Advantages of Working as a Golang Developer
01 Aug

Advantages of Working as a Golang Developer

Mahipal Nehra

Simplicity and power come together in Golang. This programming language is known for its fast performance, quick compilation, ease of maintenance and support, and shorter development lifecycles.

Unlike other languages, Golang compiles directly to machine code without the need for Virtual Machines, giving it an additional speed advantage. Learning Golang can not only enhance your career prospects but also open doors to job opportunities at renowned companies like Google. Below, we have highlighted the key advantages of working as a Go developer.

Why Use Golang?

Since its introduction at Google in 2009, Go has gained popularity among thousands of developers for creating important software and services. With a focus on brevity and simplicity, Go was designed to imitate essential aspects of C.

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This is why companies hire Golang developers with extensive sets of skills. Its clear syntax and absence of ambiguity have made it a preferred choice among developers. Read on to learn the main reasons to use this language.

Easy-to-Understand Code

Ensuring ease of use is crucial, particularly in undertaking complex tasks such as restructuring the entire back end or scaling an entire company. One of the key strengths of Golang is its clarity and user-friendly nature, which sets it apart from other programming languages.

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Golang's advantages facilitate rapid comprehension for novice programmers and seamless comprehension for experienced professionals when reading code written by their peers.

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If you're searching for a language that offers speed, simplicity, ease of maintenance, and a simple learning curve, Go is the perfect choice. It covers all these aspects with its support for concurrency, built-in testing, and well-documented resources.

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Scalable Solutions

Another advantage of Golang is that it excels in scalability, making it an ideal choice for large software projects. Its clean syntax and modular approach also ensure easy maintenance and updates as the project evolves.

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Go's scalability is unparalleled when you need to develop your company. Besides, in the absence of classes, developers are compelled to adopt a fresh perspective on program design. Object composition, a superior pattern to class inheritance, is enforced as the only viable option in Go.

Perfect for Back-End

Besides the benefits of Golang mentioned above, you should keep in mind that it is a compelling choice for backend development due to its efficient code execution. Its design prioritizes speed and efficiency, making it perfect for creating web applications and services that handle substantial data and heavy workloads.

Furthermore, Go boasts excellent concurrency capabilities, enabling it to efficiently handle multiple processes running simultaneously. This means it can effectively manage concurrent requests without sacrificing performance.

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Moreover, the Go programming language boasts a straightforward and unambiguous syntax that greatly enhances code legibility and manageability. This attribute enables development teams to operate with increased efficiency and facilitates seamless collaboration on backend ventures.

An Extensive Choice of Tools

The tools offered by Go are truly remarkable. They include a testing framework that is seamlessly integrated into the language, allowing for the generation of code coverage reports. There is also an exceptional linter and a variety of other powerful tools for conducting static analysis. Furthermore, Go's built-in source formatting tool can revolutionize your coding experience.

Golang offers a wide range of libraries and tools for fast and efficient backend development. With support for popular tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, and MongoDB, developers can seamlessly integrate these tools into their projects.

Now that you know the answer to the question: "What is Golang good for?", it's time to analyze why professionals learn it for developing their careers.

Benefits of Becoming a Go Developer

Golang, a rapidly growing language, offers abundant opportunities and the potential to secure a job at Google, given their extensive use of Go. Enhancing your tech skills with the fundamentals of Golang is a wise choice in the current climate.

In-Demand Skills

Created by Google to tackle complex problems on a large scale, Go has gained popularity among companies facing significant scaling challenges. It is also one of the fastest-growing programming languages of the past decade.

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This widespread adoption of Go has led to an abundance of job opportunities. In the United States alone, there are currently over 20,000 LinkedIn job postings for Go programmers. Furthermore, these professionals can expect to earn an average salary of $100,000 per year.

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Golang developers are capturing the interest of major corporations such as American Express, Uber, Netflix, and Paypal. These companies require robust backend systems to handle their extensive operations, and Go happens to be one of the fastest and most user-friendly languages for building, managing, and enhancing such systems.

Usage of Machine Learning Tools

Go offers software developers the opportunity to harness its power for machine learning. With its statically typed nature, Go's binaries deliver the speed and performance required for CPU-intensive calculations. Furthermore, its scalability, concurrency, and portability empower data scientists to build machine learning solutions on a large scale.

Tools for Solving Tasks of Different Complexity

Go's versatile features make it an ideal choice for creating a wide variety of applications. With its powerful goroutines, channels, and compiled machine code binaries, Go offers scalability, concurrency, and portability, essential for modern software solutions.

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Designed to be fast and cloud-ready, Go is the go-to programming language for developers looking to build web applications, microservices, cloud-native apps, and machine learning solutions.

Skills for Building Cloud Infrastructure

Go's concurrency and networking capabilities position it as the ideal language for cloud infrastructure. Developed by Google specifically with this purpose in mind, Go's features seamlessly align with the requirements of cloud-native applications.

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Alongside its built-in concurrency and networking elements, Go also boasts impressive portability. These three core features collectively establish Go as a top choice for developing cloud service applications.

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The portability of Golang is rooted in its cross-platform support. By writing code just once, you gain the ability to deploy it effortlessly across various platforms.

Ability to Work With Distributes Services

Services distributed across a network require concurrency, which is crucial in a microservices architecture. Go's capabilities in this area make it an excellent choice for developing solutions that align with a distributed services approach.

By utilizing Go, software developers can easily achieve the scalability necessary to manage multiple threads concurrently. This, along with the use of Go channels, enables the desired level of concurrency required for distributed network services.

Learning Golang can greatly enhance your professional prospects and increase your chances of securing a coveted job at Google. This is a dream come true for countless software developers.

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