On-demand Cannabis Delivery App Development
30 May

On-demand Cannabis Delivery App Development

Mahipal Nehra

On-demand Cannabis Delivery App Development - An End-to-End Guide. Cannabis - the psychoactive drug, is legalized in different states like California, New York, Washington, and many others for medical purposes.

According to the reports from Statista, the medical cannabis market in the United States is expected to reach over 11 billion U.S. dollars in 2024 which is an acceptable reason why cannabis is being legalized and businesses are considering developing an on-demand cannabis delivery app.

Cannabis Delivery App Development: Cost, Features and Benefits

In this blog, we will be filling you up with what a cannabis delivery app is, along with its benefits, features, development cost, and other essential aspects that will help you in developing a full-fledged solution.

What is An On-demand Cannabis Delivery App?

Before describing what an on-demand cannabis delivery app is, you should know about how it is used as a medicinal drug.

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Cannabis also known as Marijuana, Hemp, or Weed is a recreational as well as a healthcare drug that has several benefits. A substance called ‘cannabidiol’ which is present in cannabis, helps in treating several conditions of epilepsy, helps in fighting opioid dependencies, bipolar disorder, psychosis, cancer, and many others.

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Now talking about the cannabis delivery app is an application/software developed to cater to both marketers and consumers. It is an advanced delivery software that enables the business to deliver cannabis/marijuana with high-end security and verification to streamline the medicinal marijuana delivery needs with ease.

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Furthermore, it is a platform that enables users to order marijuana from licensed retailers, through the app. The users can download the application from the respective platform and then create an account, and then they can browse the licensed distributors and dispensaries.

Next, the user can select the products, choose the delivery location and complete the purchase by choosing the payment method. Once the payment is confirmed, the user can view the order status, where they can view the pickup of the order until the product is delivered to the desired location by the delivery partner.

Benefits of an on-demand Cannabis Delivery App Development

Developing an application itself has innumerable benefits, and when we talk about developing a cannabis delivery app, the benefits are as follows -

1. Convenient

2. Increased Revenue

3. Gain A Competitive Edge

4. Marketing Friendly

5. Improved Customer Experience


On-demand delivery is all about convenience, making it easy for customers to locate a nearby dispensary to order cannabis and get it delivered to their doorsteps.

Increased Revenue

According to a study, an average user is likely to spend more money on online delivery services rather than buying offline. So, developing an on-demand cannabis delivery app helps in increasing the revenue of your business, thus accelerating business growth.

In addition, providing an online presence to the customers also helps in catering to their specific needs with precision and accuracy by offering products and services in large quantities and more options.

Gain a Competitive Edge

It helps in gaining a competitive edge in the cut-throat competition in the market by allowing you to provide distinctive services and features with the app and helps you attract potential clientele, thus expanding your market reach.

Marketing Friendly

In addition, it also helps as a direct marketing tool for your business. It helps in customer retention and targets the right customers by providing them with a convenient platform to purchase products and services with ease.

Improved Customer Experience

Developing an on-demand cannabis delivery app, also helps in providing improved customer experience by enabling you to offer loyalty programs which in turn increases the user engagement on your application.

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There are innumerable benefits that an app can provide, not only to a business but also to its customers and everyone included in the workflow. And to make an app stand out from the competition in the marketplace, it is also important to integrate features that are unique as well as simple and easy to use.

Cannabis Delivery App Development

Features to Integrate in Cannabis Delivery App Development

Some of the features that you can consider integrating into your on-demand cannabis delivery app are as follows -

  • Easy Onboarding Process

  • Verification and Validation of the Documents along with the status

  • Order Tracking and Management

  • Multiple Payment Options and Manager

  • Search bar along with voice search and filtering options

  • In-app messaging and calls without disclosing the numbers

  • Live location tracking along with integrated maps to estimate the distance and time

  • Schedule an order along with pay later option

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Product Listing and Catalogue Manager

  • Loyalty and Cashback Programs

  • FAQs and Customer Support

  • ChatBots

  • Integrated Wallet

  • Multi-Language Support (when you are launching your app in different regions)

  • Multi-Currency Support (when you are launching your app in different regions)

  • Personalized Feed

  • Push Notifications, and many more.

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Now that you know about the features that every app should have, you can surely consider integrating them into your application, and also make sure that you take care of certain things when you are thinking of developing an on-demand cannabis delivery app.

A Few Important Tips to Consider for Cannabis Delivery App Development

Some of the few things that you should take care of before starting to develop an on-demand cannabis delivery application are -

1. Know the Govt. Regulations

2. Get A License

3. Choose A Business Model

4. Choose A Monetization Strategy

5. Hire the Right Development Team

Know the Govt. Regulations

Before developing an application, make sure that you go through the region-specific and government-specified rules and regulations, as marijuana is a sensitive case. So, before developing a marijuana delivery app, comprehend and fulfill all the legal requirements and formalities to launch a hassle-free app in the market.

Get A License

The next thing you need to do is to get a license approved by the concerned government to legalize your business and build trust and credibility with your customers.

Choose A Business Model

It is also important to choose the business model like whether you want a delivery-specific application, a single store model, or an aggregator model, as it will make the decision-making process easier on what features you want to integrate into your app.

Choose A Monetization Strategy

Choosing a monetization model is another important aspect to consider when developing your cannabis delivery app. You can decide whether you want to integrate an in-app ad model, partnership model, or subscription model, or whether you want to charge a platform fee or convenience fee for each order.

Hire the Right Development Team

It is another important aspect to take into consideration for developers to play a crucial role in developing the right app according to your business requirements.

So, make sure that you hire the right and appropriate developers according to your business requirements along with good experience and expertise in their respective fields.

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How much does it cost to develop an on-demand cannabis delivery app?

The cost of developing a marijuana delivery app may depend on several factors, but for the estimation, it may cost you around $30,000 - $2,00,000 and even more depending on your development requirements and the time to develop an application, along with the complexity of integrating the features into the app.

Wrapping It Up

In these recent times when brands are struggling to make their way in the market, developing an on-demand cannabis delivery app is the one-stop solution for all your business needs.

So, if you are interested in doing so and developing one such application for your business then make sure that you take care of the aforementioned tips and connect with us or hire a developer to develop the best solutions for your business that are scalable, secure, and reliable.

FAQs: Cannabis Delivery App Development

Are marijuana delivery apps legal?

Yes and No. Yes because there are some regions where the cultivation of marijuana is legal and allows the launch of apps on different platforms. And no because there are certain areas where marijuana is not yet legalized and you might face issues while launching these kinds of apps on the platforms. So, make sure that you go through the rules and regulations of the specific region where you want your application to operate.

What are the famous examples of cannabis delivery applications?

Some of the famous cannabis delivery apps include Blaze, Eaze, PotBot, Emjay, Amuse, BudWatcher, Weedmaps, and many others.

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