturer, this CMS is known for its security and reliability. It has multiple versions with different built-in modules, catering to online stores and information portals. However, 1C-Bitrix is a paid CMS.

5. NetCat

This budget-friendly CMS is available in six versions, with more features offered at higher prices. It may not be suitable for simple sites, blogs, and information projects.

6. Webasyst

An excellent choice for managing online stores, Webasyst offers various payment methods and a 30-day free trial to evaluate its capabilities. The CMS provides sufficient plugins, both free and paid, and includes built-in email marketing functionality at a minimal cost.

7. uKit

A website builder specifically designed for business projects, uKit allows for quick creation of business cards, one-pagers, simple stores, and company websites. The control panel is intuitive and beginner-friendly, and sites created with uKit often resemble professional developments.

8. uCoz

Similar to WordPress in terms of functionality, uCoz offers a universal modular system similar to plugins. It is suitable for creating various types of websites.

9. Wix

If the visual appearance of your website is of utmost importance, Wix is a good alternative to WordPress. It provides a wide selection of colorful themes designed by professional designers and offers extensive functionality with built-in integrations and applications.

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WordPress is one of the best tools that can be used to build a website. There are other solutions as well that can be used if WordPress is not appropriate for the type of project you want to build.

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